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OMG thanks so much for this video! I can confirm it works on macOS High Sierra too! The only issue I had was that the zip file that you mentioned in the description section no longer exists but I found the file from this forum:
Thank you again!

Comment from : Y M

It’s your boy Daddyk
Can I do this with my Mac mini mid 2011 ?
Comment from : It’s your boy Daddyk

Caroline Mescaline
It works MacOS High Sierra!
Comment from : Caroline Mescaline

Zakir Sajib
Works for me but i don't see any performance than before!
Comment from : Zakir Sajib

Ben J
Worked perfect for both my cards on my Macbook Pro 17" 16g ram, from 512 on my amd to 1024 and on the intel from 1024 to 2048 total of three gigs without the glitch after i did everything in order using the high sierra zip files posted in the comments. (thanksbtw) :) running modded Skyrim and SKSE on my mac with almost 200 mods, smoothly no issues now. thank you for this man, well done.
Comment from : Ben J

High Sierra here, worked all fine! 2048mb avaliable. Thank you!
Comment from : MarceloYo

Islam Fayez
i did it but nothing changed ....shall i repeat the steps again i couldn't do it in one screen cuz the of password .....please advice i have a mac book pro early 2011 I5 with 8G RAM and 512 graphic card
Comment from : Islam Fayez

Ege Reilly
does this method work with high sierra 10.13.6?
Comment from : Ege Reilly

GUUUYS don’t ever try this shit ! I tried it and everything was fine my mbp showed an increase from 512mb up to 2gb. And yeah it was fun at start but you soon realize that this move doesn’t give you anything in terms of boosting your machine(the discrete gpu is used in games and so on so the intel’s one stays relaxed cause it’s not high performance no matter how much gb you add to it) ! Not only that(didn’t give anything in performance) this shitty idea caused a lot of troubles in future ! You see, your mbp auto updates at times not even asking you so it’s gonna mess up one day with the drivers change on rebooting. I started to get problems in a month but somehow avoided serious consequences. But here am i writing this comment after half a year because my mbp doesn’t boot up and the kexts (kernel extensions, ie drivers) are completely messed up. I’ve already tried to fix it hundred times and it’s just a complete time waste ! Nevertheless i hold my faith that one day im gonna smash this boi(fix it) but it’s already a week gone as im trying. Im tired ! DON’T TRY THIS !
Comment from : TimmyGunja

hi thanks for video I'm worried about this steps if i missed one is it possible that something happens to my laptop or its data?
i have 16 gb RAM and 512mb Vram ... how much i can increase VRAM ?

Comment from : kualia

Ayşe Açelya
Its working on catalina ??????????
Comment from : Ayşe Açelya

Just tried this. It works!
Comment from : 12hoursleep

Hello! I am using an old version of OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks). So is it risky to try this on Mavericks or it’s safe?
Comment from : Dj ESTEPHANO

Ahmad Amir Uddin
When I go to the second stage for backup what happens is "Operation not permitted". What should I do?
Comment from : Ahmad Amir Uddin

Lieutenant Starbuck
Does this work on Catalina? Thanks
Comment from : Lieutenant Starbuck

LR studio
why I get : operation not permitted, skipping file. ?
Comment from : LR studio

Roy Stevo
hello bro,do I need to install kext first?
Comment from : Roy Stevo

Hay! Link in description doesn't work,can you updated? Greetings!
Comment from : MIKVC

Wenhan Zhang
Nothing changed. Is it because mine is high Sierra?
Comment from : Wenhan Zhang

Riccardo Caffagni
BTW you are a geniuous!
Comment from : Riccardo Caffagni

Riccardo Caffagni
What if i have 8 GB?
Comment from : Riccardo Caffagni

I don't get it. How can this be done, what tools do I need?
==8gb user==
N: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB
F: c745bc00 000020
R: c745bc00 000040
MacOS: 10.7.x

Comment from : drzeissler

Huss PlayZ
Does it work on macOs Catilina
Comment from : Huss PlayZ

Alex Varganov
What are C* and M*?
Comment from : Alex Varganov

Alex Varganov
I got the 5MB bug. How can I fix it?
Comment from : Alex Varganov

Hello, it asks me for a password in the script: sudo perl -pi -e 's|\xC7\x45\xBC\x00\x00\x00\x18|\xc7\x45\xBC\x00\x00\x00\x20|g' AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB
What password is it?

Comment from : zeretube

Nick Grant
Hi - Does this work for MacBooks made late 2011? I tried but it's not working! Thanks
Comment from : Nick Grant

Alex Varganov
Is there any way to make vram 4gb or even 8?
Comment from : Alex Varganov

Alex Varganov
Could you please explain how it works? I am just a little worried, because it looks unbelievably great. Thanks for it by the way.
Comment from : Alex Varganov

Benjamín Esqueda
Hello! I have a MacBook Pro Early 2011 with a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 10 GB 1333 MHZ DDR3 memory and the 3000 512 MB graphics. Also, I put a Solid State Driver of 520+ GB. Do you recommend upgrading my Memory? I have troubles working with 3D softwares and video editing, it's getting slower.
Comment from : Benjamín Esqueda

James Curran
mine keeps going back to 384 :( thanks anyway.
Comment from : James Curran

مع الصياد AVEC PECHEUR
not work in sierra 10.12.6 macbook pro 2011 i7 16GB intel HD 3000 video card
Comment from : مع الصياد AVEC PECHEUR

Wan aqil Danish
OMG thx its work on macbook pro late 2011

My laptop’s graphic card which amd redeon all ready broke so i have to use intel graphics hd 3000 its really slow i try this method which its work for me

You just need to follow step in description and boom its work

Btw-i running mac os High Sierra

Comment from : Wan aqil Danish

Victorgraph Media
Terminal saying operation not permitted
Comment from : Victorgraph Media

Wintersuer's Channel
I dont know how, but it doesn’t work on my MacBook pro early 2011 with 4gb ram. I was run KextUtility before run that code in Terminals
Then passcode step. Im close terminals and restart my Mac. And these nothing happen

Comment from : Wintersuer's Channel

are there any ways like this on mojave or can i used this too on mojave?
Comment from : macchiato

Thanks very much. It worked for me on high sierra. with my MacBook pro early 2011 i5 8GB ram. it's gone from 512GB to 1024GB. thanks again.
Comment from : ASHLEY SULLIVAN

Danas Berlinskas
Labas :) Ar įmanoma praeit kext checką jei pas mane high sierra 10.13.4 ? :) Ačiū
Comment from : Danas Berlinskas

Kristoffer Pe Benito
2019, and worked perfectly for me. Mine's Macbook Pro Early 2011 as well. MacOS High Sierra. From 512mb to 1,024mb. Thanks!
Comment from : Kristoffer Pe Benito

Joe Mama
I did this successfully to 1024 but is it safe to get it to 2048 if i only have 4 gb of ram?
Comment from : Joe Mama

I got everything to work! I do very much recommend using the kext utility trick because I didn’t do that and graphics didn’t work at all. Everything flickered. After using kext utility it worked better. Thanks for sharing this trick!
Comment from : DespacitoBurrito

facundo frontera
Well well! i fixed i back from 2048 to 1024mb , for if someones help sometime: if u see the codes lines only variate 2 numbers, one on the middle and at the end, 20 its for 512, 40 is for 1024 and 80 is for 2048...the same steps but using that change of numbers to go where u want...But my fan still going at max and its still very hot, something wrong with my mbp but guess its for something else :/ i been installing some aplications maybe is relationated with one
Comment from : facundo frontera

facundo frontera
Now i have a problem with my cpu, it seems that get very hot at 94, really hot, and the fan non stop ever...i guess that 2048 maybe its to much for 8gb of ram? i have mbp early 2011, i7, 8gb ram, 1tb hhd...can u tell me how i can go to 1024 again? or if u think that maybe its something else? thanksS!!
Comment from : facundo frontera

facundo frontera
i do all but still on 512MB...what may happend?
Comment from : facundo frontera

Hi, I've gotten the 3MB glitch and I've done the fix in the description. It didn't work however, and I'm starting to panic. Please help!
Comment from : teejay

junior loiola
Hi buddys could somebody help me, I did what the link at the forum said, but I don't know how to run the kextbeast and the files on the zip provided. So that, how is the procedure after desable the SIP and the files on the desktop, step by step please?
Comment from : junior loiola

Doesn't work on High sierra i get the message ":cp: AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.backup: Operation not permitted" i cant find the solution yet :(
Comment from : slowmoboy

Pedro Nuno Pulquério Vieira
Hi! I have 12gb of ram on my mbp of 2011. What changes should I make regarding the terminal commands? Thanks!
Comment from : Pedro Nuno Pulquério Vieira

Is this works on Macbook Pro Mid 2010 - NVIDIA GeForce 320M?
Comment from : Tutoriais_Photoshop

Sergio Torres
Tried 4 times, no success. Always getting the 3mb error
Comment from : Sergio Torres

Alessandro Siciliano
man, u and another who made a tut to make boot with integrated video card, made my day. thank you
Comment from : Alessandro Siciliano

Under Radar Productions
how do you get pass putting in the password?
Comment from : Under Radar Productions

I run Kext utility once before running the commands that increase vram from 512 to 1024 and run the kext utility once more, then I reboot. Still on 512. I'm on High Sierra with SIP disabled.
Comment from : FreeToBe

Diego Beton
my HD 3000 video was being recognized, but only with 4MB. I downloaded the KExt Utility and installed the kexts of the forum. Now my HD 3000 is 1024Mb however my video still continues with bugs, as if it was not activated. You know what I should do? Thank you.
Comment from : Diego Beton

Fyused Jazz
Permission not granted..how do I solve this? Mac os high sierra
Comment from : Fyused Jazz

Dude! How about doing a benchmark and comparing the results???
Comment from : Cheech

Stella Gixxer
your a legend!!! but you need to mention once you download the file u need to drop it in the kexbeast app then start the terminal and type the commands,but if you are using mac high sierra you need to disable the SIP first by restarting MAC and hold cmnd+R at as it boots,then go to utilities and choose terminal and type csrutil disable,then follow the steps from the top of my msg everything should work perfect,thank you again for this video now i can play few games smoothly,next step is EGPU for the next upgrade,thank you again!!
Comment from : Stella Gixxer

Quick question is there any performance gain
Comment from : DigiTechV2

Does this also affect other OS's installed like Windows?
Comment from : FreeToBe

Iker Mtz. de Aramayona
Besides this issue here which I will surely try when I do update to 8GB ram (currently 4GB), I'd like to know about the Thunderbolt port inthis model Macbook Pro 8.2 (Early 2011). I supposse here that you have disabled the AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphic processor and are only working with Intel HD 3000 by what you show in the video...so, given this is true, does the Thunderbolt port can still function as MiniDisplay port for transmitting video image to another external screen??
Someone had told me that this wasn't possible in case having AMD Raden processor disabled.
Please let me know! Thanks!

Comment from : Iker Mtz. de Aramayona

Manu Chretch
didnt believe it but well ... its working and good !!!
Comment from : Manu Chretch

Adventures with the Courtoys
Have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. First time Mac user. Just picked up upgraded early 2011 15 inch mp with 2.2 GHz Intel Core I 7, 16 mb RAM and Intel HD Graphics 3000 512. Already switched out 1 Tb SSD from original 1 Tb HDD myself.

Im trying to follow instructions on this video but having trouble following along and I'm hitting some road blocks. I currently have high Sierra 10.13.6 installed.

I downloaded the kext utility from the recommended site (not sure if it is compatible w my current macOs) and also downloaded kextbeast.pkg

I followed both sets of instructions to best of my ability and doesn't seem like anything happened after restarting computer.

I did get an error message in terminal stating it couldn't uninstall Intel HD Graphics... confused...help would be great.

Comment from : Adventures with the Courtoys

Antonín Kaše
when i did this command sudo perl -pi -e 's|\xC7\x45\xBC\x00\x00\x00\x18|\xc7\x45\xBC\x00\x00\x00\x20|g' AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB it said Can't remove AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB: Operation not permitted, skipping file. could anyone help pls?
Comment from : Antonín Kaše

Does the trick work on High Sierra?
Comment from : losantiago64

Tahseen Saad
Guys it virtually make sense but performance does not make any changes as I think, numbers could be changed but it is still the same hardware !!!!
Comment from : Tahseen Saad

jhim dotnet
upgraded from 256mb to 2048mb, i also upgraded ssd and ram now my mb pro is really fast like new.... thank you man!!
maybe this might help, this is how i did it:
note: I had 256mb VRAM, with 4gb RAM. then i physically upgraded RAM to 16gb then i got 512gb VRAM..... so i started this tutorial with 512gb VRAM

1. download three files from this website (it's the #3 comment/post) forums.macrumors.com/threads/2011-intel-hd-3000-macbook-pro-1024mb-vram-kext-work.1977308/
2. before installing you have to disable SIP, you can fallow this steps www.imore.com/how-turn-system-integrity-protection-macos
3. move the files downloaded to your desktop
4. download kextbeast from this website www.tonymacx86.com/resources/kextbeast.32/
5. open kextbeast and it will automatically install the files just fallow the instructions then restart
6. now you should have 1024mb VRAM
7. now if you want to upgrade to 2048mb VRAM, download this file and just open it, wait until it says "all done" (this is to prevent any issues with your gpu, and fix some bugs) cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/0-4
8. open terminal and paste the four lines of code in the video description, one by one (paste one press enter, paste second one press enter... and so on)
cd /S*/L*/Ext*/AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext/C*/M*
sudo cp AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.backup
sudo perl -pi -e 's|\xC7\x45\xBC\x00\x00\x00\x40|\xc7\x45\xBC\x00\x00\x00\x80|g' AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB
sudo touch /S*/L*/Extensions
9. if you get an error at the last line of code, maybe you used the codes under this video description, there shouldn't be a period at the end of ..../Extentions
10. restart... and now you should have 2048mb RAM :D

Comment from : jhim dotnet

J & B Slots and More
Mac Mini 2011 2.7ghz i7 with AMD GPU and OS High Sierra will it work?
Comment from : J & B Slots and More

how do I get through the backup and the password?
Comment from : camusch

Andy Mwakajila
thanks you
Comment from : Andy Mwakajila

I've gone through the procedure three times and nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong

Comment from : dlprod11

Gary Lauterback
By golly, it worked. At the time of the mod, I am on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.5. Important, copy and paste line by line as the video suggests. Restart and check your work (About This Mac). Will this mod last through OS Updates and even from one OS to another? Anyone know?

Well done !!!!

Comment from : Gary Lauterback

Érika Beraldo
thank you!! works on Sierra
Comment from : Érika Beraldo

Chairul Rahmat Arif
this does'nt work on my macbook bro
Comment from : Chairul Rahmat Arif

when i paste
sudo cp AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.backup
and hit password, ti says
cp: AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.backup: Operation not permitted
Mohameds-MacBook-Pro:MacOS mohameddayfour$

iam using sierra and have 8 gigs of ram and intel hd 3000 512 MB

what should i do ?

Comment from : VISUALPROD STUDIOS Agence Multimédia

nothing change for my VRAM ?
Comment from : BlackBird

_Tavs 2808
the link for sierra is not working, pls fix
Comment from : _Tavs 2808

Hi, I am running on High Seirra and have 16mb ram. I did the recovery mode method and then I downloaded and ran Kext and then did run KextBeast but nothing changed after rebooting. I then ran the 512mb to 1024mb code and rebooted. Still not change, what am I doing wrong?
I even ran the code in terminal as in the post below, with running Kext before and after entering the code but still nothing.

Comment from : gmaileres

Ok, I got 1028 for my 3000 HD graphics, can it be raised to 1536 like on a 2012 ?
Comment from : Roman

tried this and it did not work... Ukrainians like myself know Russians who lie and this is one who does.
Comment from : Roman

Will this work in High Sierra ? Also, how did you get 1600 mhz memory to work when the 2011 early and late models support only 1333 ? I have a 2011 MacBook pro with 8GB - so I can up the 512 HD 3000 to 1 GB ?
Comment from : Roman

will the temperature be higher if I improve my intel 3000 gpu graphic card? right now Im getting 160f-180f degrees heat when I use the radeon card so I have to use gfxcardstatus to deactivate it. Tx
Comment from : jotalink

Try it at your own risk.
This left my MacBook Pro​ early 2011 with Yosemite in a permanent “3mb bug”. Actually trying to solve it reinstalling the os.

Comment from : MAXIMILIANO TOR

Hi I have a Mac book pro late 2011 with High sierra with 8 gb ram and itnel graphics 300 can i run this procedure too or there is something different for this high sierra? thank you
Comment from : Franklindee

Diego the Explorer
I have a 13” Late 2011 Macbook Pro running on OSX Yosemite (10.10.5) and I got the 3 mb bug. I have tried running kext utility but it won’t go back to my original vram which was 512 mb. Any solutions?
Comment from : Diego the Explorer

Flavio Xpiral
hello....i got the 3MB BUG ! PLEASE HELP ME! I did all commands you said to do.....now i CAN'T FIND the .backup file.........and you also did not explain how to recover this .backup file, supposed to be created on the commands you said to do.....PLEASE HELP!
Comment from : Flavio Xpiral

I am running High Sierra, anyone know where i can find how to do this on mine? Or if this method will work? Or if the Sierra method will work on High Sierra
Comment from : TreyAllTehWay

Memphis Girgis Atrees
My macbook pro is late 2011 and i searched 4 this video 4 the exactly same reason of urs: I'm trying to make GTA 4 work but i can't. When i try to do what u say in the video, when i type the code in the terminal i get a write by the administrator that tells me i can't, this is bullshit
Comment from : Memphis Girgis Atrees

Vinlyr Gaming
the forum for sierra method is error:(
Comment from : Vinlyr Gaming

It did not work :( Sierra user here macbook pro early 2011 4gb ram 320 hdd help me please thanks
Comment from : Kent

Justin Persad
for some reason i'm trying to enter my password and the terminal wont allow me to enter text password. what gives?
Comment from : Justin Persad

AdonisRD Nuñez
The intel gma 950 supports maximum 224mb of vram and apple only put 64mb
Comment from : AdonisRD Nuñez

Kelsey Orr
Fantastic video you saved my business
Comment from : Kelsey Orr

Does anyone have a guy app that does this?
Comment from : Tigerex966

AdonisRD Nuñez
Intel GMA 950,64MB to 128MB or 224MB :'v? Is possible :'v?
Comment from : AdonisRD Nuñez

Cool! But link for Sierra is not valid
Comment from : Shurshe

Rafael Saviolo Moreira
That's great tip. I did all as mentioned but the GPU number didn't change. Do you have any idea of what could gone wrong? Thanks!
Comment from : Rafael Saviolo Moreira

Eleazar Herevia
I have an early 2011 Macbook Pro and im upgrading the ram to 16 gigs. which one should i use since im going to have more than 8 gigs?
Comment from : Eleazar Herevia

Hi, I have a 17 inch 2010 Mac Book Pro with the Nvidia GT330 and Intel 288 - how do I increase the performance with this ?
Comment from : Roman

i have a MBP late 2011 i5 intelHD 3000 512mb 10GB ram, if i do this, will it make my mac openCL?
i need to instal color finale..
nice advice btw! :D

Comment from : SALD

How do I reverse 2048 to 513
Comment from : GuidingReality

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