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Information CHEAPEST VIDEO CAMERA Review on Amazon

Title :  CHEAPEST VIDEO CAMERA Review on Amazon
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Description CHEAPEST VIDEO CAMERA Review on Amazon

Comments CHEAPEST VIDEO CAMERA Review on Amazon

Don Richardson
😂😂😂 totally shattered from a drop and still works. Maybe worth $1 dollar if you want a vintage footage look
Comment from : Don Richardson

Jon Hopwood
The talking head is too irritating to watch.
Comment from : Jon Hopwood

Jon Hopwood
Migod -- this is the most irritating talking head on the Internet -- EVER!
Comment from : Jon Hopwood

MudFlood Warrior2020
I am thinking of becoming an amateur film maker and have everything in place including a budget of around £2 million...Would you recommend this camera for my project??? I need several cameras for the various scenes, so I was thinking, I could by 3 of these beauties for around £90...15 frames per second in full HD sounds absolutely stunning and I was impressed with the fact the camera can work underwater...This will come in handy for the shark scenes in my film...Do you think I could get a full days shooting if I use Duracell AA's instead of the shit they give you with the camera??? It seems a shame that the packaging was so poor for a high quality camera like the Vivitar Handycam...I am sure you would agree, that a class camera like that, ought to come in a more upmarket box and not a plastic bag...I also thought that rather than pay the actors and camera operators for their time in making my film, I could purchase a job lot of these for a knockdown price and present each actor with a Vivitar Handycam, instead of money...These things obviously keep their value and I am sure they will be delighted...Great review of a great little camera...Thanks...
Comment from : MudFlood Warrior2020

I agree with the test but honestly? Who drops something from 6 m? I would like to see the red C dropped from 6 m... won’t be working either lol but hey ho... same with the underwater test, also the red C will die without a housing ;)
Comment from : sc29607

Ángel Medrano Vlogs
It looks like a cheap
drone camara

Comment from : Ángel Medrano Vlogs

Tim Tech Show
next episode, Drop test a red camera at 6 m ..
Comment from : Tim Tech Show

Wyatt’s Adventures
Cinecom.net is the BEST! Hi my name is Wyatt and I just started my YouTube channel and I hate to say this but if you could go subscribe to me you would make my day thank. Also subscribe to cinecom.com
Comment from : Wyatt’s Adventures

The sun is literally black lol
Comment from : AppleSheep603

Janet Nats
You're funny
Comment from : Janet Nats

Léo Rapp
Definitely need this camera to make a old punk/grunge clip
Comment from : Léo Rapp

Lue Keyboard Warrior 911 News
Lol mine is going back I cant even get the soft wear.
Comment from : Lue Keyboard Warrior 911 News

Casey Kelso
@1:14 your reading skills are about as good as My Editing skills....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌🍸🍻🚬
Comment from : Casey Kelso

I destroyed one of these cameras by throwing it
Comment from : Dominic

Aheroy Aheroyal Productions
Haha,Jordy Van de Pot Gerukt = Dutch> means Grazy ,
Or in de Put zitten, = Dutch > means you are feeling Miserable

Comment from : Aheroy Aheroyal Productions

game movie
Comment from : game movie

That's a mix of sony and vivitar
Comment from : ITAC85

I got that camera for Christmas like 5 years ago
Comment from : fakename616

Cerebral Cortex CEH
You look as stoned as I feel
Comment from : Cerebral Cortex CEH

Abhilak Kushwah
Comment from : Abhilak Kushwah

What the fuck is the point of this review? For $30 you should be glad the camera works and can do all the things it claims to do. The water proof test is so fucking meaningless, for $30 do you expect it to swim and dive as well FFS?
Comment from : TheTraveler

tend gotta circus
Can you send mee
Comment from : tend gotta circus

tend gotta circus
I want the your damaged camera
Comment from : tend gotta circus

Where can I buy here in philippines
Comment from : BERLIT NTV

How much in Philippines?
Comment from : BERLIT NTV

Everything is Sacred
if it started working again, does that mean it's water proof?
Comment from : Everything is Sacred

John Masud Parvez
what is the camera are you using for shooting this video?
Comment from : John Masud Parvez

Odis Clemons
The camera is videoproof.
Comment from : Odis Clemons

this guy is an idiot .....
Comment from : you166mhz

Luis Cypher
Vivitar = nah nah
Comment from : Luis Cypher

Thankyou for review
Comment from : LUDHIANA CHAR SAMACHAR Ravi journalist

I would not call it a super bad camera for its price
Comment from : TheNyte

Switch Stop
Comment from : Switch Stop

leepinlepin wingadingdong
4:16 dash cam start up sound
This is a handheld dash cam.

Comment from : leepinlepin wingadingdong

alt coin
Wow $65 for import fees?! It must suck living in a communist country!
Comment from : alt coin

Low Dough Tech
Zombie camera refuses to die, haha.
Comment from : Low Dough Tech

john halamka
I bought 2 more cheap camcorders - 8.88 $ used - 11 $ with a cd - have a bid 6 $ (with postage) - a lot of neighborhoods are just not going to produce anything at all - not computer camera kits. just crappy microsoft programs in san jose ca
Comment from : john halamka

john halamka
i paid 15 $ - picture looks good on the small screen. i have trouble with the micro controller - seems to malfunction or have a game maze - I dislike microsoft. there is no " Atari , Texas Instruments , Sinclair , IBm , Commodore " Microsoft is way too heavy for me.
Comment from : john halamka

Efrén Flores
Can you review the Dji Osmo Pocket?
Comment from : Efrén Flores

Lefonki Studios
For 30 bucks i think it looks pretty okay. It has a lot of functions and is super cute 😂I wouldn't buy it because there are other things for that prize i like more, but it's a "good" buy if you don't have much money and really like to make video's. And those reviews: what do you expect for 30 bucks? Cinema-quality? yeah, didn't think so. Well, that's my opinion, have a nice day!
Comment from : Lefonki Studios

Cool Gadgets
Visit my channel and check out the best 3 mini cameras on amazon under 30$
Comment from : Cool Gadgets

i like the vid
Comment from : MASTERNATHAN28

Hackuna MyTatas
What kind of cringe is this guy
Comment from : Hackuna MyTatas

Messy Frenzy
I have that camera and I don’t know how to work it...
Comment from : Messy Frenzy

natural beauty
Haha I'm still not gonna buy this
Comment from : natural beauty

Supratim Das
Just increase 30$ in your budget when buying phone. 😅😅😅
Comment from : Supratim Das

Zelig Lim
What budget video camera do you suggest to buy?
Comment from : Zelig Lim

Antonio Solis
I think is for kids.
Comment from : Antonio Solis

Neno Tech
you know what - this camera is perfect when you need to shot (old 1980s scary novel mode) - new high cameras cannot do this mode in that same feelings.
Comment from : Neno Tech

Comment from : fORTNITE sUCKS

3:43 lol...
Comment from : RadioactvAmbr

U look lie.....actually u not like that..right?
Comment from : QAYYZ Meow

Hardjam GT
Just use a phone lol jk ty for quality vids haha
Comment from : Hardjam GT

Duper Sub
who think this is😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Duper Sub

Pep Plays
4:45 = OMG YESSSS -
4:47 = oh.

Comment from : Pep Plays

Как снимать видео
Hey, camera still want to work! You tried to kill her a few times, but thats high quality handycam still works )
Comment from : Как снимать видео

Jose Lopez
I got a Tentax k1000 for 30 dollars with 50mm lenses.
Comment from : Jose Lopez

TG Snoopy Pro
Well guess what I have a camera that was with me since I was born (no joke my cousins used it) and I bet mine cost around 10 dollars for it's quality :D
Edit: gosh that's tiny, I now thing differently :/

Comment from : TG Snoopy Pro

Dieguiller Black
The sun is black 6:09
Comment from : Dieguiller Black

Anita M
Data is a phone
Comment from : Anita M

I have one of these, and it sucks because the battery dies in 30 SECONDS!
Comment from : Elmerbaby

This was a pretty annoying video to watch.

To be able to capture things like full-hd was something no mere consumer could imagine just a decade ago. Now this kind of tech, however raw, is available for less than a week's worth of coffee, and rather than marveling at the all you can get for that amount, you just abuse it.
When I was kid I would've killed for ANY kind of video camera--there were a couple of times I rented one for $50/day.
I bought my first digital camera 11-years ago for $50. It was a lot like that $30 one, except it only shot 640 x 480 at 16-fps. I edited the footage I shot on a 1-g.b. laptop using $50 consumer NLE. A couple of years later was hired to work in TV--though I had no college or other conventional training in the related fields. Won some awards, made 'enough' money to invest in real estate, and then moved on to more-lucrative video work.
I'm not bragging of my 'success', here; I'm just keeping in mind everything I can attribute to some crappy little camera I was happy to own and use, while watching some dude go, Damn, this camera that I bought for almost nothing sure is shitty. Aren't I witty pointing that out?"

Comment from : BOBMAN1980

wait why didn't you record the camera droppings from its pov wtf man
Comment from : typoded

geoff swan
around 0:25 look at it frame by frame, there's some weired artifacting
Comment from : geoff swan

Fred Spencer
You forgot to test the microphone.
Comment from : Fred Spencer

The guy belongs in a straitjacket...
Comment from : SB C

Gamer With A Gun
Fuck that camera
Comment from : Gamer With A Gun

Richard Graham
Do people like this really exist?
Comment from : Richard Graham

Stefan Reich
It's a camera review and you showed almost no footage from the actual camera?
Comment from : Stefan Reich

Joseph Wilson
Sure glad I didn't buy this one! lol.. You are funny!
Comment from : Joseph Wilson

Derek Williams
So what happens if you drop your Red in a lake, or drop it from 6 meters?
Comment from : Derek Williams

Miłosz Pawlak
For a second I thought Jordy was going to throw the RED Camera instead of putting it down XD
Comment from : Miłosz Pawlak

every 200€ smartphone is ok for simple podcasts etc
Comment from : NordiLand

Hiro Yashi
0:25 Like if you noticed the glitch
Comment from : Hiro Yashi

It's probably an M12 mount, you can unscrew the mount to install some decent C or CS mount lenses
Comment from : dallatorretdu

Masticina Akicta
Ah yes, put a webcam sized and quality tiny sensor beyond a piece of plastic, not glass, and do everything in software...badly.
That is Vivitar!
There is a reason even half decent ones still cost over 100 euro/dollars. You just can't make those things too cheap.

Comment from : Masticina Akicta

Julien Araiza
It’s always nice to see a creator successful enough to be able to just throw their electronics around like they cost nothing.
Comment from : Julien Araiza

Tech TRX
Dad cam more like.
Cheap tho. So all g

Comment from : Tech TRX

Idiot = red teeshirt!
Comment from : tekarts

Dave Cruickshank
Ok... But can you color grade the footage? Does it have a log profile?

Every professional knows... You can ALWAYS fix bad video in post.

Comment from : Dave Cruickshank

Jaya Kumar V
should be named as ufo camera
Comment from : Jaya Kumar V

Okay, so what other cameras at that price point are better?

Seems like something for $35 would be great to give a small child who has an interest in videography. If they break it, so what.

Comment from : StringerNews1

Kakureru D
time to drop and water test the red camera. this video implies that it should be indestructable due to its expense and picture quality.. ; )
Comment from : Kakureru D

Joojoo jeejee
This video is totally pointless and not even funny... The reviewed camera model is ancient and you should've picked something more modern in similar price point.

You can get pretty decent quality from a $30 dashcam at least (Xiaomi 70 Mai).

Comment from : Joojoo jeejee

MGTV Deutschland
Da macht ja mein 4 Jahre altes Handy bessere Video...
Comment from : MGTV Deutschland

zx spectrum
What is the point of this video?
Comment from : zx spectrum

Use your phone's camera bois,
Comment from : Raghib

Alexander Chavez-villa
Uh hu not out of ideas hu
Comment from : Alexander Chavez-villa

Brix Trix
lern inglish
Comment from : Brix Trix

You think that one is bad!? Somebody gave me the generic version. It was so cheap and poorly made I tossed it in the trash. Nobody deserves quality that hideous.
Comment from : ldchappell1

Tech Land
That is not 1080p that is 480p at best
Comment from : Tech Land

Apple Juice-YT
Comment from : Apple Juice-YT

Alex Muller
How to make a video about a guy who got obviously too much money throw a camera on ground and soak it in water... spent 70 usd when you could have used that money buy hot meals to poors....
Comment from : Alex Muller

Better film with your smartphone...
Comment from : fuba

Anton Sundh
did it survive
Comment from : Anton Sundh

Jorge Manrriquez
Anyone else notice the sun was black on that camera? Anyone know why?
Comment from : Jorge Manrriquez

Nithin Sajjad
Bro you are trying too hard
Comment from : Nithin Sajjad

I have you beat. Got an $8 One that actually has a pretty decent picture. I managed to get some good shots of my dogs.
Comment from : darkthoughtsonpapertofilm

matthew s
--- you could have been cleaver, imaginative... creative, but no,, we got an idiot,,, easy to be an idiot.
if it has an SD slot,, combined with one of the 25 million Chromebooks used in USA schools
either running WeVideo cloud editor www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT4SMbA797o&feature=youtu.be
or Android www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP4sks2vdjI&feature=youtu.be

Comment from : matthew s

matthew s
its so easy to mock and play the fool
Comment from : matthew s

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