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Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — 6 Budget Camera Reviews

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Information Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — 6 Budget Camera Reviews

Title :  Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — 6 Budget Camera Reviews
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Frames Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — 6 Budget Camera Reviews

Description Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — 6 Budget Camera Reviews

Comments Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — 6 Budget Camera Reviews

Think Media
⚡ QOTD: What camera are you shooting with right now? Let me know! 👇👇👇 Watch other videos in our budget YouTube equipment series here ➡️ bit.ly/BestBudgetGear
Comment from : Think Media

Really helpful. I really liked how you tested them out. I subscribed. Thank you!
Comment from : SK8 METRO

The first one is the camera CamGirls use.
Comment from : Galileo

Yosgart Vazquez Estrada
At number 2 we have a 1000 dollar cannon 80d. Now its super cheap and yeah ummm yeah
3 minutes later
Umm yeah um yeah

Comment from : Yosgart Vazquez Estrada

Michael O’Grady & The Creatives
For the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS how long can it film for?
Comment from : Michael O’Grady & The Creatives

Ask Your Computer Guy
Great video, thank you! Reminded me that I have an "old" Sony Handycam that does amazing 1080p with the right lighting, huge SD capacity, mic input and more. I've taken amazing footage with it over the years, and I almost forgot that I even have a tripod and extended battery for it haha - loved the comparison video with examples. Given my niche (computers), your video also gave me some great future video ideas! Thanks, Sean!!!
Comment from : Ask Your Computer Guy

Mimi Beloved
Man, these are not cheap at all!
Comment from : Mimi Beloved

Which camera is the best for “sit-down-type” car comparison videos (for the best performance and price)?
Comment from : Autocrave

With the GoPro ur door looks like every Instagram photo
Comment from : GAMERBOI 10

Andrea and Zoe
Im subscribing to anyone whos subscribes to me
Comment from : Andrea and Zoe


Comment from : JERRYR708

I make puppet videos
Comment from : itschrisbro

Janice Whitlock
Are these reviews still valid for today? I'm trying to make vlogs of tutorials for making jewelry. Can you review budget video cameras that deal with up close and intricate work as well as filming top-down. I have a hard time with staying in focus with my smart phone. Thank you.
Comment from : Janice Whitlock

A web cam like really buddy
Comment from : cjthebomb551

The Bee boy moster
Am yousing canon
Comment from : The Bee boy moster

If you think $650 is alot of money youre probably a kid.
Comment from : Woke

Trim Queen
sure 700 is cheap
Comment from : Trim Queen

bro i need to do public prank videos bro can you reccomend a camera
Comment from : Ateeq_05_

Руслан Ен
Кто по-русски понимает Кто из России Ставьте лайк на Мой комментарий урааа👋🙂
Comment from : Руслан Ен

Passion Dipbox
Got a great new mint matte black...elph 300 hs after u suggested Bro....For 70 $ ..Wow iam. Acquiring GAS ...Syndrome ...But for good
Comment from : Passion Dipbox

Nur Ulfah
Thanks bro the info! Im planning to do unboxing haul video. My question, is Logitech HD pro webcam camera can use for this type of video? Can we connect BOYA shotgun microphone with it?
Comment from : Nur Ulfah

Stephanie Bavin
With the compact camera, how can you get good audio with that camera. Can you connect external mics
Comment from : Stephanie Bavin

6:50 Lol what is this
Comment from : TheOneGoodThing


Hype Crazy
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Comment from : Hype Crazy

Comment from : M4SS1M

Jony ck
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Comment from : Jony ck

Sri Arjun
Now its your turn buddy OR REALSUBS.BEST
Comment from : Sri Arjun

Amba Sound Service
For faster growth if you're a small youtuber: REALSUBS.BEST
Comment from : Amba Sound Service

get in early on the trend they said but who knew GROWMYLIKES .C O M would change my life
Comment from : 3D MUSICN1

Thế Hải Bùi
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Comment from : Thế Hải Bùi

One Man's Voice
Wanna be in trending #10? REALSUBS.BEST
Comment from : One Man's Voice

AJ Faith & Fitness
Awesome video!! Love the comparisons between all of the options you provided!
Comment from : AJ Faith & Fitness

I firstly I want to know what camera you initially used for for that video.
2ndly I make content short film content similar to YouTubers like king back, lele pons etc so i want to know which cheap quality camera are best for that.

Comment from : DomingosTV

Jayden Guo
The camera are so so cheap
Comment from : Jayden Guo

excelente, muchas gracias,, cheers,,
Comment from : LA MOCHILA DE JADER

Aylieh Xaveriss
Are these camera’s compatible with Mac computer’s ?
Comment from : Aylieh Xaveriss

I would like to buy a good camara to fo live streaming Dance Classes.
Comment from : IsisDanceau

why does the footage of the hero 2 better than my hero 3
Comment from : L3NN0X

You are nuts. A $700 camera is not cheap for some people. You are misleading your subscribers.
Comment from : teizen2

Dhansi Foods
Thank You for give this information it will help me for my channel.
Comment from : Dhansi Foods

Comment from : MAYSTRO

Ankit vlog
Comment from : Ankit vlog

Rexx Boy
Anyone reading this, have a great day + REALSUBS.BEST for Youtube Success.
Comment from : Rexx Boy

Tony R
I want to do sports, skits, and gaming channel
Comment from : Tony R

Danny Abreu
What's the best one for a beginner single person podcast?
Comment from : Danny Abreu

Devin Romesburg
thanks in starting youtube I just can't afford it right now
Comment from : Devin Romesburg

The Baseball Boys
I’m a gaming guy what’s the best gaming camera that’s cheap
Comment from : The Baseball Boys

As a new you tuber need one SD tf better than 8mp

juan carlos guerrerosantos
Great advice, thanks!
Comment from : juan carlos guerrerosantos

My Raw Vegan Journey
Love this video and the info. I think I agree with Linda, price budget for most is definitely under $200. But I love how you showed how they all worked and function. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : My Raw Vegan Journey

What camera did you use to make this video?
Comment from : OUTSPOKEN -

Luis Lizardos
one of the cheapest caras i think to make youtube videos are the canon EOS 2000D with all the stuff, just click on the link amzn.to/2SdDB4f
Comment from : Luis Lizardos

Phillip Thompson
I just basically want to produce gospel teaching videos
Comment from : Phillip Thompson

Angel heaven
your so good looking
Comment from : Angel heaven

Jack Valenzuela
Canon Vixia in my opinion is the best camera especially for an amateur YouTuber budget. It has the best microphone which is surprising especially for a built in mic because usually mics in cameras not the best and that is why you need a Rode mic or something for it. Canon Vixia Mic is pretty good range that maybe you don’t need a RODE mic in my opinion.
Comment from : Jack Valenzuela

Ben Lee*
Does the M50 automatically shutoff after thirty minutes? From what I've seen the answer is yes. What do you say?
Comment from : Ben Lee*

Jim kasa
Comment from : Jim kasa

ada santi
Why pay more when you can pay less? Here is a great camera set for a great price: rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5575583386&toolid=10001&campid=5338676841&customid=&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FCanon-EOS-4000D-Rebel-T100-18MP-Digital-SLR-Camera-18-55mm-Lens-Premium-Kit-%2F192840020769
Comment from : ada santi

Kenny the Clown
Good stuff.
Comment from : Kenny the Clown

Richard Waters
So, I know it is a little old, but I am considering using a Sony FDR-X3000 for vlogging and the home studio... what do you think about this is Sony powerhouse?
Comment from : Richard Waters

Unique Pet lover
This is the best advertisement ever
Comment from : Unique Pet lover

Justin Gueco
Too bad i can only afford 20$ (theres plenty of grains in it)
Comment from : Justin Gueco

Maureen McCarthy
Thank you so much I wanna start a YouTube channel and you really helped ❤️
Comment from : Maureen McCarthy

$650... that really screams "budget" doesn't it...
Comment from : Crusader

U r the best boomer
Comment from : CookieS WITH MILK GAMING

Neelesh Chatterjee
How to connect canon ixus 190 to the obs studio ?
Comment from : Neelesh Chatterjee

I use GoPro hero 7
Comment from : SuperMarioDylan

Honest Philip Palph
I pad iPhones can work great if you have one
Comment from : Honest Philip Palph

radhe sharma
Best camera for lecture recording on white board plz rply
Comment from : radhe sharma

Jiboner roshayon
subscribe me.. i will subscribe u... bt after u subscribe dnt unsubscribe later thnks.💙
Comment from : Jiboner roshayon

Merlina Rodas
I noticed that the Panasonic g7 is kind of a yellow-ish, warmer tint to it than the Canon does, would a cooler light change that or does it record that way in most lightings?
Comment from : Merlina Rodas

zach clem
If you get a Used Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 it around $300 and shoots at 1080p 30fps with the power of DSLR
Comment from : zach clem

I don’t think u know the definition of a budget man
Comment from : CreeperPeeperBeeper

Ben Ali chante
Song covers
Comment from : Ben Ali chante

Ci Beauty
Great video thanks!
Comment from : Ci Beauty

Anybody know any good set ups for overhead shots using GoPro 5 session?
Comment from : BorrowedNBettered

Oz Vlogs
Wtf He’s said you can the the first webcam in this video “For under 65 dollar” I went to the link and it says you can get it “used for like 300 dollars lol
Comment from : Oz Vlogs

Branding the Beat
I went to check out the C920 Webcam and its going for almost $300 not $70... hmmm
Comment from : Branding the Beat

RJ presents
Love it ❤️
Comment from : RJ presents

awesome eyes
Comment from : B1rdater

Eunice Torrecampo
hello, i wanted to create a youtube channel. what affordable yet good quality video camera you can recommend. my channel will be about home cooking. thank you
Comment from : Eunice Torrecampo

kendra payne
I want to start documenting and sharing me creating art. Also my young daughter wants to make YouTube videos of her toys or games. She is 5 and really loves YouTube so I think it would be a fun hobby for her to start learning how to make videos so that some day maybe in a few or couple years she could have a YouTube channel
Comment from : kendra payne

Max G
yo thanks
Comment from : Max G

Gayle Carter
I m looking to shoot my yoga videos ,something that can pick up my voice and pan in and out.Also the echo or hollow voice sound I really want to avoid and I dont want to look like I live in a fish bowl.
Comment from : Gayle Carter

Answer of the day: Gaming maybe vloging
Comment from : Cardfanj

Martial Thoughts
For beginners, that first camera seemed about the same quality as my [microsoft LifeCam 3000] which was about $20 with postage (they're around $45 brand new). Basic but can't complain for the price! You can see the quality for yourself in my videos. Next I'll be making some DIY studio lights and sorting the background blur so bare that in mind if you view a current video. Hope it helps!
Comment from : Martial Thoughts

Albert and Cynthia
Awesome video! Thanks!
Comment from : Albert and Cynthia

Stan Slaughter
I want to produce live Zoom "assembly" programs for schools. I play guitar, show powerpoints and take questions. I have an older canon Powershot that would need a screw-in wide angle add on lens. I also have a Sony powered stereo Mike which I used for years with Minidisk recorders. It's a ECM-MS907. It has a wide angle and a shotgun setting. I'll be standing throughout. The need for virtual content for schools is pushing me into a rapid development period. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
Comment from : Stan Slaughter

wilfor portales
has anybody used canon vixia hf r800?
Comment from : wilfor portales

I got the weton camcorder for 75
Comment from : Theunpopularmom

Brenda Weaver
Well, this needs an update! lol I just checked Amazon for the Logitech C920 and I can get it used for $280. No longer $65.
Comment from : Brenda Weaver

Lil Cari
The beep in the bck round is annoying
Comment from : Lil Cari

Axxel Defy
Old Sony camra
Comment from : Axxel Defy

What you failed to mention in your video is: Are these camera able to Live Stream?
Comment from : P.J

Jyju's Home Videos
Hi Buddy, I am using my GoPro Hero 7 Black and my Pixel 2 Mobile phone for my Videos. I am looking for some thing better, that can zoom and follow the subject. What do you think of my Nikon D5100 for making videos ? Please let me Know.
Comment from : Jyju's Home Videos

Abir Hossaim
I have canon EOS 7D. How it sounds for a beginner? Lens 10-18mm
Comment from : Abir Hossaim

This is agood
Comment from : MOHAMED ABDI 42

Aaron Aatlas
I just started my channel and posted my first video. Can you guys tell me what you think

Comment from : Aaron Aatlas

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