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A tribute to an underapperciated pocket video camera

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Information A tribute to an underapperciated pocket video camera

Title :  A tribute to an underapperciated pocket video camera
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Frames A tribute to an underapperciated pocket video camera

Description A tribute to an underapperciated pocket video camera

Comments A tribute to an underapperciated pocket video camera

Canal do Lê
These pockets camcorder still better than most 2019 smartphones
Comment from : Canal do Lê

Maxim Au
@2:10 Damn that looks better than photos I take with a $1000 actual Camera.
Comment from : Maxim Au

Mr Peco
interesting perspective you have on ancient defunk tech
that only passes as too old for today's standards

Comment from : Mr Peco

Mr Peco
how much did it cost in 2010?
Comment from : Mr Peco

Mr Peco
i wonder how many people are gonna go get one just because you did such a well done video
yeah, it really does have a unique quality!

Comment from : Mr Peco

Nico Vzz
you are like the ryan gosling of nostalgia tech video blogs
Comment from : Nico Vzz

iremìa bliss
I dont know i just love watching your videos
Comment from : iremìa bliss

Guan Fee
Please come back!!!
Comment from : Guan Fee

I never make comments. you have a production value that is insane and always well thought out and interesting videos. you create an atmosphere that no other has come close to in this field.
Comment from : CasualProductions

Anthony Ferrara
Had that exact same camera. It was awesome, for the time.
Comment from : Anthony Ferrara

Aria D
1:52 I had a BlackBerry 8520. The 360p vids it took looks like a crappy slideshow.

If only you asked 2011, I would've said BlackBerry 9810. That thing takes solid videos

Comment from : Aria D

Reagan Dolan
who else watched in 1080p for respect
Comment from : Reagan Dolan

I just got 60 (yes, 60) of these that were being thrown away. Thanks for convincing me to keep them and do something cool with them.
Comment from : hyqhyp

Rakan Ali
Mate all this showed me is that Australia is fucking b e a u t i f u l
Comment from : Rakan Ali

10:08 you made this vid in 2017 right (you said that)
Comment from : TAKKERTM

Prince Wolf 741
But then his 2010 phone has a better camera than my 2015 Amazon fire
Comment from : Prince Wolf 741

Nice and early
Comment from : Terracraft

Wrong Spelling, UnderappERciated... Underappreciated. Just looking out for ya. Great vid
Comment from : XHG

Jakub Zięciak
It ain't that bad in terms of quality. In daylight it's pretty good to me. Your shots have some nostalgic vibe which i love, the feeling is similar to watching old photos from early 2000s or even 90s.
Comment from : Jakub Zięciak

Jon Blaise
In 2010 I had the first Verizon LG Android with slide out keyboard. I had a 2gb SD. It had 5mp stills and 720p 30fps recording. I have old footage on a hard drive. It had "good enough" camera options. I also carried a bloggie for a week and traded it for a 7.2 mp Olympus. Yes, I got a better deal but dude just wanted that bloggie. Good times.
Comment from : Jon Blaise

Jon Blaise
I search GHGTV monthly for new uploads. Not only did I miss this video, a new one was just uploaded a few days ago. I don't get it but I'm so very happy I found this video. I'm also happy to see the newest video which gives me hope for the future. Each video gets a little better. So happy to see you back.
Comment from : Jon Blaise

Now I remember.
Comment from : neilb

Jitsu Singh
This is the age of clickbaits my friends. Welcome to the global third world.
Comment from : Jitsu Singh

My dog passed away today the music in this video made me cry.
Comment from : l8nightboy

lil trn
Yo that music from the Sony Ericsson music editor thingy.... That brought up so many memories 🤧
Comment from : lil trn

I had the same Ericsson with an ipod touch 4th gen, that's where my smartphone addiction began
Comment from : CannedCherry

Hey man really good videos! Sitting here watching this actually wanting to buy one of these for myself! Hope you keep uploading
Comment from : Loobchoob

Baby come back!
Comment from : HaloSam296

Its a me Malario
The Pixel thunder, what happend to the Project?
Comment from : Its a me Malario

I love your content just wish it was more frequent
Comment from : Warrior

Just Playing
Comment from : Just Playing

Daniel Edwards
Yeah it looks like what Lil B would have filmed his music videos on.
Comment from : Daniel Edwards

Deen eus
Damn the exposure in that thing is always on point
Comment from : Deen eus

By far one of my favorite youtube channels and by far my favorite computer/tech channel I miss you greenham!
Comment from : Biotob

Takauchi Nishika
Is this guy dead?
Comment from : Takauchi Nishika

Bilbo Swaggins
lol on the 2010 phone video you can see the actual pixels
Comment from : Bilbo Swaggins

Tommy Hilfigher
Comment from : Tommy Hilfigher

Comment from : elementlampzero

Felix Kurniawan
Graphics card recommendation in 2018
Comment from : Felix Kurniawan

you re so chill :)
Comment from : Musikundso

Derrick Adams
Thanks for reminding me why I love this channel. Tim, you are a gift to the internet.
Comment from : Derrick Adams

Dudás Viktor
Ohh man, that music at the Sony Ericsson phone sequence! I made a lot of beats like this on my Z520i. I absolutely adored it. That is a great detail.Thank you!
Comment from : Dudás Viktor

GHG, when will you come back??
Comment from : naut

GHG, don't let us waiting for too long until next video. ;)
Comment from : TwiSteR

Dave West Media
Dude, came here on the recommendation of another creator friend

Bloody awesome 👌

Comment from : Dave West Media

Timothy Boland
do you drive a SAAB?
Comment from : Timothy Boland

Timothy Boland
i think this documentary effect might be due to the shutterspeed.
Comment from : Timothy Boland

Joe Engel
No way. I know I am a bit late but we had the same phone back in the day!!
Comment from : Joe Engel

TheEpic RiceMaker
Nice that you don't sit down to watch a video of his, you sit down to enjoy it.
Comment from : TheEpic RiceMaker

Do the dreamcast already plzzzzz
Comment from : Envy

Jack McDonald
Glad to see another GHG video. By far my favourite channel on YouTube. Thanks, mate!
Comment from : Jack McDonald

mohammed nehad
I love this guy
Comment from : mohammed nehad

love you boys keep it up
Comment from : stoli

Young ChewieSK TV
I loved my Zi8 but I always wanted a bloggie!!
Comment from : Young ChewieSK TV

Dapper Jeff
Two things that are obsolete and I miss, the Boeing 747 and the Sony Bloggie.
Comment from : Dapper Jeff

in this day and age of 4k and higher resolution
i always thought about how much do we really need that much resolution in general, some say yes, some say no,
on my part i would say that time will tell, many predicted a future without paper in 2014 and yet we still use paper
sound strange yet its because it cannot be truely replicated

Comment from : jackthegamer

What camera was used at 7:05 to capture you holding the bloggie?
Comment from : Kacey

Dan Wager
Mate, your just great. No better way to describe you.
Comment from : Dan Wager

Jaya Kumar V
Your voice and BGM gives me some kinda vibes alone with your colour grading... It's an unique vibe I experience!
Comment from : Jaya Kumar V

Great video, as always. I had so much fun back in the day recording random videos on a flip, which was very similar to the bloggie. I also had an issue taking stable shots haha.
Comment from : Mifune41

muhammad mubasher
hy game master are deleting you tube shit
Comment from : muhammad mubasher

Orgnolf hairy-legs
Greenmark It
Comment from : Orgnolf hairy-legs

John Coxtolstoy
Always wonderful to see a new vid from you ❤
Comment from : John Coxtolstoy

muhammad mubasher
muhammad mubasher

and i am only 8 years old when i started this and now i am 18 years old making new stuff every time and my brain works only and only on those things like this technology and electronics?

and i am your new subscriber?

made by my hands bye good luck sir?

and i can make new project sum of them have been finished all ready like rc boat and rc plane and rc controller?

i have learned cars job and hardware job from saudia arabia i can fix any things like you good same cool?

you are amazing sir and i can fix things same like you from 5 years earler good luck make videos like this bye?

Comment from : muhammad mubasher

Rui Kazane
Been a while... I never owned any digital recorders. I want another Handycam, that's for sure...
Comment from : Rui Kazane

After 7 months....finally! I thought you left the community for good.
Comment from : VisiBle

Terrence Davis
Green Ham is back!!! I dunno how I'm this late to the video. We hope to get another from you soon.
Comment from : Terrence Davis

That thing is awesome i want one
Comment from : Tom

McWop Plays
Hey tim, i've been a subscriber of yours for probably about 3 years now. I hope youre doing well with everything. I can't say I dont miss you uploading regularly. But im sure youre bettering yourself. Funny storry, I also watch linus tech tips and jayztwocents and I remember getting so excited when you posted I would always watch your videos first. Anyways goodluck mate and I cant wait for more videos from you!
Comment from : McWop Plays

I have a white one and have shot many a youtube video on it
Comment from : fsmetal

Bryce Ginther
Man plz make more videos. I used to love watching your new content. I need more of your videos in my life!!!!!
Comment from : Bryce Ginther

The Real Bleach
I wouldn't have been surprised it if was released in 2018
Comment from : The Real Bleach

Ashley Smithson
I missed you
Comment from : Ashley Smithson

Daevster 666
I remember when my older brother got one of these for Christmas, I was so jelly.
Comment from : Daevster 666

Flavius Rotarita
Comment from : Flavius Rotarita

Cyborg KiWi
God I love this channel so much
Comment from : Cyborg KiWi

Thatguy Eli
u deserve more subs
Comment from : Thatguy Eli

Silas Mayes
Weird that the image quality sometimes beats out my LG V30 in mid to high light senerios at least to my preferences. There is definitely a lot of compression though.
Comment from : Silas Mayes

Silas Mayes
Your rats are adorable! Do you still keep rats?
Comment from : Silas Mayes

Yaroslaw Jaroslav
You know whats underappreciated? Your YouTube channel. :/
Comment from : Yaroslaw Jaroslav

i just saw this because i got no notification. This is such a good video too.
Comment from : LordJabaJaba

Green Sky
This video make me chill
Comment from : Green Sky

Max Huertas
I love your videos man. You inspire me to make some too. I made my first short one checking an autofocus test for the 4K on my canon EOS m50. I can’t wait to make more. Your videos do relax me. Do you have a Instagram?
Comment from : Max Huertas

Meme Boi
Hello maverick and sally
Comment from : Meme Boi

Meme Boi
2.6k and 20
Comment from : Meme Boi

Can u make more PC Vids ples
Comment from : Nitronixus

How tf did this arrive 2 weeks late? Come on Youtube.
Comment from : Nitronixus

I owned the same Sony Ericsson you showed way back when too.
Comment from : t3mb3

Carlos Ramos
Great video
Comment from : Carlos Ramos

Andrew Fitch
No words for this video, made me so happy
Comment from : Andrew Fitch

every time i see a new video from you i always love it to bits and pieces. keep up the great work man, cant wait for a new video from you <3
Comment from : andrew

Colin of the Internet
Your videos are just really rewatchable for some reason.
Comment from : Colin of the Internet

Joshua Toms
I would never normally be interested in watching a video about an old camera, but GHG is the exception. Fantastic video, I hope we see more from you soon!
Comment from : Joshua Toms

I have a question. I have a Dell dimension 2400 with a FX 5200 256mb and 1gb of ddr ram on the way. Can I use any old power supply to upgrade the dell?
Comment from : TheFlanMan

Sega Boy
You say beverage, I hear lube.
Comment from : Sega Boy

tyler Dohmen
i love your story telling and use of video in your videos
Comment from : tyler Dohmen

Hackmi HaKMI
I haven't been watching the channel in ages, really good work, keep it up.
Comment from : Hackmi HaKMI

dun can
Welcome back!!!
Comment from : dun can

Man this video made me feel so relaxed. Glad to see you back.
Comment from : Aurian

no one cares your kid can't sing
Why an iPhone 7 though
Comment from : no one cares your kid can't sing

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