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4K Home Security Camera Review - Lorex System

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Information 4K Home Security Camera Review - Lorex System

Title :  4K Home Security Camera Review - Lorex System
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Frames 4K Home Security Camera Review - Lorex System

Description 4K Home Security Camera Review - Lorex System

Comments 4K Home Security Camera Review - Lorex System

Marinelli Bros Podcast
What are your thoughts on the WYZE cam?
Comment from : Marinelli Bros Podcast

Lilly Taggert
How are wireless cameras powered?
Comment from : Lilly Taggert

Mine, Shall not be infringed
Comment from : Mine, Shall not be infringed

Accent Light
Lorex in my opinion is not a good brand, and I am speaking from experience!
Comment from : Accent Light

Antisha Howard
What the f***
Comment from : Antisha Howard

meli mel
How much $ ?
Comment from : meli mel

Can the cameras operate on batteries only?
Comment from : T M

Andrej Praznovsky
this is NOT 4K recorder! check 7:01 resolution, there is not even 2K only full hd passive mode, nice rip-off
Comment from : Andrej Praznovsky

Does it have voice?
Comment from : Wataney

What switch router do you use for all those POE ethernet cables ?
Comment from : Z B

Nice video🥳.

Do you connect your Lorex NVR to external hard-drive ?

How big do you recommend 8 cameras ?

Comment from : Z B

Mr K
Lorex is horrendous. No customer support...hard to believe Flir (Lorex) s on the space station ..Total assholes ..AVOID
Comment from : Mr K

Tribulation Prepper
WHO HAS THE TIME TO SIT AROUND AND MONITOR SECURITY CAMERAS ALL DAY LONG. So great, you're staring at the monitor at 3am and you catch someone messing with your car. SO NOW WHAT? Are you willing to get up off your butt, grab your shotgun and go confront the criminal?
Comment from : Tribulation Prepper

Yair Garcia
Video was great! Really informative with details.- New subscriber
Comment from : Yair Garcia

Seba J seba
Mna patikana wapi??
Comment from : Seba J seba

RiverRuns NC
Does it come with / can it be setup with 2 recorders? I want to be able to view when I'm downstairs.. and another in the bedroom in the evening.
Comment from : RiverRuns NC

mike watt
After reading the reviews of people who bought in... customer service is crap... now I know not to purchase. Thanks for posting.
Comment from : mike watt

Aluminum Movies
Thinking About it
Comment from : Aluminum Movies

LJR Limited
Go with Hikvision instead
Comment from : LJR Limited

Ichigo Kurosaki
what about police integration? or is this more the ADT type side?
Comment from : Ichigo Kurosaki

why is there a charge for rapid recount? isn't the software doing it?
Comment from : u235u235u235

larry taylor
If you want video surveillance while the power is out you could possibly use an APC power supply. It charges while it's plugged in and the moment it goes out it starts using the battery.
Comment from : larry taylor

George X
Cameras are mounted too high. A camera identifies a person by their face; not by a bird's-eye view of their head. Also he did not show how he installed POE, which is no small feat because that is the hardest part of the installation.
Comment from : George X

Jeff Thurber
Don't these companies connect all your videos to the big worldwide net...and can see all, and as I have heard, anyone can hack into them and see what you seeeee???
Comment from : Jeff Thurber

You forgot to mention that you stuck with lorex cameras only! You can not buy any specialty cameras only what is in there catlog.
Comment from : Paul

Troy Macleod
I see there’s two wires on the back and it just requires one the ether. If I have a power source does it send the information to the box or do I still need the ether cable
For it to work

Comment from : Troy Macleod

Troy Macleod
I just bought the 4 k 4 camera system. Is it possible to add one wireless camera to it and how long would the top model battery last
Comment from : Troy Macleod

Shell Moralez
By any chance do you know how to review a certain day on the DVR?
Comment from : Shell Moralez

Uhn Lucky
Q : If the camera(s) has built in mic. , does sound run over the Ethernet cable as well ? Nice , clean picture .
Comment from : Uhn Lucky

Sean Greany
So whats the price
Comment from : Sean Greany

Larry Troy
Does this work with out internet access? Very rural and dont have a stable internet. So want a system that doesnt rely on an internet connection... also what is the range of the wifi cameras?
Comment from : Larry Troy

Leonard Rosa
Thank you very good video. I am in the market for a good system. This has caught my eye for sure.
Comment from : Leonard Rosa


What the heck is "few hundred dollars?" $300? $500? $900? What is "several thousand?" $10,000? $90,000?

Comment from : 1CAV11B

Riley Wolf
We bought the 9 package bullet cameras and my wife and i like the quality but we hate the app so much were going to go back to night owl. The app is terrible. (Lorex cloud app)
Comment from : Riley Wolf

Half Jin
Lorex has a such poor customer service. Buyers beware!!! I ordered 4 cameras and 3 out of 4 the audio on the cameras don't work. One camera stopped working all together a while back. All the customer service calls went to nobody. They have this badly designed ticketing system which is always under construction!!! WTF! Are you serious Lorex??? One more thing, their software is garbage. Do me a favor, go to app store and checkout their app ratings. I made a mistake of not checking that out first before buying the cameras. One star rating on most of their apps!
Comment from : Half Jin

Stax of Funk
how do you get the video with the time stamps? i have the lorex nocturnal cameras
Comment from : Stax of Funk

Happy Happy Panda
I have a lorex system but i have so much issue getting footage out of it. When i get the footage through network, the only file format that works is .DAV. If i obtain it and ask it to convert to AVI, the file doesn't play. Their Software is poorly made from Dahua. Their system is rebranded Dahua including their firmware but somehow when they remade the firmware there are many bugs including converting file while grabbing your footage. I managed to use a Dahua software to convert the .DAV from Lorex system but thats a lot of work and took a very long time and research to find the correct software from Dahua. Anyone looking to get a Lorex should be aware, its not user friendly for the non tech savvy.
Comment from : Happy Happy Panda

Thomas Deir
What a bunch of garbage. Save your money and buy a real solution that will last more than 6;months.
Comment from : Thomas Deir

Crawler space rc Llc
Their camera systems are garbage and the reviews are faked. I bought a set up from Sam’s club and they worked for three months then quit. The customer service was horrible and not U.S. based so NO help at all. Don’t waste your money.
Comment from : Crawler space rc Llc

allpar300_ M
Not 4K @7:02 Resolution 1080p
Comment from : allpar300_ M

Santiago Luquez
Yes.. simplify the software. That's a big turn off.
Comment from : Santiago Luquez

Michael Fritz
Nice running cable is very problematic....sys looks very nice...what’s the basic cost??
Comment from : Michael Fritz

My camera has ammo. I'm not going to video some criminal thug the law does nothing to.
Comment from : TTORADell

Danielle Fox
l love my videos
Comment from : Danielle Fox

Joe hill
Lol fml 11 months later
Comment from : Joe hill

Manager Project
Comment from : Manager Project

Canadian Awareness
what a junk products, typical Costco kit sold for few hundred dollars.
Comment from : Canadian Awareness

Sexy Rodriguez
Any updates on how the cameras is doing
Comment from : Sexy Rodriguez

jani rk
Great Video! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched - Mahorrla Defence Wisdom Method (do a google search)? It is a good exclusive guide for securing your home from danger without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend at last got cool results with it.
Comment from : jani rk

So when the power is out there is no Recording Bummer
Comment from : sep2586

Rhino Rider
Pretty tuff running cable when you do not have an attic and your ceiling is closed. Wireless!!!
Comment from : Rhino Rider

Mayer doa sk tv
What will be the Verizon 12 megapixel and 16 megapixel cameras
Comment from : Mayer doa sk tv

Do you still use this security system in 2020 and any issues?Please give update.
Comment from : STOCKBOY7254

Tom Elew
great video, thanks!
Comment from : Tom Elew

Adam: Appreciate your excellent review. Now, 18 months later, any new thoughts? Thanks. My only question: how much cold/frost can the cameras handle?
Comment from : rwilso1951

Ron Navarreta
One of the problems I have experienced with a competing system is lag, specifically lag time between an incident and the time I am notified on my iPhone. I have also experienced 20-30 second delays in cell phone load times. What have been your experiences in this regard with this system?
Comment from : Ron Navarreta

J O'Brien
My biggest complaint and concern is the phone app. Navigating is a pain and not dependable. It would be nice if they had a simple mode similar to Nest. When I need to navigate quickly my Lorex will lock up, pause in areas, loop, etc. I can easily scroll through footage on my Nest but on my Lorex I have to be extremely gentle or video will bounce all over the place. Simply put I have two Lorex systems and love the video quality but still use and rely on my Nest 95% of the time. My advise to Lorex is to clean up the app and program to make it simple and easy to use as well as dependable. I''ve had my lorex for over a year and still can't figure things out.
Comment from : J O'Brien

Yassin Njige
HIK VISION is best quality holiday
Comment from : Yassin Njige

Homes Andrew
i have quality and cheap HD cameras,am responsible for delivery to your location,pl add my WhatsApp to +8613953710319
Comment from : Homes Andrew

Quick suggestions: Bench test your gear and make sure it works before you install it. Draw a picture of your home and where you want cameras, then prioritize the location on necessity. Focus on entrances/exits. Set to record 24/7 - once the HDD runs out of space, it'll simply write over the old stuff. If running your own cables, use a fiberglass pole (glow rod) to pull cable. Post the security signs/stickers by the entrance to deter people. Swap out strike plate screws on front door with longer 3" screws as it's harder to kick in. Burglars don't like to be seen. Keep lights on at night (garage/front door/back door). Good Luck!
Comment from : packerbackertx

Really dislike LOrex. Very hard to connect to wifi |Tech support is "off shore" and don't have the language skills to help. Extremely frustrating and difficult to get working.
Comment from : Gar

Difference between nvr and dvr?
Comment from : yousaiditzero

Motorrading Around
Can we have a new update on this system and how they have been since this video was added please
Comment from : Motorrading Around

If the DVR gets stolen do you lose all your recordings or is it backed-up off site?
Comment from : 2671996619fedcba

Jerett Crumbley
Questions regarding the app, 1. Does the app only provide camera access locally on the network? 2.Can the system be connected to a VPN? 3. If the answer to number 1 is no does the device automatically open any ports on the network(security risk)? 4. If the answer to number 3 is yes does it provide network encryption?
Comment from : Jerett Crumbley

Sky Walker
Be aware that all these Lorex units have VERY LOUD FANS that will drive you nuts. I think these units are over priced JUNK! My unit didnt last very long and now is a paper weight!
Comment from : Sky Walker

Lisa Marie
The night vision didn't look that clear...
Comment from : Lisa Marie

Any night color motion sensing cameras for small home surveillance
Comment from : BROWN LADO

linda morris
I have a lorex and I love it...I have 8 cameras, I paid about 1000,00 for mine. I have had them for over 2 years
Comment from : linda morris

Rob Olson
The million dollar question........how difficult was routing all those cables though your attic ......thanks for sharing
Comment from : Rob Olson

Noneyalls Biddness
Who else is here because Ring fooled you and you didn't know a subscription was required for access to your recordings. Fuck you Ring
Comment from : Noneyalls Biddness

Keith Freitas
I have a 4MPX DVR -8 camera system and just changed out one camera to a C861Cf. Higher and farther night time vision. Picks up color when light available.
Comment from : Keith Freitas

Paisa Construction David
I have this system, however they did a software update on the phone application and I have not been able to see the footage on my phone since then any suggestions?
Comment from : Paisa Construction David

The Deitz
The system is being sold as a 4K system, but at 7:14 in the video the highest resolution setting appears to be 1080p, tell me more.
Comment from : The Deitz

wac 85
good vid, i agree with you on the things you picked out, 20 buttons to just set the camera the way you want it. yikes. phone controls don't need that, do like the high res. and night vision. my guess on the re-cap i think you called it being dropped is they didn't have enough people spending the money on it so they cut it. thanks for the good info.
Comment from : wac 85

Extremely well made video, thank you. I'm sold. I'm going to pick up one of the cheaper 4-camera systems probably this weekend. Thanks!
Comment from : Scooter

Timothy Berlinski
How is the motion detection working?
Comment from : Timothy Berlinski

Leslie Arnelle TV
appreciate this . thank you!
Comment from : Leslie Arnelle TV

Aaliyah chea
Does this system need home internet.? I only have my cellphone. Will that work?
Comment from : Aaliyah chea

Frank Rodriguez
Thanks for this video 😍🙏🏼
Comment from : Frank Rodriguez

Alfredo Perez
I Adam like the cameras. I like to know where can I find a video on how to actually install and run the cables underneath the soffit the house
Comment from : Alfredo Perez

I've had 3 Q-See camera systems over 15+ years, they started out well with good cameras and customer service. In the last few years quality has got downhill getting tech support is more painful than a root canal. Reading reviews on Lorex and Swann seems customer service is no better. Q-see's software is no better at being more intuitive. I don't recommend buying Q-See, may give Lorex a try
Comment from : Phil

I have a PTZ camera that is good for review. US only. Anyone like it please contact me.
Comment from : 刘俊豪

Uncle Fjester
8:50 is cool
Comment from : Uncle Fjester

Wise u could of shown how u ran the wires. 🤔
Comment from : UltraRmx

ddemier ddemier
Do you still recommend Lorex after owning it for awhile for a DIY home owner.
Comment from : ddemier ddemier

Joanne Davis
Samsung is great and very easy to use.
Comment from : Joanne Davis

Joanne Davis
Don’t buy non wired cameras. Soooo easy for people to hack into.
Comment from : Joanne Davis

Joanne Davis
What happens when electricity is turned off for several hours. Back up battery?
Comment from : Joanne Davis

Ali Ahmad
this is really helpful ... loved it
Comment from : Ali Ahmad

I've been using these for about 4 years now. The biggest problem I have is the camera RJ-45 connection to the cable. They are not very water proof. Water gets in all the time and shorts out the connection. I've been wrapping them with cling wrap and then wrapping with black electrical tape. This seems to do the trick. Oh, opening a support case is rough. You have to fill in a lot of details before it will let you even submit the ticket. Good luck with that.
Comment from : valpro99

Thank you for the detailed information, I’m looking for a spy cam that fixed in spot light, any suggestion or recommendation please.
Comment from : A ASJ

Walts Synthlab
I just picked up one of these Lorex 4k cams, and I must say I am not the least bit disappointed. This 4k cam replaced an older 2k cam. I really like the Ultra wide FOV. The balance of light between dusk, night, and dawn are all very clean...much better that I expected. The 2k cam was OK, but the 4k definition is really exceptional. I bought mine on a Xmas discount of $180 (regularly $320).
Comment from : Walts Synthlab

Jr Gomez
I have my cameras on solar so they never go down
Comment from : Jr Gomez

the prices for these have gone down by 75% since then. it's only like $300-400 for a 4 cam system thats all wireless and the cameras are much better quality with more IR lights for nightime
Comment from : eksine

Steve H
These cameras suck. My neighbors house got broken into and detectives asked to check our Lorex cameras and the units didn’t record anything during the robbery, it was embarrassing, Cheap cameras. I suggest watching more videos on different brands and buying a good unit not this one.
Comment from : Steve H

gerardo carrillo
Is this a wireless camera
Comment from : gerardo carrillo

Mr Mopar
I purchased a Lorex 8 camera system. The hard drive failed in less than 1 year. Typical "Made in China" quality.
Comment from : Mr Mopar

Brian Kelley
Are bugs attracted to the light of the 4k camera ?
Comment from : Brian Kelley

entertainment express
Comment from : entertainment express

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