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Intel HD 3000 Best Settings For Gaming

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Title :  Intel HD 3000 Best Settings For Gaming
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Comments Intel HD 3000 Best Settings For Gaming

meralo 1405
fuk my intel hd graphic...im still alive , the oldest nootebocks ever
Comment from : meralo 1405

Un Known
Bro,My pc supports intel hd graphics 3000 but don't support intel hd graphics 4000or 4400 or higher I just want that my pc supports intel hd graphics 4000 or 4400 .Then how I make my pc supports it ??Please bro reply with your solution ...
Comment from : Un Known

Chuks Okoye
Can I run pes 2020 with this settings
Comment from : Chuks Okoye

wow what kind of music
Comment from : strimpro

Football Andrei
i dont remember how i managed to strech cs go with this control panel pls help me i want to play with black bars again
Comment from : Football Andrei

Triers Gaming
It helped a lot thx
Comment from : Triers Gaming

Alpha Ace
whats d ame of the song
Comment from : Alpha Ace

This songs makes me Jump off a building
Comment from : MyPeenStuckInVaccum

hahah lol the song scream aaaa!
Comment from : Iskndr

M.Ibaad Naeem
Thanks for the solution now I can run Assassins creed 3 on my Laptop.
Comment from : M.Ibaad Naeem

Asep Saepulloh
I appreciate for your help. Thanks
Comment from : Asep Saepulloh

zacky_ aimar1205
My pc for no reason doesnt want apply a maximum settings,Why?
Comment from : zacky_ aimar1205

Hassan khalid
song please XD
Comment from : Hassan khalid

Motivation Morocco
tap like if you have Intel HD 3000 and you hate it -_-
Comment from : Motivation Morocco

hahah, what a useless video. kids shouldn't be allowed to make reviews
Comment from : saša

Fast MVMツ
i dont have graphic propeties?:((
Comment from : Fast MVMツ

Emmanuel Omodiale
Bro upload the music link... :D
Comment from : Emmanuel Omodiale

Do it carefully
My PC can't turn on 3 days ago when i try to do it

Comment from : DTP

I would recommend it on middle
In roblox its all fuzzy with performance all the way

Comment from : Lukeatronio

Orion McKee
Tip for the future, dont fucking put red font on blue.
Comment from : Orion McKee

This is one shitty video
Comment from : Shosin笑

Arnab Banik
can you pls tell me the song name that you have used. it's really nice
Comment from : Arnab Banik

Alpha Games
what is the name of song
Comment from : Alpha Games

omg u saved my life mmy 10 year old laptop went from 1 fps to 100 thank you....kappa
Comment from : marked150

GothiQ haQer
Dude! I swore it was my laptop when this video started! I have the exact wallpaper and almost the same icons in that layout o.o
Comment from : GothiQ haQer

Gamesun ch
Comment from : Gamesun ch

i hv i3 core at 3.40 ghz and 4 gb ram which graphic card should i buy to run farcry 3 smoothly .. i want an budget ans hee he thxxs
Comment from : Texs

Baris Unalmis
i have

amd fx 8320 8 core @ 3.7ghz
amd radeon r9 270 2gb video card
8gb ram ddr3 1600mhz

can i run gta v battlefield 4 etc?

Comment from : Baris Unalmis

Is this guy taking the piss? Putting the graphics setting to quality will only slow your card and lag it out more,you need to on performance for games...
Comment from : MrBojax

i don't have the damn graphics properties button
Comment from : RalphieHusky

You should do it on performance not quality
Comment from : Hashir

Comment from : ludde1337

Ou really put on quality best for gaming, instant fps kill.
Comment from : Benckis

the song make me kill my cat..
Comment from : Celcius

PJ Silavwe
what's the name of the song?
Comment from : PJ Silavwe

Miguel Herrera
what so stupid song :ppp
Comment from : Miguel Herrera

Gtrx13 Zedd Gaming!
what was the song its awesome
Comment from : Gtrx13 Zedd Gaming!

TJ Infinite
In my Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel, I don't have the option of the Power tab as shown in this video. It's not on Basic or Advances Mode. Help pls.
Comment from : TJ Infinite

Frosty Pixels
wait, I thought quality made it look nicer but run slower
Comment from : Frosty Pixels

song is too funny
Comment from : EVOl

Comment from : Kyezie131

ً ً
طيب ليش ما تحكي عربي وتفيد العرب كمان D:

على اي حال واصل واصل واصل احب العابك الغريبة D:

Comment from : ً ً

Lmfao @ the song
Comment from : HideThaController

Salem Ben Arqan
what the song name ?
Comment from : Salem Ben Arqan

Esther C.
starts at 1:15...
Comment from : Esther C.

Taylor Willis
that chicken peck typing ugggh
Comment from : Taylor Willis

Ali khater
Song: Brysi I broke my controller
Comment from : Ali khater

the fucking songs...
Comment from : aslacuentayya

Akeem Harvey
nice song.
Comment from : Akeem Harvey

David Hall
no,Fraps is a bad idea to record with. Use Bandicam it's useful and it will decrease only 5-10 FPS to record
Comment from : David Hall

Cake EatMyBiscuit
I'd go for Performance, it might not have all the PC animations etc. But it HELPS A FUCKING LOT!
Comment from : Cake EatMyBiscuit

Billy ThePirate
Search for "I broke my controller brysi"
Comment from : Billy ThePirate

Narmela Narawi
What song is this??
Comment from : Narmela Narawi

Mayank d
which song is this?
Comment from : Mayank d

Alex Quiambao
whats the title of the song?
Comment from : Alex Quiambao

Felix Kruip
I use fraps is the best recording software in my opinion :D Cheers
Comment from : Felix Kruip

Collin Dawids
whic software do u use to record games nice
Comment from : Collin Dawids

What song is this?
Comment from : SuperPanda!!!

Lloyd Curry
Most people here are looking to improve FPS because games lag like poo now a days. You need to chance from QUality to Performance and basically max out your computer without overheating or overclocking it. There are a ton of other things you can do. Search "6 ways to Boost Game Preformance on Intel" and watch that video. It helped me a lot and now I can play Minecraft with almost no lag :#: YAY YOUTUBEEEEEE
Comment from : Lloyd Curry

love the song, lol
Comment from : 3BooD_93

i dont have graphics properties
Comment from : JustarandomMate

Alex Vozniuc
oh yea i thought that it would make more sense to put it on performance but NOPE i can now play games on Full settings with up to 80 FPS on a laptop ...not bad
Comment from : Alex Vozniuc

Diamond Bond
not the only one...
Comment from : Diamond Bond

Murilo Jacob
sorry but... i had to mute de video.
Comment from : Murilo Jacob

1:17 . you're welcome.
Comment from : imWoozify

damian clavin
hey quick question should i choose quality or performance? someone said quality is better but then i also read that they like quality to much to sacrifice it for performance i on the other hand dont see a difference at all so if thats the case which is actually better for performance?
Comment from : damian clavin

Vijay Rajasekar
Are you normal stupid or advanced stupid? Why would you install intel drivers to an AMD card?
Comment from : Vijay Rajasekar

Aymen Yacine Tebbani
You're a sloooooow writer
Comment from : Aymen Yacine Tebbani

1:36 performance would be more logical for better performance
Comment from : Andrash88

Luis Soto
The settings changed on a Graphics properties and in System Properties aren't so harsh as for you to format your computer. Either that or you're just retarded and know nothing about a computer. Just make sure you don't format TOO much. We wouldn't like you computer looking like a luxurious piece of metal ;)
Comment from : Luis Soto

Brus Wayne
thx man;)
Comment from : Brus Wayne

farooq khan
bro link is not valid
Comment from : farooq khan

артур здоровцев
I do the same thing that kid Thank you helped
Comment from : артур здоровцев

google 'can you run it' and select a game you want to play
Comment from : MorDieMash

Finally. A background music that isn't terrible. And what games will the Intel 3000 be able to play? I don't know about the one I have now (It's new) very well.
Comment from : NoahWL

ur type speed sucks -.-
Comment from : Keiktsu

Miguel Celano Menezes de Almeida
thanks man
Comment from : Miguel Celano Menezes de Almeida

Comment from : pizmazare

this is the part where your supposed to say "are you da dumbass or something"
Comment from : DRGG

Comment from : CragMick

kiran chaudhary
will these work for intel hd graphic m not asking about intel hd 3000...plese help i wanna run assassins creed 3
Comment from : kiran chaudhary

Thanks you so so much it help me?
Comment from : CragMick

What's your graphics card?
Comment from : DRGG

Yoel Pater
its doesn't help anything :/ my computer can't run any of the cs modded. idk why. i have 8gb RAM,Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU@ 3.00GHZ. DirectX11. Window 7 Ultimate 64-bit(6.1,Build 7601). i Played many high quality games like Dragon Nest. but when i wanna play Modded CS (CS Xtreme,Cs NST ) like that it keep closing. i've tried many way but not helping anything. and the weird thing my laggy netbook with Intel Accelerator could play CS mod(Xtreme v6) w/2gbRAm
Comment from : Yoel Pater

To performance or not to quality. That is the question.
Comment from : rydonwunali

Jake Licup
my laptop shutdown by it self :(((
Comment from : Jake Licup

jeez dude learn how to type, that was painful to sit thru! good tip though, ta
Comment from : jayneemac

I have same computer. Give my five bro
Comment from : DragoonDark27

Amazinga byrd
This help so much thanks.
Comment from : Amazinga byrd

what is the name of brysis song
Comment from : AboveAndBeyond745

so whats the difference between quality and performance on the 3d tab?
Comment from : InfernoRed54

isaac cruz
Comment from : isaac cruz

yeah you might have a bit of lag spike though my laptop comes with a dedicated graphics card as long as intel hd 3000 but it should run
Comment from : TheCorington

can your computer run bf3 on lowest?
Comment from : greensm1ley1

if you wanna be a true gamer you build your tower, laptops arent that ideal for gaming and generally have bad specs unless you buy the ones that are graphics oriented and those are usually expensive.
Comment from : LilyOfLife

on the LOWEST setting you can get about 25-30 fps
Comment from : TheCorington

Meme God
Comment from : Meme God

Man... I think so, but with REALLY lag! Like 5-10 fps, cus bf3 is really hard to run ...
Comment from : Jow

can my laptop run bf3 on this settings? Sony E series Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz 6gb ram Intel Hd 3000 windows 7 home premium
Comment from : applepie

Jet Loft
Song name in ths video ?
Comment from : Jet Loft

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