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Title :  Best Compact Camera For Video
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Chenil du 49e
what do you think about
Canon EOS 4000D DSLR ?

Comment from : Chenil du 49e

Tato de LeΓ³n
Comment from : Tato de LeΓ³n

Adrina The Great
If it's for good light then cheap point and shoots have a much better focusing system for video than mirrorless or DSLR's.
For low light your choices are far more limited as most only use a tiny part of the sensor whilst shooting video, the large sensor is purely for taking photos.
Unless you invest in a dedicated video camera or one that uses full sensor video readout, you'll end up disappointed with low light capabilities and slow focusing.
And finally Content is far more important than actual picture quality, I'd sooner watch a 480p video of a lion running through the streets of london and attacking people, than a long winded 4k video shot in a hotel room of someone stuttering away infront of their iphone

Comment from : Adrina The Great

Aidee McCoy
I want the s120
Comment from : Aidee McCoy

A.D.M Nurseries
5:35 I honestly don't understand why Go pros are so popular. The image distortion is ridiculous.
Comment from : A.D.M Nurseries

Toky Jimomi
Make it short for christ's sake!
Comment from : Toky Jimomi

piquing interest
GoPro video looks wonky like a childrens starter toy. The audio makes you sound like a troll and the video quality looks rubbery
Comment from : piquing interest

Bahar Sahin
Do you need to change the settings when your in low light with the canon g7x
Comment from : Bahar Sahin

But Cannon G7X has no audio input.
Comment from : BibhuEdu

You no fuck all,you are just some fucking moron posting shit with no knowledge,,,ah a yank
Comment from : garethininverness

I'm Thinking Pizza
Editing iPhone photos and videos on a computer can be accomplished in just about two ways. (1) Upload to a cloud such as iCloud or Google Photos, then go to your computer and download your files from the website. (2) Plug your iPhone directly to your computer via USB. Your computer should recognize it as a USB device and will ask you what you want to do with it. Uploading to a cloud is a good wireless option but it can take a while because of internet speed, iPhone storage, and file size. Plugging your iPhone directly to your computer is a faster option that does not depend on your internet speed, but your computer might not recognize it due to bugs, viruses, or outdated drives. Hope this helps:)
Comment from : I'm Thinking Pizza

I'm Thinking Pizza
"mosquito at a nudist colony"- Sean Cannell 2015
Comment from : I'm Thinking Pizza

Mr Carpet Man
is that your lover in the video?
Comment from : Mr Carpet Man

I like this video, i just started daily vlog only using smartphone... maybe you can comment my video on my channel to, for better vlog...
Comment from : AWIL GEGE

shut up
The black guy is cute πŸ˜πŸ˜†
Comment from : shut up

Sandeep Sengupta
Hello, would you please do an updated video for 2018?
Comment from : Sandeep Sengupta

Ur videos are always so helpful and honest! I appreciate this info I recently started my YouTube like 2 days ago and I wanna upgrade from my phone
Comment from : Sisilessthan3

Dan the MexiCan
Thanks for the tips and recommendations
Comment from : Dan the MexiCan

Andrews Mohr
Comment from : Andrews Mohr

Holli + Huckleberry
you remind me of jason segal
Comment from : Holli + Huckleberry

Itz Majeedur
what do i when i dont have a phone
Comment from : Itz Majeedur

Pattaya Blues
Will you please say " Get your goddamm hands off of me Biff!" ?
Comment from : Pattaya Blues

Cxlx ツ
tomorrow ill' get a Canon IXUS-185-BLACK / Canon ELPH 180 or somethin' IDK the name of!
This link will show you a picture of the camera


Comment from : Cxlx ツ

Fatma's Kitchen
Think Media.Can you pls tell me how you got your watermark bigger...mine is coming out very small
Comment from : Fatma's Kitchen

Steph AF
which would you say is better, the elph 110 or 300? oh also what kind of sd cards do they need?
Comment from : Steph AF

Chuckey Robinson
What do I look up to find the Mike folden vlogs you mentioned?....to see what that camera looks like
Comment from : Chuckey Robinson

Gabe R
Thank you so much
Comment from : Gabe R

DirdyDangles YT
Good cheap budget camera
Comment from : DirdyDangles YT

DirdyDangles YT
Try out the canon A3300
Comment from : DirdyDangles YT

Maxprints 11
I started with the worst camera now I use an iPhone and my sub count has gone up drastically, within the last two mounts I’ve gone up from 25 subs to 77. So yes start small and get experience ;)
Comment from : Maxprints 11

Life With Horses TV
Seeing this video after I just bought the cannon powershot elph 190 IS.. is this a good vlogging camera too? Or should I take it back? I just got home so I haven't used it yet.
Comment from : Life With Horses TV

Matas Jaudegis
I would reccomend the Samsung nx mini you can transfer photos and videos almost instantly via the smart camera app brand new it goes for 400$ used about 250$ and it has nfc and a flip up screen and touchscreen
Comment from : Matas Jaudegis

mallory schafer
Does the canon elph one have a mic plug in?
Comment from : mallory schafer

Grow In Container
Your background light is irritating πŸ™πŸ˜³
Comment from : Grow In Container

casper dahlqvist
can you plz give me your s120 :P
Comment from : casper dahlqvist

Brody Ebel
Pause at 8:21 🀣πŸ€ͺ
Comment from : Brody Ebel

Loving your Info
Comment from : AKIYIAKELLY

LifeOfTaylor DGHB
I think I’m getting the Panasonic LUMIX SZ10 for my bday
Comment from : LifeOfTaylor DGHB

Siddharth Singh
Thank u very much
Comment from : Siddharth Singh

Angel Royal
Can you guys subscribe to me plz
Comment from : Angel Royal

copy right 100
Wow awesome
Comment from : copy right 100

Ngo-Trong S
Thank you for being so thorough and for putting all these footage examples.
Comment from : Ngo-Trong S

mac daddy
what's up with that goofy haircut?
Comment from : mac daddy

More than 2 years later, do you still recommend the Canon 300 HS for a youtuber (as a hobby)? What are other cameras that could have a similar price but maybe better quality since it's been a while since the 300 HS was made?
Comment from : whittybeach

can you say your canon g7x video settings plz answer im wating for your answer plz whats your good setting for ganon g7x
Comment from : MovsesBestVlogs

Jazz Black Valcin
I just purchased the canon elph S110 and I'm so excited to try it. Thank u so much for ur help.i purchased it for $82.86 used.
Comment from : Jazz Black Valcin

I have watched many of your videos, and I really like the information you provide. I'm getting a Canon SX720 hs for christmas and I want to shoot videos of the Coke 400 NASCAR race in July/18. I understand this is not a DSLR, but I want to capture the best footage I can. Can you review this camera and/or give me tips for this camera to shoot that night time race? Thank you so much for the videos, your time, and information.
Comment from : VengeFulHemi

Time for a new version of this video.
Comment from : MIG

Joseph Joestar
The video starts at 5:28
Comment from : Joseph Joestar

Xochilt Theprincess
Canon Elph 110 HS just get a tripod Mini and your good
Comment from : Xochilt Theprincess

Woah 666 comments. Some demonic stuff.
Comment from : IIKODYII

Lightning bolt
Thanks for the advice
Comment from : Lightning bolt

Lucas Santiago
Thanks for the info!
Comment from : Lucas Santiago

What does the Wifi Enabled mean? It needs to be connected to WiFi to record?
Comment from : SoiyeMan

Team Stealthy
Is the SX610 good?
Comment from : Team Stealthy

Comment from : Jetsubzero

Comment from : Jetsubzero

Comment from : Jetsubzero

Kecchap oficial
Hey , thx realy very much ....
Comment from : Kecchap oficial

Ed Louis Uy
Lg V20 and V30 are also good for vlogging.
Comment from : Ed Louis Uy

Brady Dunn
By watching this video I got my canon 300HS
Comment from : Brady Dunn

Azari Alaina
What is the best app to edit videos with on your smart phone?
Comment from : Azari Alaina

Kids TV Channel - Cartoon Video for Kids
Hi All!
My country is very poor and backward, when the information technology sector has not been developed, other countries have developed information technology too! I will provide useful lessons and help my country develop.
I need everyone to help and when someone helps me I will help again! thanks all

Comment from : Kids TV Channel - Cartoon Video for Kids

AwkwardTwilight Limes
Comment from : AwkwardTwilight Limes

AwkwardTwilight Limes
THANK YOU! I am so close to getting a good camera!
Comment from : AwkwardTwilight Limes

Collin Galif
I like to take screen shots on the TV or PC, is Canon G7X is a good choice? I mean no glares, no reflections, and clear images? Thanks in advance. Moreover, how about Canon Powershot S120?
Comment from : Collin Galif

Wyatt Kirby vlogs
what about the elph 360
Comment from : Wyatt Kirby vlogs

Tech with Noel
Hey man you have I love your videos you make really good videos and I have a question for you what type of camera would be good for on boxing
Comment from : Tech with Noel

Russell O
Thanks, very helpful.
Comment from : Russell O

chrisny carol
please review Canon PowerShot SX730 HS
Comment from : chrisny carol

i know the pain of recording with iphone and editing on pc , i record with iphone se back camera on arkon bendy tripod , but the i cant use the .MOV Files that iphone shoots in , in sony vegas 14 , so i have to put every single clip from my phone into movie maker render it and then put it in vegas , realy annoys me , so recording with iphone is good start but i reccomend you edit with something that supports .MOV Files Or Edit With iMovie On Your Phone
Comment from : Olasteer

Ghanem B.
Thanks for the video. Of course Canon G 7X
Comment from : Ghanem B.

Subscribe to my channel and I'll sub back
Comment from : APGotGame

Jawad 240
How about Lumix?
Comment from : Jawad 240

Jawad 240
Gopro it's not good
Comment from : Jawad 240

Canon Powershot a3300!!!
Comment from : AIR

Kasandra M
Where are the links for your YouTuber friends who use the Canon s120
Comment from : Kasandra M

naif masoud16
love u bro
Comment from : naif masoud16

What about the canon IXY? I bought it in japan a few years ago... it's really good at taking pictures but I'm not sure about videos.
Comment from : BUNtastic

Jack Evans Vlogs
"your smartphone cos u already have it" yeahhhhh 480p is not gonna cut it
Comment from : Jack Evans Vlogs

wtf are you crazy this isnt cheap at all omg your not helping disliking this video
Comment from : Poison

Jamie Victoria-Hope
Does the canon s120 or s110 have a mic input?
Comment from : Jamie Victoria-Hope

Milan Milosavljevic
bro you put some cameras up to $100 and that is much
Comment from : Milan Milosavljevic

Canon is v. Smooth....nice
Comment from : marta

Claudia Polena
Hi! I want use a camera to film my drawings tutorials and I need a camera that I can connect to my computer and use it as a monitor. The camera has to have a good zoom and filme videos longer than 4 hours, sometimes 8 hours drawing. What do you recommend me. The iPhone doesn't take videos that long right? Thank you for your comment.
Comment from : Claudia Polena

Stranded 360
Couldn't watch the video because of our ridiculous clothes and annoying music.
Comment from : Stranded 360

Severian Wintermute
You're like the Vanilla Ice of Youtube media reviews.
Comment from : Severian Wintermute

Belle Romie
Sean, I feel like you never mentioned NiKon, is there a reason why?
*I don't Know much about Camera, I just started my Channel and I used a NiKon D5500.

Comment from : Belle Romie

i would recommend starting at s120 or s110 both good in low light then build your way up to G7X
Comment from : rogerkong1106

Hotrod Hog
Canon PowerShot S120 You said $350 for a new one but all I see is $500-$650 new!
Comment from : Hotrod Hog

"pretty much indestructible"
Comment from : huckfead

Great video this really helped I'm going to order a 110hs for my vlogs
Comment from : wizardsgamingguys

The canon s120 is indestructible unless you are Casey neistat.
Comment from : DarthSmartt

That Daly Life
We just started daily vlogging. For now I'm using my cell as I search which camera to invest in. It is extremely overwhelming trying to pick a camera and a more advanced editing forum than iMovie on my cell. Any advice for a great editing forum on a pc?
We're thinking we will probably invest in a GoPro for our underwater type of vlogging and a G7XMii

Comment from : That Daly Life

got me a Canon elph 110hs on Amazon for $34
Comment from : Topidoit

Seth Diamse
how about best facecam in gaming video
Comment from : Seth Diamse

Ame sama
πŸ’œπŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ’œ thank u
Comment from : Ame sama

Lee sterine
What's the best for short films/travel vlogs?
Comment from : Lee sterine

Adam Your Dog Trainer
Nice haircut!!!! Lol
Comment from : Adam Your Dog Trainer

Martin Andersson
Content start at 3:21
Comment from : Martin Andersson

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