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Why You Should Not Play Entropia Universe

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Title :  Why You Should Not Play Entropia Universe
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Dev StudioFriends
big big scam this game now, fuck MA
Comment from : Dev StudioFriends

I have never any in game currencies in my life and will not do that for this game. Is it worth trying out at least?
Comment from : Drodriguezblast

Umi Tatsuya
This is similar to a game called Lords Mobile
Comment from : Umi Tatsuya

Sounds like PED is the only currency in the game. If they had another currency that players could convert to PED and use for in game items, so you don’t have to interact with the gambling aspect of the game then there might be more people willing to play.
Comment from : Eventerminator

Andrew Siyaka
this actually helps because I made an account years ago but I didnt think my laptop could run it and I kind of forgot about it till today (4/18/20). so I dont think I will keep my account. I dont really remember why I thought this was interesting.
Comment from : Andrew Siyaka

Cool concept, but i would never touch it... infinity loop that funnels more and more money out of you.

Would be interesting for someone to get a local server going to analyze the games metrics.

Comment from : Keck

Roos Skywalker
Holy heck the world looks ugly and boring. Even for 2008 standards it looks like shite. Just adding more trees and rocks would fix so much.
Comment from : Roos Skywalker

Alexander Blackwood
I enjoy EU because I feel the game matters. I'm not just farming gold to farm gold in an endless cycle. Since I don't sell gold it's basically useless. EU though you can make or, usually, lose money. There's a very real effect on you and people around you.
Comment from : Alexander Blackwood

What is this game actually? Like I saw it has the most expensive shit you can buy in real life money in this game with that club or something
Comment from : Krystalite

Joseph P
This hurt me when I saw the title a year ago finally watched it
Comment from : Joseph P

Personally, I have never deposit in this game, and actually got +300 PED, so it's not that hard. Just need time and investment. EU is the only MMORPG that I don't leave after some hours and continue to play with years and years after, cause it's not only addictive but got an excellent background with space, planets, etc. and a very original aesthetic, the good sci-fi like I love. But I can understand that it don't suits to everyone and can be frustrating time to time. (Sorry if my English is bad)
Comment from : Falheim

Pycho Hobo
So what happens if you keep hunting low end mobs?
Comment from : Pycho Hobo

played pe since 2003 :D
Comment from : Proppis

John Swart
Not exactly accurate. Mindark makes money in different ways, Its called investements through servers. And banking liscences
Comment from : John Swart

greypimps chass
lolthis game looks so borinf and graphics looks so 2000 ish.. all yoj do is stand around and shoot... my computer cant handle the lame game..
Comment from : greypimps chass

Exciting gameplay. Lots of skills and strategy involved!
Comment from : Lavoye

So you can't make money playing this?
Comment from : xryanv

eve online also got not so great graps...but also got tons of angry russians
Comment from : FULANODETAL

This game would be fantastic if not for the Real Cash Economy requiring you to measure every single action against "how eco is it?", "am I going to lose PED on this?".

EVERYTHING in this game is about "how much does it cost?". Even CO here, and others, describe their activities by how much PED they're spending. Other games, it's like "X monster farming for Y item", or "running X content for Y reward". In EU, it's "25 PED Hunt!", "30 PED Mining run!"... and on and on. It's freaking ridiculous.

Unless you're willing and able to deposit without worry to keep up with your playstyle, you'll need a calculator handy so you can figure out if what you want to do is "economical", and how long you can "afford" to do it before your PED runs out and you're back to depositing or sweating (which is just pure bliss, believe you me). Every action has a real world cost, and you'll forever have that dangling over your head as you try to enjoy what is otherwise a pretty cool universe.

Want to go do a mission? Well... wait now... pull out the calculator and do the math. Want to make sure you can afford the PED you'll spend to do it! Oh, too bad... it's just not worth it.. Nevermind. Better go find something that isn't so much fun, but at least it's "more economical". Thrillsville.

That's EU in a nutshell. EVERYTHING boils down to "how much PED will it cost me?", which basically translates to "How much real world $$$ will it cost me?".

This is why 90% of the videos you see about EU are either about "earning PED" or how much PED was spent on a given activity.

And don't even get me started about the whole global thing, which is absolutely a casino-like element to this game that keeps many people hooked. People spending PED (aka money) on hunts, worrying about the cost of every shot taken, as they try for that big payout. Just like gamblers pouring coins into a slot machine.

Such a great universe and concept, ruined by the injection and ubiquitous reliance on real money to do anything.

Comment from : TwoCatsGaming

Terry Carter
I love this game and have played since 2006. And I am not rich just sensible in what I spend.
Comment from : Terry Carter

T. S.
Lol why do people play this trash. Seriously in which way is anything in this game unique? First free to plays are always rip offs, they just want your money. Second, everything is worth real money? Well like i fucking any other MMORPG, others just do not point it out this much, so your calculating your stupid dpt or however that currency is named into real life dollars, well you can do that with any currency of any MMORPG, from the free to play BDO, to the Suscription games like WoW or FFXIV, all those games have currency and you can illegally pay RL money to buy this currency, or Illegally sell it to earn real life money. The point is that it is illegal for a reason, because the moment you can buy the in game cash legally a game is basically dead and is P2W, same as this game here is, thats why this game never acquired high player numbers, that is why this game is a complettely unknown title no one wants to play. Just delete this trash and dont be so stupid to play it, your completely wasting your time on an outdated cash grab game.
Comment from : T. S.

Josef Malár
This game is bussiness, can be played for free (which is hard and boring), can be played for money. which is much easier. can be played as bussiness, which needs investment.
Comment from : Josef Malár

i get why this is a free to play game, .. and on another note,, why does it look like they shit their pants up got something stuck in their ass when your character runs :/
Comment from : Tarren604

Bob Smith
OK ... when Online games first came out - they were subscription based - you paid your $15 a month - and then you could play the game all you wanted and get anything there was to be had in the game by playing it.

Then - one of the things that happened was people found out that there were some people who would pay a lot of RLM to get things from these games. So - you had people on e-bay selling in game items for real money. They'd make their transaction - then meet up in game to deliver the thing they had sold.

You had people whose job it was - to play these games. Some of them worked for companies that had a lot of people working for them - whose job it was to get these in game items that the company would sell.

The game companies initially fought this but gradually decided that - if there were people out there willing to pay all this money for in game items - they should be getting that money.

There were a number of different ways they did this but one of them was Micro Transactions. Here - the player could play for free (no subscription) - but - everything they did cost money. They had to buy ammo, their weapons and armor wore out - and in Entropia - it cost you more money in ammo and wear on your weapon and armor to kill a mob than you were going to get - on average - in loot. But - if you wanted to do it - you could chip in more RLM to buy in game money - and buy your way to victory.

It took me a while to figure this out. They start you off with a nice set of equipment and you do get things from loot so the fact that you are slowly losing ground takes a while to sink in. After I figured it out - I thought I'd just use up what I had and quit - but - some body left a giant box of ammo on the beach. I think I saw him standing off to the side a good ways watching to see if anyone picked it up - and I was the one who found it. So - that large gift of ammo from another player - let me play the game much, much longer than I otherwise would. When I was playing the graphics were really good for that time so it was a pretty game to play.

I don't like micro transactions. The basic idea is that they get you used to spending RLM here and there on little things. That can end up costing you more than a regular subscription fee to another game would be unless you are paying attention to how much you are spending - which a lot of people won't do.

Entropia had a thing where you could exchange your PED for RLM and there were stories about people making money from the game. The thing is - most of that money was made off of other players.

I think that the Casino analogy is very apt. You're gambling that you will hit it big - as I on occasion did - but - the thing to remember about Casino's is that over all - the house is winning. They don't have to win by a lot - but on average - they are.

I vastly prefer a game that is straight forward and isn't trying to trick you into spending more money. Most of the games I play now I play for free. Paying - lets you do more - or advance faster - but in these games you can go on and play the game and advance - it's just harder. In Entropia ... for the average player - no - you are not going to be able to Play For Free - like the advertisement in the upper right hand corner of this page is saying right now.

Comment from : Bob Smith

The money I get on the game can I use it with other things like irl
Comment from : Tatby

Its a scam because it says its not gambling but in fact its a HARDCORE gambling. I played this game for few years, I think Ive stopped some 4 years back. And Im glad I did so.

Wanna hear a story?

I invested huge time and efforts to build up a golden keys for one crazy dungeon. Or more specifically, I was farming the items to build em. Than after many months, I had items for 3 clicks. Each click costed 1000s of PEDs. I think I had like 12k peds in materials for these 3 clicks. And we worked our ass off for this in team of TWO.

Whatever... than the time to click those keys came... 3 freaking craft attempts. We did that. 2 were fail and one was build. Not a good result but you might accept it, right?

Well... than one week later you realize the crafting is bugged. And the chance to succeed was much lower than normal, because of bug.

NOBODY at the company will ever consider even telling you sorry. Im glad I have not lost it all. And thats because of bug. Mind you, 12000peds is 1200 dollars.

Than I got upset with the game and decided to FUCK YOU and I started cheating.

I found a way to trap a huge MOB and kill it. It was not easy, it required a insane coordination, and the only place where u can hunt this motherfucker was at PVP4, which is a place where if you get killed, the killer loots you of all valuables. Plus this place was located exactly at the location, where one jump using a TP chip from a base teleport will take you. So at any given time, a player killer can jump on your head and kill you.

Ive spend few days there every now and than. Killing one mob took like 10 minutes. So I killed few every day.

And than...


I killed one and got like 14 000 ped loot, and there was a full ESI, which costed I think another 9000 ped.

My heart stopped. I was charhing my TP chip, wanting the get the FUCK out of there, because I had a feeling someone is observing me from distance, waiting for my kill and than just one shot me and loot it all. But I managed to ESCAPE.


Than I sold it all, sold all shit from my avatar, took all the money out of this POS game and never returned.

Bye bye, I always win

Comment from : HybOj

Pseudo Soul
I played during the Project Entropia days, when the game had very poor performance. How does it run now? Does it scale well with higher-end hardware?
Comment from : Pseudo Soul

John Thao
I used to craft alot back in the old days, expensive crafting, would get tons of globals, but one day I got a 700+ ped global and a 300+ ped global a few minutes latter I was logged out, couldnt log back in for an hour or so, when I was able to, my character was in a different location, after that, no more globals at all, lost pretty much everything, even at markup what I was crafting didnt close the gap, pretty sure MA flagged my account to get lower gains. After that I was done.
Comment from : John Thao

Christoph L
It just looks so bad...
Comment from : Christoph L

Lasse Nielsen
So its pay to win hmm
Comment from : Lasse Nielsen

yeah, basically there's no reason to play the game
Comment from : joaofelipl4k

Romeu Francisco
Kind of simplist
Comment from : Romeu Francisco

Erikvillalonjuarez Juarez
True what u say the more u leve up more yuo speend. I was on 40 dolllas each day..if u win u ending spend that to.... the only think is good.. is u skill ..u can sale them to.. but it not really any monny on ther . i need to go back end sale my shit..
Comment from : Erikvillalonjuarez Juarez

You have to be a bit simple minded in the first place to start playing this anyways right...
Comment from : Ad53

this game is dead!!! play and suport Project ion it is a copy but less expensive 1euro= 100 dinars and you can hunt craft mine and still not loosing.in entropia you spend tousand of dollars and get nothing back unless you're a big investor (10k $ minus) and buy deed and still you not even able to play, just log in get money log off.
if you have a gambling adiction abid dont even dl this game you not gonna make buck out of it and withdraw take 1 to 2 month to be proced even if you want to stop you will strugle to sell all your item and your skill. realy not worth it annymore. mind ark the dev are just taking player for milk cow and the one who success ingame are supiciously working for the dev.one player got all the rare item in no time while other big player keep loosing shitload of money.the game was good at its early stage (2006 2007) and slowly become scam.

Comment from : mkohrs

Tanner B
(ingame money is worth real money) Not going find anywhere else. Well actually, Eve Online. Counterstrike global. Guild Wars.
Comment from : Tanner B

I actually made some money on this game. I played many years ago and collected a full bear armor. then i stopped playing, logged in several years later and sold my full set of bear, at that time it had become a really rare set and i made some serious cash, sold out and never even tried the game since that day 😂 I wonder though what price a full set of bear would go for today. maybe it aint rare anymore or super rare? either way I got lucky :)
Comment from : thestingray1983

jaro dams
You make it sound like killing monsters is the only thing to do here..
Comment from : jaro dams

I played it a little off and on, deposited 20-30 bucks in total, do have like 600-700 peds total value now, granted I did do alooot of sweating(also got some peds from slaving at certain webpages) and I have stayed away from hunting big mobs, crafting and mining. Il never make any money of it, its not what im looking for either.

But I do like to see how far I can take it without depositing anymore.

It is possible to play this for free, but not at any high level, unless you "hit the jackpot" and get a 1/1000000 lootbag. But even then, you will surely lose that in time if you keep on playing at your max level.

Its not pay2win, you wont win. Its essentially like a subscription, only you choose yourself how big of a fee your gonna pay.

Comment from : Furaxxxxx

Hans Hammer
Entropia 2.0 is a fraud & a rip off. Stay away!
Comment from : Hans Hammer

Savage fox
you don't play entropia universe you invest in entropia universe if you're smart buy Deeds do not buy weapons do not craft do not play it that's the only sure way you're going to make money
Comment from : Savage fox

Mark H
The know you won't win with the lotto you lost me been in the game 12/13 years and I have played a few quite a years at little cost it has lead me to a withdrawal there is a long process but you need to apply the suggestions
Comment from : Mark H

John McClane
its a pay to win game. they say u can make money doing this but even the best only make up to 5 bucks per hour
Comment from : John McClane

if the potential vote that might happen in the US (the one about P2W and loot boxes not being a thing anymore) how do you see PE fairing?
Comment from : Hawks282

I like the game because its easy and free if i want it to be
Comment from : SwankyBroadcast

Corazon Sierra
EnU has a ton of potential but the devs obviously are experiencing a brain drain right now on how to keep the game relevant in the current market... not that they couldn't acquire that skill but fresh eyes and minds may be just what they need right now. its been awhile since i last played this... do they even have a means of customer feedback and does the playerbase care enough about the game to participate in the dialog? dialog with the user base can help keep the devs in the loop and grant them a taste for what demand any changes to the platform may bring... they could then display that demand to a bank and easily find the funding to spur on further development knowing right off that they at least have a market to start with.

have you seen the Gun Gale Online part of the Sword Art Online anime franchise? watching that reminded me of EnU. maybe the devs could get involved in pop culture if they are struggling for ideas.

Comment from : Corazon Sierra

Constantinus Simons
A rich man's game...if you have a couple of hundreds to spare and dont mind loosung them in a couple of weeks..this is the "game" for you.
uf ur working class like myself go play poker more oredictable and more fun .
Rich oeoole take all the cake the rest pkaying for crumbs

Comment from : Constantinus Simons

Corazon Sierra
they really should upgrade the game to modern shooter standards... even if you were losing money the appeal for a skill based hunting experience would offset the pain of cost versus reward associated with gambling simply because people would already expect that level of commitment if they were to go hunting in the real world. but clearly its a seriously outdated diceroll no-skill experience... the number stats of your gear dont even guarantee you even return costs unlike other traditional rpg mmos where your gear stats can affect your ability to control burden and thus access to fun experiences. i think if they had a planetside 2 physics and skill based experience (thats a modern rpg mmo that supports thousands of players with billions of bullets flying every day) ... the gambling aspect wouldn't hurt so bad because players would at least receive adrenaline pumping rush gameplay that isnt built around a mental disorder (gambling addiction) but general physiology every normal person would enjoy. playing a sport would be a similar comparison... you spend money to get the tools of the sport maybe additional money to reserve a playing field if you use a local rec center ... but the real life sport doesn't pay you back unless you are on a licenced team but people arent bothered by that because the experience is fun. the chance you could proc a rare loot and take home an amazing haul is a bonus. This should have been a game first and slot machine second. taking advantage of mental disorders, (clearly no one without a mild or severe gambling addition would ever find this experience fun) is a wrong way of building a game. its immoral but adults can do what they like so long as illegal and moral are subjective concepts. i would love to see more games built around this concept even if they are little more than digital slot machines... but they should innovate with a competitive focus on actual fun gameplay. its a total win/win as they could promote this as a new genre of game that would offer experiences on parr with modern competitive e-sports while also appealing to those looking for the gambling experience. in fact they would make more money from a return of building a modern E-Sport ready shooter pared with the gambling aspects then they could ever dream with this slot machine masquerading as an rpg shooter... game producers like EA are facing flak for promoting gambling in games directed at children with their loot box mechanics... but Entropia universe would never have that problem and could be a respectable shooter with braggin rights on innovation if they only did that very thing... innovate.
Comment from : Corazon Sierra

Why do people play P2W garbage like this when the gameplay itself is such a joke? I've seen free games on Steam built in Unity inside of a week that have more compelling gameplay. This basically is just a slot machine more so than it is a proper video game and people should be ashamed of themselves for wasting money on it.
Comment from : DaLagga

Z Sleazoid
Boomer game
Comment from : Z Sleazoid

Aren’t there hella rich people on this game and they spend tons of money or is this fake?
Comment from : DevGambit

I don't have an addictive personality so you just made this game sound so appealing. I've been searching for a game to play till classic comes out, let's see how much money I can make 👍
Comment from : knappieboy

paul sefton
in a game like this you should be able to loot the gear you need to progress to higher mobs, but they keep changing the loots you could get so you end up having to pay crafters a Hugh markup to buy better gear. if they made this game how it was originally was it would attract a lot of newer players.
Comment from : paul sefton

dude the game is cancer bad. the skills are shit the animations are shit. why will you ever trow money in a cancer trash game like diss look how you talk man. is diss a difrent world ??? wtf is going whit people in diss world man. diss game is worse then cocian
Comment from : P B

Are you doing a give away?
Comment from : normal

Entropia? Isn't this game like 16 years old? I don't see how anyone could put 100$ into this, just saying ._.


Comment from : Aerophina

Agreed, this is the only game my wife lets me put money into as it is like gambling and she is a bingo nut. She feels as long as there is a chance of me getting my money back it is OK to pay. Unlike other games where i never get my money back for the sub's. Now, I am not a gambling addict so I don't spend a lot of time in EU and have not actually played for a few years. But, I know it will always be there if I want to go back.
Comment from : flinx101

David Baines
What makes a game worth playing for one person, might not be the same for the next. I play BECAUSE it is difficult.. BECAUSE you need to grind to get anywhere. There is a sense of achievement, when you can say " Yeah.. I'am high enough to do this or that ". I have done it in other games, and yeah you can make yourself one of the best, BUT ONLY IN THAT GAME. Most games use a certain item as in-game currency.. You get to a point, and I have, where you have a lot of that item, but then what? The goal is gone.. In Entropia, it offers the chance to take it outside of the game.
I like the way you had to know stuff, but MA is stopping all that, with new guns. If you blindly wandered into the game grabbed a terrible eco gun and wasted your money, that was your own fault. It mirrored life in that way. It isn't so hard to find your great video's, entrowiki, and work things out. Now you don't have to do research, it is spoiled for me a little. Take for example coloring.. So many people go and buy an expensive coat thinking they will color it and then make a profit, nope doesn't work like that.. And it punishes those people, who think they can make a fast buck.. If that WAS the case why do you think noone else can do it..? And you never stop learning.
I didn't think I could buy a high tt coat and profit. I didn't think I could turn up at a high level mob shared loot event and think it was OK for such a noob to be there. I didn't think I could grab a high level BP and start crafting high MU gear straight away.. You work your way up. You learn and you adapt.
I suppose people just want to have fun and enjoy a game, with out research and knowing how things work.. Don't want to spend a lot, or worry about the cost of the game, that definitely won't be Entropia.

Comment from : David Baines

If I could go back in time would I start playing this game again? Probably not, but I've spent thousands of hours carving a niche for myself and through hard work and persistence I have become a successful player. I'm not leaving anytime soon.
Comment from : Bayrock

Bahb Silunt
The graphics MIGHT get an upgrade at some point, when everyone in eastern europe can afford the graphics cards in western europe and the US today. I know there's a pretty big slavic block of players.
Comment from : Bahb Silunt

Edgars Ivanovs
I would say and will say fuck the good graphics at all when i play entropia i turn off all graphics because i want to find some fruits and stones :D

Good about this game is gambling is own responsibility..... nobody told you to hunt highest mobs just need to find your own mobs and then will be all ok for play..

And i am playing because of interest not for making any money in the game just for fun if i have chance to go hunt and i can do it regular it will be enough

btw i wish i could run this game on Ipad :)))

Comment from : Edgars Ivanovs

Erte Etetg
Nice vid Cereal, hope it will help cool some heads :)
Comment from : Erte Etetg

dave z
My biggest problem with MA is the fact they shutdown the small oil rig which gave out 50PEC sure it waznt alot but the people who showed up where very chatty & keen to learn the game. Now if you look at the big oil rig its just a group of 20 ish players who camp the spot & are very toxic to others who come near
Comment from : dave z

"the game doesnt have nice graphics" , my ass , this game looks awesome for its age VS WoW . wow has muddy textures 90+ % of the time , this game looks doesnt even close to be as bad as WoW Graphicly , wich for a 11Yo game is a fine compliment i think . ps love your videos , plz continue to make some ♥
Comment from : darkmadrap

Marty theMartian
I guess I'm lucky but I've never been the type to excessively gamble and find it easy to walk away. So when I play Ent U and I run out of game dollars before the end of the month, I just spend a few days Sweating because it's free. Then I can start hunting, crafting and mining the next month and be happy.
( just noticed I was the 13th person to click the 'like' button - hope I don't bring you any bad luck :D )

Comment from : Marty theMartian

I wish I had heard you say this years ago. I’m addicted and it’s not good lol😂😂😂😂... I’m a high level but when hunting, one thing I do is try to not hunt to big that way if I lose out I dont lose out to bad. But I LOVE THIS GAME. Gotta pay to play😁. It’s worth the gamble if you can afford it.

Dwayne Aubrey
Have u hunted some Steelbirds yet? Lv 1 to 3 at camp phoniex, very nice loot.....sometimes😆 another good vid mate, keep doin what u doin bloke!
Comment from : Dwayne Aubrey

obbldude TV
great video cereal =)
Comment from : obbldude TV

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