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Pacific Rim | Gameplay Part 1 | KAIJU FIGHTING

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Information Pacific Rim | Gameplay Part 1 | KAIJU FIGHTING

Title :  Pacific Rim | Gameplay Part 1 | KAIJU FIGHTING
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Frames Pacific Rim | Gameplay Part 1 | KAIJU FIGHTING

Description Pacific Rim | Gameplay Part 1 | KAIJU FIGHTING

Comments Pacific Rim | Gameplay Part 1 | KAIJU FIGHTING

Little koji 9000
Comment from : Little koji 9000

soonsoon Soon
Hi that monster head is Goblin shark
Comment from : soonsoon Soon

John Lotz
Fuck you pease of shit
Comment from : John Lotz

Samuel Gomes
Hi a have a question for you, how did you get this game?
Comment from : Samuel Gomes

LAD Teknologies
My life is pretty much complete with a game series from these movies! Hahahaha...
Comment from : LAD Teknologies

Isaac barker
It’s a three man rig
Comment from : Isaac barker

Isaac barker
You killed three people when you battled crimson tyfoon
Comment from : Isaac barker

Arbaaz Patwari
This should be on steam!
Comment from : Arbaaz Patwari

the gaming t rex
are you beaver fen
Comment from : the gaming t rex

Is it for pc or ps?
Comment from : MegaWolfi

HeavyMetalFists 2018
Can anyone tell me how to get this game on ps3?
Comment from : HeavyMetalFists 2018

donut man
Comment from : donut man

D Money
Never knew there was even a game for this movie !!! I’m late AFF
Comment from : D Money

springtrap reacts
This is how many times he said cheeky son of a bitch

7 times

Comment from : springtrap reacts

springtrap reacts
Get the coyote tango and molotov kaiju dlc plz
Comment from : springtrap reacts

Zachary Fisher
Where did u get this game I was never able to find jt
Comment from : Zachary Fisher

Neon Shark69
I really want this game but cant find it anywhere on online stores :(
Comment from : Neon Shark69

Romel Roussel Cepeda
:-) :-)
Comment from : Romel Roussel Cepeda

Miguel Nava
I’m also a big fan of pacific rim
Comment from : Miguel Nava

Nick Watts
Get otachi, scunner or raiju cuz their cool
Comment from : Nick Watts

Mark Turnbull
This game sucks!!! So bad!! But I do love both movies
Comment from : Mark Turnbull

Neon Shark69
Anyone know wherr i can buy a copy of this game ? (Ps3)

Im having trouble finding it

Comment from : Neon Shark69

Zacimus Prime
It’s good the transformers franchise has a game just like it should and it’s good Pacific rim has a game just like it should👍🏻
Comment from : Zacimus Prime

Norma Cespedes
Pacific rim the game
Comment from : Norma Cespedes

Dalton Smith
Can we get this version of this game but in the Monsterverse with godzilla, kong, and others, but needs better use the buttons thou.
Comment from : Dalton Smith

Jenny Campos
Striker Eureka
Comment from : Jenny Campos

Super Sam !
This is exactly the same as the real steel game at least the whole lay out of the game is kind of obvious as it was the same company
Comment from : Super Sam !

Trevor roux The chill boy
Old but still good.
Comment from : Trevor roux The chill boy

The Stupendolus Skitter
I miss this game.
Comment from : The Stupendolus Skitter

Tyrone Golden
Pacific rim is my favorite movie
Comment from : Tyrone Golden

piLeofcheEriOs 99
can someone give me (gameshare) this game?
Comment from : piLeofcheEriOs 99

Alex Vargas
Imagine the game on next gen console
Comment from : Alex Vargas

Agaton Areng
I live in sweden and my favo jaeger is tthat russian one.
Comment from : Agaton Areng

Elder Dragon Hunter
How do you get this game?
Comment from : Elder Dragon Hunter

roigo xd
They should make a remake for ps4 with more Kaijus and Jaegars
Comment from : roigo xd

kuroko drinking soda
i used to own this
Comment from : kuroko drinking soda

Robert Howe
Never understood how this game received low scores, as everything looks alright for a game from 2013. Wish they'd make a spiritual successor to it at least though, considering it's no longer available anymore.
Comment from : Robert Howe

Mukami Makau
Where can I get this game
Comment from : Mukami Makau

Leigh Plays
Everytme you say jaeger I keep haing flashbacks from attack on titan's season 1 opening
Comment from : Leigh Plays

They should also put kajus in their too. Plus have more new different type jaegers. Even weaponry for jaegers and also power boots. Everything else from the old should better campaign,online and local 2 player game,events, and other things that should be put in the game

I think their would be 2 games pacific rim plus names of new and old jeager parts would be helpful

Vinod Ratnaparkhi
Please bro my is AYUSH pcfic rim open please
Comment from : Vinod Ratnaparkhi

Plus a custom jaeger hanger and hangers for your jaeger

And also it could have pvp,events,seasons, and new jaegers in the game

Man I wish that Pacific rim could be a xbox one video game with all jaegers from Pacific rim and Pacific rim uprising

Just joshing around Yay
I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this movie and games to
Comment from : Just joshing around Yay

Houtarou Oreki
Comment from : Houtarou Oreki

Riniyaa Ryland
dosent cherno alpha look like a frog
Comment from : Riniyaa Ryland

samantha Barth
When I watched this video I watched the first movie
Comment from : samantha Barth

Kill3r R3bbit
Raiju plsssss
Comment from : Kill3r R3bbit

Charles Diaz
I love love p rim
Comment from : Charles Diaz

Rozely Lindim
Graphics are teribly awful
Comment from : Rozely Lindim

Tem um Br nessa porra
Comment from : SNIPER_BR 5555

Dam i love this game so bad but is not in ps3 i didnt have a chance to buy Axehead and Blade head
Comment from : Mykeylizardman

Isaac Mata
Buy otachi!
Comment from : Isaac Mata

Isaac Mata
Comment from : Isaac Mata

ťemp ťáťion
You sound like stitch
Comment from : ťemp ťáťion

Samuel Whittaker
Say I if you like Pacific rim I woohoo I love it I always play it at school and home
Comment from : Samuel Whittaker

GH0ST508 The new me
This game looks like it came out in 2006
Comment from : GH0ST508 The new me

Lynette Divinagracia
There are two gipsys. Gipsy danger and Gipsy avenger.
Comment from : Lynette Divinagracia

Mandalorian 2302
I like the way he said Cherno alpha looks very fallout when the jeager was based on a Russian nuclear bunker
Comment from : Mandalorian 2302

Alicia Miller
Comment from : Alicia Miller

Seth Alex Sincero
have that. game
Comment from : Seth Alex Sincero

Sars2010 studio HD
Des look like godzila Ps4
Comment from : Sars2010 studio HD

This game doesn’t look that good it feels like a mobile game
Comment from : Nathan

Robert Rose
Is it me or does it seem like this game is a little underdeveloped
Comment from : Robert Rose

Atomic crawl
I play this game in a tablet
Comment from : Atomic crawl

Alex Kerins
2019 anyone
Comment from : Alex Kerins

Comment from : ArsenalDesign

Divine Uchiha
I love Pacific rim 1 & 2 because I’m watching this in 2018😂

Btw my favourite is cherno alpha because he’s badass and he’s Russian😁

Comment from : Divine Uchiha

Xxxtententacles juice
Do u have to pay for the full trial bc I want to have more characters and maps.
Comment from : Xxxtententacles juice

watch pacific rim aginnnnnnnnnnnnn
Comment from : NuggetsFTW

End Me
I have both movies
Comment from : End Me

This game is on Xbox 360 for everyone who wants to know
Comment from : Beanos

Xenomorph Soldier
Can you still buy this game? In Xbox one? Or nuh?
Comment from : Xenomorph Soldier

Pattira Jobong
Comment from : Pattira Jobong

Bloody Chef
Why do you love saying the son of a bitch?
Comment from : Bloody Chef

Mobileone Nim
Comment from : Mobileone Nim

Tristian Lynch
This in vr. so would buy it
Comment from : Tristian Lynch

Tbh I thought it was titanfall2
Comment from : YuBie

I never saw this before
Comment from : LOUIS KEEPER

Jolanta Lebuda
lol im watching pacific rim right nów xd
Comment from : Jolanta Lebuda

Otachi the best
Comment from : Groovy

Lol I’m watching in 2018
Comment from : Groovy

Elizabeth Boston
Can I please have a visit with him I love the rainbow South CarolinaI love you refill so clearly one tomorrow
Comment from : Elizabeth Boston

Louise Stainer
2018 anybody
Comment from : Louise Stainer

Adolf Hitler
Dat game looks shit
Comment from : Adolf Hitler

everyone sadly the game got removed from the two online stores it was sold at. I learned that quite recently
Comment from : idiot

Atomic crawl
Comment from : Atomic crawl

warhawk21joec yt
That last sentance (we wont stop until all the kaiju are defeated) sound like someone i know...(I WONT STOP UNTIL ALL THE TITANS ARE DEAD!)-ATTACK ON TITAN EREN JAEGER
Comment from : warhawk21joec yt

cha cha real smooth
Comment from : cha cha real smooth

Lenie Kotze
pacific rim 1,2
the bad part is if this be come a anime cartoon
thy use the people that made spectacular spiderman or ben10 omniverse
so if someone lessens this show need to the hi,st best anime studio

l like robotech and more so i say hander gold anime studio

Comment from : Lenie Kotze

Mahmoud El-Ziftawi
You can’t play this anymore
Comment from : Mahmoud El-Ziftawi

Mahmoud El-Ziftawi
GUYS this was made like in 1903
Comment from : Mahmoud El-Ziftawi

Jajajakaj xDxDxD

Comment from : ALDO CALDERA

Arkham_ saiyan
You can't even buy this anymore..
Comment from : Arkham_ saiyan

Pacífica rim is cool
Comment from : Amaury

S̶k̶y̶ 1O1
I wish this will be free anytime soon and make a the pacific rim 2 game and make that be pay and the 1 will be free i hope
Comment from : S̶k̶y̶ 1O1

Константин Пашков
Comment from : Константин Пашков

Hunter Rosecrants
Is it on ps3
Comment from : Hunter Rosecrants

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