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Netgear Arlo Pro Review - Best Wireless Security Camera System?

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Information Netgear Arlo Pro Review - Best Wireless Security Camera System?

Title :  Netgear Arlo Pro Review - Best Wireless Security Camera System?
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Frames Netgear Arlo Pro Review - Best Wireless Security Camera System?

Description Netgear Arlo Pro Review - Best Wireless Security Camera System?

Comments Netgear Arlo Pro Review - Best Wireless Security Camera System?

I was hoping you can hook up a monitor to the base station so you can see who’s at the door without your phone. Anyone know if it has this capability?
Comment from : Torontodude20000

Dee McPhersonn
Where were you? I am glad I found you and your comments.
Comment from : Dee McPhersonn

Paul Thompson
I find the Armorax battery powered cameras better than the Arlo, Blink and Reolink. In fact compared to almost any other battery camera on the market the Armorax cameras outshine them when it comes to the important things: battery life, easy of install, video quality and connection quality!!
Comment from : Paul Thompson

Donald Carlson
Was looking for a battery powered indoor or outdoor camera and decided to get the Armorax battery cameras. Couldn’t have made a better decision. Long lasting battery, easy set up and each camera comes with its own wifi base station and they don’t even charge you for it
Comment from : Donald Carlson

Donald Carlson
I personally find the Armorax battery operated cameras much better. I bought the Arlo’s too, but the Armorax ones outlasted them by a good 2 months, and I found the video quality a smidge better too
Comment from : Donald Carlson

Hazel Kahl
I personally find the Armorax battery operated cameras much better. I bought the Arlo’s too, but the Armorax ones outlasted them by a good 2 months, and I found the video quality a smidge better too
Comment from : Hazel Kahl

Erich Dubose
Just got a couple of Armorax battery powered cameras, one for my front porch, the other for my daughter’s room. Couldn’t be happier. Great battery life and so easy to install
Comment from : Erich Dubose

Enigma A
Comment from : Enigma A

Hazel Kahl
I've used Arlo in the past, but I ended up returning them because of signal issues. Did some looking around and found Armorax. Their wire free cameras are legit. First of all, there aren't many battery powered cameras on the market to begin with, so to have an alternative to the Arlo is refreshing in itself. So this Armorax camera does everything the Arlo does, and then it also has comes with a base station with the camera (and you don't have to pay for the base station) that acts as a wifi extender. I don't know if it's the base station, but my Armorax cameras have performed wayyyy better than the Arlos - more consistent connection, better picture quality, more app features.
Comment from : Hazel Kahl

Kelsey Negron
Found this company called Armorax that make a similar battery powered camera and turns out it's pretty much the same thing as the Arlo, except the SD card is housed in the base station rather than in the camera, which I think is a game changer, at least for me.
Comment from : Kelsey Negron

Erich Dubose
I prefer the Armorax battery cameras over the Arlo. Batteries last longer (about a couple months more) and in my experience the base station performed far better. The connection was more stable, plus you get the base station included with the camera for free.
Comment from : Erich Dubose

Deni RN
Just watched a bunch of Ring videos & their 720p looks a bit better than the Ring 1080p. Thanks good video.
Comment from : Deni RN

jose tejada
Comment from : jose tejada

Jack Spratt
You done good,Chris. well, I may pass because it seems like a pain in the ass for me. batteries, charger, the cost, wifi cost,ISP charges, etc it all gives me a headache. I am pulling my hair out thinking about getting this setup. It's for my rental,9 miles away from my house. still have to do more investigating. Thank you.
Comment from : Jack Spratt

norma rios ortiz
Thank you doll.
Comment from : norma rios ortiz

Jays Geronca
The Arlo Pro Home Security Camera is now $225.49 on Amazon amzn.to/2D3RxpA
Comment from : Jays Geronca

John Young
They are a good camera when they’re working, but through my experience, if they start to play up!! Support is non existent, sadly. Most disappointing.
Comment from : John Young

Victor Brown
𝐀𝐧𝐲𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲, 𝐀𝐧𝐲𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐀𝐧𝐲𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 ɴᴇᴛɢᴇᴀʀ ᴀʀʟᴏ ᴘʀᴏ 𝐬𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐚𝐭 +𝟏-𝟖𝟒𝟒-𝟗𝟏𝟗-𝟏𝟕𝟕𝟕. Home Security is one of the most crucial part of living in today's world. So, you certainly cannot afford to face any technical hiccups with your Netgear Arlo HD Security Camera. You can resolve any trouble related to Netgear Arlo Security Camera by getting in touch with professionals troubleshooters of Netgear Arlo.
Comment from : Victor Brown

Are these easily stolen if placed outside? Is there a security feature to prep for this possibility?
Comment from : TheAyotteMan

Colette and John Morgan
Great video! Helped out a ton! I do have a question hopefully someone can help me with! I do no see any rules on my app to adjust cameras!
Comment from : Colette and John Morgan

david krasowski
thanks help
Comment from : david krasowski

Guitars rcool
Arlo is a piece of crap, don't buy it!!
Comment from : Guitars rcool

Matt Kinsella
I need cctv for some land but it 2 miles away from my house and no electricity on the site does the box what needs plugging into the router need to be near the camera or could this work for me
Comment from : Matt Kinsella

Rafael Sosa
What if the thief just steals the camera, because it is a magnetic camera????🧐
Comment from : Rafael Sosa

Maria D Rivera
cant connect to netgear alro 4 wire free HD security cameras, any recomendations I have use compurter direct from arlo and the app on my cellphone but it didnt recognize any camera or base starion. the base station is arlo the cameras are nergear
Comment from : Maria D Rivera

Cookin the dope in the crock pot pot POT
Comment from : ll NATE DOGG ll

Regenia Mc
Arlo security cameras are very easy to hack, I hate I brought them.  They giving out code that they put in their cell phone so I can not see the recording or the cameras will not record them.
Comment from : Regenia Mc

Matt Dickins
Very helpful - great video with no blabbing on. Thanks bud 👍
Comment from : Matt Dickins

Alpha Rakama
Thanks for your review. I was debating between this and the Google nest security system. Nest seems to be highly recommended by most
Comment from : Alpha Rakama

Jan Torleif Seneca
Comment from : Jan Torleif Seneca

Thanks for sharing this informative Video on youtube! If you are facing any problem from Arlo Security Camera, Contact our Customer Support Number.+1877-984-6848 Toll-Free 24X7.
To more information: bit.ly/2H1tOdt

Comment from : Camera24x7

reinaldo romero
So with pro 2 u can set grid but not the pro right ?
Comment from : reinaldo romero

OLDCT 1966
Thanks for posting this video Chris!
Comment from : OLDCT 1966

at what fps does it record 15 ? or 30 ?
Comment from : R S

Erik Gomez
Nice video I like how you explain everything. Not other guys out here thanks
Comment from : Erik Gomez

It is my great pleasure to visit your video and to enjoy your excellent post here. I like them very much. I can feel that you paid much attention to that video, as all of them make sense and are very useful. Thanks so much for sharing.
Learn more about Arlo Cameras Visit our official website: bit.ly/2QALP72 or Call 18779846848

Comment from : Camera24x7

Craig Glismann
Who in the "F" cares if the home invader is in HD or not?
Comment from : Craig Glismann

Ramy Dobia
How long can a battery last before it requires another charge?
Comment from : Ramy Dobia

dunno yolo
A lot of people are saying it's a real glitchy problematic system ?
Comment from : dunno yolo

The Bloop Sound.
Hey Chris, I can see you're about twice the size of the average human.... YOU are the security system.
Comment from : The Bloop Sound.

David 23713
Can you watch live stream or only the recording from the trigger motion ??
Comment from : David 23713

Baouch Nabil
After weeks of research I decided to purchase the Arlo Pro for the convince of not having to hire someone to wire a system in and the 7 days of free cloud storage. I am very happy with the system. It was a snap to set up and install. The best features are the picture and sound. Both are much better then I expected.
The only advice i would give is to buy the adjustable camera mounts for cameras installed outside. The ones that are included are fine for inside, but I am not comfortable with those on my outside cameras and the adjustable mounts are easier to use to get the right angle outside.
The app is great and easy to use. I am so happy with the cameras that I am planning on buying more cameras to add to my system. I highly recommend it amzn.to/2ThYVUQ

Comment from : Baouch Nabil

Can I keep the camera always pluged to the power so no need to recharge the battery?
Comment from : AMS

Ajay Chaudhary
Can we charge this camera with a solar panel?
Comment from : Ajay Chaudhary

Rosemics Campbell
Is there any app that you can use for you to check it through your phone?
Comment from : Rosemics Campbell

Blue Sky
Can this record if dont have internet.i have Harddrives
Comment from : Blue Sky

David Arevalo
How many cameras can you use on one base?
Comment from : David Arevalo

Do you have to have a service plan?
Comment from : Tj

Andreu Poulaki
So am I mistaken or do you need to pay them for record time? You get 7 days free but I’m new so I don’t exactly know what that means. After 7 day free trial I need to pay?
Comment from : Andreu Poulaki

Jim Rojas
720p? That 10 years old. 1080p (2 megapixels) is the lowest standard these days.
Comment from : Jim Rojas

Gil Vietor
Thanks for this review, purchased through your link, appreciate it.
Comment from : Gil Vietor

Gerard Ward
Would it matter putting it on the highest quality video if i keep the camera plugged in to the outlet all the time?
Comment from : Gerard Ward

Hey, theres better and cheaper cameras out there then Arlo and its Anenda: elitetradinghkg.com/?wpam_id=1

I really hope you do a review on them would be nice! Its the ones i personally bought cause its cheaper than Arlo and better in my opinion

Comment from : Yama83

What about remote access to the attached storage? Anyone try to record data to a NAS device?
Comment from : tc1uscg

irwin leonardo
can the video be recorded to the computer and not through cloud?
Comment from : irwin leonardo

Teisha Dost
Sounds great, thinking of purchasing the product, but what if someone steals the camera?
Comment from : Teisha Dost

Carol Gilmer
Thanks for the great mini-overview for the ARLO Pro for a complete dummy on electronics! We want a camera system that is easy and compliments our brinks security alarm system.
Comment from : Carol Gilmer

only -20c ?? :(
Comment from : DASO MILITIA

Paul Singh
can these with stand a canadian winter?
Comment from : Paul Singh

What happens if they cut your cable/internet wire outside before coming in?
Comment from : DammitJoeBandit

Jason Ricker
Garbage. Dont buy this junk
Comment from : Jason Ricker

If you are enthusiastic to take more information about Arlo security camera. Then Arlo Support Phone Number is the best option so, make a call @ 1-877-984-6848, you will get solution of your quires.
Comment from : Camera24x7

Anita L
Thank you for this review
Comment from : Anita L

Patty Cake
Excellent review. God bless
Comment from : Patty Cake

Hi Chris, I bought this security camera system based on your review, my question is, is there a doorbell camera that can connect to this system or does a different doorbell system have to be purchased?
Comment from : "Semper Smoke"

cannalove collective
personally i truly appreciate the nightvision quality of another one on amazon...cheaper too, heres the link amzn.to/2DhtypD
Comment from : cannalove collective

Percy Brown
Why it won't accept my email , I can't get any further than that
Comment from : Percy Brown

CME028 1
Thank you for making these video, I was having an incredibly hard time figuring out how to install outdoor cameras around my house. Thank you for teaching me!
Comment from : CME028 1

720p is HDReady not HD!!! :D
Comment from : eta2001carl

Thank you for your awesome informative review, I purchased this Arlo system based solely on your review
Comment from : "Semper Smoke"

Eve, Scorpion
Hello Chris. I'm kind of disappointed on my Lorex security cameras. I bought wire free camera, and constantly changing batteries allll the time. Can you tell me what I can do? Can I get a solar panel charger? Can you also talk about Lorex on your videos. I love the way you make it understand for us!!
Comment from : Eve, Scorpion

Michael Wilson
Wouldn't recommend... My cameras record less than 2 min of video a day.. but the battery dies in less than a month... It did catch the neighborhood thief.. but a wire camera is the way to go
Comment from : Michael Wilson

satish kumar
This product is 100% wireless but its efficiency is very low. I will suggest to not buy this product for security purpose. This just for show off and concept. It does not provide security at all. I purchased 6 camera pack and i need to to change battery every 4 day. So think before purchasing this.
Comment from : satish kumar

Eddie M
Love your vedios ? I have power outlets in my soffits so plugging in cameras and being protected from the weather arnt a issue what would u recommend arlo pro 2 nest or nest iq I need one for the front of house and one for back front one would be the one I would want best I can get so overall vedio and app wise what would u recommend thx
Comment from : Eddie M

A Estrada
Do we have to use a net gear router ?
Comment from : A Estrada

Andy's Shop
The Arlo Classic cameras are perfect for doorstep cameras, so if someone walks up to your door, it will catch them, but if you want a more house wide survailance system, get these. The sensing technology is better and the video quality. We will be buying an arlo pro add on for our driveway and using the classic ones on our front and back doors.
Comment from : Andy's Shop

james partain
My biggest issue with Arlo was the distance between the camera and base u couldn’t be further away than 350 ft or so from the base in other words I had the router on one side of the house I couldn’t put any of the cameras on the other side of the house
Comment from : james partain

CLub Ni
haha i live like ten minutes away from u. lolol , surreeyyy wasuuup
Comment from : CLub Ni

Definitely getting this for a project I'm doing. It's just has to be able to move or when my project drives and doesn't fall off.
Comment from : SouthernWulf

Jay Trinh
Great review video review, any hd or 1080p wired camera system that you reviewed?
Comment from : Jay Trinh

Useless if everything is on cloud. Not to mention you can disable or capture any wireless camera with a netbook or tablet except 2.
Comment from : travesty869

Commment Only
They are shit, with every firmware update the battery life is reduced . even with putting the settings back to normal once they update again they revert to original settings. i had the first arlo what i returned when the pro came out, what went from 4 week battery life is now down to 1 week. buy some what come with power cables for all cameras provided, ive ad to fork out $70 for 2 more power cables to keep using the cameras
Comment from : Commment Only

Brian Will
The only thing I don’t like about these battery operated cameras is the fact that you have to change the batteries every couple of months. I had to return my Arlo Pro and I ended up getting the Armorax camera, the outdoor one, it’s not battery operated, but it has a better picture quality and does everything I need from a security camera.
Comment from : Brian Will

The Bloop Sound.
Does it call your phone if it detects something?
Comment from : The Bloop Sound.

Emmanuel S
Guys, do you know if it's possible to schedule surveillance only if mouvement is detected (and not sound) ? I can't find these configuration in the app :/
Comment from : Emmanuel S

Just got a quote for 3 1080P Wired cameras and 4tb server with install they want $7,000.00.

Is there a similar system to the Arlo pro, but with longer record times, better batteries, etc...??

I am cool with spending 3500-4000, but ideally would want at least 4 cameras, no monthly subscription plan and be able to withstand cold North Dakota winters...

Thanks in advance...

Comment from : 335i101

Your video was flawless. You helped me make a tough decision on which wireless camera would be a good choice. Thank you.
Comment from : J S

Nina Anderson
Can this set up be connected to a TV? We have one but can’t connect.
Comment from : Nina Anderson

great review thanks!
Comment from : manaman545

Red Blue40 RC
our cameras wont show video for crap, always showing busy signal circle thing...live.video takes like 10 mins or longer....arlo is crap
Comment from : Red Blue40 RC

Mark Chiocchi
, stay away from Arlo products they're nothing but junk
Comment from : Mark Chiocchi

Anthony Soriano
can I have 2 different smartphone work with the arlo? can I have both mobile devices sync the geofencing?
Comment from : Anthony Soriano

I’m ready to spend $1,000 on these.
Comment from : Tom

Marcos Machado Dos Santos
Great video. Thank you.
Comment from : Marcos Machado Dos Santos

Jodi A
I bought this camera last September. I mounted it by the front door of my place and under a roof so there's not rain water falling over it. Everything was working perfectly until today. The battery got exhausted but now the camera doesn't get charged at all. At the moment I connect it to the charger as routine, an orange light flashes a few times. I'm the only one who operates the camera and I live by myself. Before there used to be a blue light flashing when the camera was getting charged but not aumore. No matter how many hours I leave it connected the camera just doesn't get charged a single digit. Please help me to figure it out what's happening. I feel so frustrated because the camera was expensive. Thank you.
Comment from : Jodi A

Timothy Reyna
Comment from : Timothy Reyna

What keeps people from just taking the cameras?
Comment from : mrchezze84

Jack Farrell
Although this guy i must say is very informative
Comment from : Jack Farrell

Jack Farrell
I think all these comments are bull shit
Comment from : Jack Farrell

Jack Farrell
Im not happy with this system. Hard to aim. These work better close range. Watching my whole yard not so good, the trigger spot is tough to find. My only complaint
Comment from : Jack Farrell

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