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DSLR Video Shooter
See how I built my Pocket 4K rig here! youtu.be/hCNv3NuGj8k
My BMPCC 4K Video Guide: academy.dslrvideoshooter.com/courses/blackmagic-pocket-4k-video-guide

Comment from : DSLR Video Shooter

Tayst the Notes
What would you recommend, as a sole YouTube creator who has the BM ATEM mini pro switcher? Since only the BM line of cameras can take advantage of the built-in camera control (via HDMI) + on-the-fly DaVinci color grading, did you ever make a video using those hybrid mirrorless cameras? I need 3 of them and want a consistent look for streaming 1080p. I have to have excellent focus (I talk to audience as well as cut to me playing instruments), some bokeh and near-cinema look and feel in the production. Budget $5k Thank you for your channel!
Comment from : Tayst the Notes

Snoop Dawg
Jus got this. thanks for the info... this camera is dope....
Comment from : Snoop Dawg

Lawrence p
Do you still think the same after one year?
Comment from : Lawrence p

yeet _skeet
Could I film like a real motion picture film with this camera you think ? I’m a starter filmmaker
Comment from : yeet _skeet

koko chame
So what u guys advice... Sony a7iii or this? For filming only inside B-roll
Comment from : koko chame

Emmanuel Ncube
Thank you
Comment from : Emmanuel Ncube

Johnny Ray
I wanna see the custom rig setup to power everything with just one battery!!!! :D
Comment from : Johnny Ray

Doda Garcia
Can I use my Canon EOS M50 lenses with it?
Comment from : Doda Garcia

Think Morgan Media
Can you use a Nikon lense
Comment from : Think Morgan Media

Dylan Ginther
So fucking shitty tht its mft mount
Comment from : Dylan Ginther

This camera does this camera offers this camera bla bla..... This camera has bad autofocus that's it ⬇️🎤
Comment from : HHTV3

Hello can you please send me the link of the hdmi cable u use for the monitor and the bmpcc4k
Comment from : GMG PRODUKTION

Magic Film
Why not put the links for the set up of this camera? It looks amazing
Comment from : Magic Film

caleb you should do a bm4k vs a gh5s
Comment from : A1Bokeh

Y Butt
Can you tell us what lense you are using
Comment from : Y Butt

Jeremy H.
This camera is way beyond my skill set, but just right for my budget. I haven't heard any terrible reviews about it.
Comment from : Jeremy H.

Paule Porter
Hi Caleb 🖐🏻 is in the guide the IR pollution problem included and how to fix it?
Comment from : Paule Porter

Bala Yoga
I’d like to use this over a GH4 or GH5 for simple yoga video live streaming and also recorded videos. Would this camera be a good fit?
Comment from : Bala Yoga

Jordi Presa
craziest video on the game
Comment from : Jordi Presa

Farid Damasio
Do you think a Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k is still worth using? I'm a narrative film director, so I'm not as physically hands on, but I do want to improve in my craft. I've seen several Arri users say it's like an Arri mini, and that the censor of the BMCC is different and superior to the newer models, creating a more filmic look which can be better brought out through the CinemaDNG format of the RAW mode. Would you agree? Or is something like the BMCC 4k, or even a GH5s better for low budget, "practice" shorts?
Comment from : Farid Damasio

Cinema for the poor

Hey, there. I made a little five minute film with the BMPCC4K and the MEIKE 25mm T2.2 Cinema Lens the other day. It would mean a lot to me if you would tell me your opinion on it, so leave a comment with your thougts. It would literally mean the world to me!

Thank you in advance and lots of love to all of you <3

Comment from : Cinema for the poor

Aman Virdi
Can you plz tell me with cinema lens you using.?
Comment from : Aman Virdi

Robert Ansley
I’ve been a big fan of Blackmagic ever since I bought my first Cinema Camera 2.5k. This is a really informative and well done review.
Comment from : Robert Ansley

Tonda Damborsky
This is New 3D LUT for BMPCC4K (inspired by the industry standard Arri - Rec709)
The LUT is currently available for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC4K, BMPCC6K, orig. BMPCC)
I've been bothering a lot of different LUTs for a long time...
Until I created my own 😀
This LUT is as a starting point (rec709) for another artistic LUT.
I recommend applying LUT to 80% as a starting point
I hope, you will like it...

Comment from : Tonda Damborsky

Steve Welsh
You shot the talking sequences on an a6400!? What are your settings!? Looks freaking unreal.
Comment from : Steve Welsh

Michael Cavazos
Where do you get those transitions from?
Comment from : Michael Cavazos

OilyCoup Productions
What are your thoughts on using this camera on a Ronin-S?
Comment from : OilyCoup Productions

Howard Ronamald
"Poor man's camera"? I think not. Clearly one has not been poor.
I'd say poor man's is 500 dollars or less range. I realize a top notch movie studio cam is 35 k.

Comment from : Howard Ronamald

Titus King - Colorado Realtor
What poster is that at 6:40?
Comment from : Titus King - Colorado Realtor

J.Ramon Banegas
i was looking into buy the blackmagic pocket camera but, what would you say is the top 5 cameras to start of with as a beginner ? @
Comment from : J.Ramon Banegas

Miki Frances-Correia
It'd be great to hear your opinion and review on the prores raw upgrade to the nikon z6/z7
Comment from : Miki Frances-Correia

Carlos Suarez
So what’s ur final opinion on this camera for even shooting or mainly weddings??
Comment from : Carlos Suarez

kath kearn
What monitor do you have attached? Did you make a follow up video on the breakdown of all the other parts?

Thanks for such a thorough explanation, analysis, and commentary on the camera!

Comment from : kath kearn

Andrew Bird
Always loved the look of these, but are BM still unreliable in 2019/2020? No Cine hire company will touch them in UK since the URSA so it's hard to take one out.
Comment from : Andrew Bird

Kwame Boadi
checkout my bmpcc 4k film

Comment from : Kwame Boadi

Ephraim Kawit
Does it have built in ND filter?
Comment from : Ephraim Kawit

Marc Francis
How much more time were you getting using that bigger NP-F battery setup?
Comment from : Marc Francis

Glenn Parker
Would it make a good camera for recording podcasts? I am worried about autofocus as I tend to move around a lot in my chair during interviews
Comment from : Glenn Parker

Emmanuel Maurice
I'm going for this right now this is all I need to add for my equipment
Comment from : Emmanuel Maurice

T.N. Thompson
how is there no glare in your glasses!?
Comment from : T.N. Thompson

Dustin Kirkendall
Was about to purchase your guide for this cam. Have you updated the guide since the latest update?
Comment from : Dustin Kirkendall

Tony Rush
Yo Caleb..u solved my query in how I could actually create a starter BMPCC4k kit. One question though..Is that some kinda quick release plate the the setup is mounted on (@time code 4:14)? and 2ndly: How long does that battery last serving both cam and monitor
Comment from : Tony Rush

Виктор Петрович
4:00 song????????????????
Comment from : Виктор Петрович

With the menu from a Starfighter plane, this is not going to work.
Comment from : Foxglove963

Bobbie Bigg
In this video your shirt is ORANGE not Red, what rig did you shoot with?
Comment from : Bobbie Bigg

Mohan Chowdada18007
My name is Mohan. I am speaking from India. I am a short filmmaker..
I want to buy a camera I need to do videography which means no camera is good at all.Can you tell what kind of camera is good for under $ 5000?

Comment from : Mohan Chowdada18007

Dreams Multimedia Production
It a great camera anyways but i can't afford it as a bigginer.
Comment from : Dreams Multimedia Production

Irakli Metreveli
Is this camera good for streaming via hdmi? Im gonna use it as studio setup, so i wonder if its 10bit hdmi out is enough
Comment from : Irakli Metreveli

I'm a user of "Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve 16." I thought about buying one of their entry level professional video cameras or camcorders... BUT... and it's a big one.

When I went online to their website and looked through their products I was shocked and sorely disappointed. If you bought a camera body, that is ALL they sell you. If you bought a camcorder... that is exactly what and all that you get... just the camcorder. they DO NOT include the items necessary to make the product useful. Buyers are forced to buy every single little piece of additional necessity items that makes their products functional and useful. With the cameras, you don't get anything but the body... no lens, no power cord, no charger, no memory card... just the body. The same with camcorders... you get no power cord, no battery, no charger... nothing... just the camera.

Now... here's my really big beef with Blackmagic design... they boast low prices for their professional line of products. And initially that might actually be true. But consider this... if you buy one of their products, then just to be able to turn it on and power it up, you are forced to buy all of the primary and important necessity items that makes the product functional and useful, they must ALL be purchased separately. So... by the time you are finished buying everything useful and necessary to make your camera/camcorder useful, the cost of your purchase skyrockets and is actually more expensive than other name brand products with similar features. More expensive by several hundred to even a few to several thousand dollars.

I think it's very dishonest of Blackmagic Design Company to market their products the way that they do, because all you are getting is nothing but the baseline product. It does not matte what you order from them. If you order one of their electronic audio, video or other electronic items they produce and sell... then that is all you get. You MUST buy every necessary accessory separately just to make your product functional.

And I also noticed another disturbing trend of theirs. Every single video they posted about their products they posted, has the comment link disabled... why is that do you suppose?

I love DaVinci Resolve 16. It's everything that final cut pro used to be, but is NOT any longer. But... I really hate their marketing system because it's dishonest and their products are far more costly by the time you buy all the necessary accessory items to make their products functional and useful. So after a lot of digging and looking around, I abandoned all efforts of ever buying or owning any of the blackmagic design products. They are just too expensive and it is frustrating just to try locating and pricing out all the necessary items for their products. Affordable and less expensive? No... not really... in fact, not at all. I posted this here because the blackmagic website won't allow me to post comments there...

Comment from : JW

Wilson Kowaleski
Comment from : Wilson Kowaleski

Does anyone know if I could use my crop lenses from my DSLR for the Blackmagic? Or do I need full frame lenses?
Comment from : MrEmaxxfreak

shame it doesn't have a WFM
Comment from : GEORGE WATSON

A Black
Ok daft question, if it’s not supported by Netflix does that mean anything shot on it can’t be used on Netflix?
Comment from : A Black

5:30 is this a joke?^^
Comment from : К Ɱ Ԏ Ꮇ Ꮩ Ꭶ Ꭵ Ꮳ

Independent Mind
Just two question. How much do I have to spend in total to have all the rig you have? And Da Vinci Resolve Pro is trial or permanent? Thanks
Comment from : Independent Mind

ima fly my drone at it
Great video! The only thing making me doubt a purchase is the lack of in camera stabilization. Does Da Vinci have any sort of stabilization and does it work better with this camera than it would other cameras? Excuse my noob question.
Comment from : ima fly my drone at it

Amazonía Films
My blackmagic camera. The stabilizer is not activated with a normal lens, which I have to do, my camera is new and I don't know why the stabilizer is not activated.
Comment from : Amazonía Films

Lil Fei
I have a couple questions:
1: would canon's 10-18mm wide-angle lens work good with it?
2: does the lens fit snug with the camera? (i read somewhere that it doesn't fit that tight and wobbles at times.)

Comment from : Lil Fei

Ian D Tran
3:56 what song is that?
Comment from : Ian D Tran

Dylan Baer
You should do an ultimate rig video.
Comment from : Dylan Baer

Mc Quinoa
2500 to get it setup, is that USD?
Comment from : Mc Quinoa

Lama Steve

You are aware Lumix S1H is approved by Netflix !

Comment from : Lama Steve

GhettoProductions Bulgaria
What is the battery plate, please?
Comment from : GhettoProductions Bulgaria

Adrian Manzano
Bmp4k vs g1 ursa?
Comment from : Adrian Manzano

Alex - Explorer
Price is insane too... I mean camera + lens
Comment from : Alex - Explorer

Gingerfull Life
Good information ℹ️ thank you 🙏🏻
Comment from : Gingerfull Life

ab cung
Comment from : ab cung

Del Rei Rock
Any solution for the missing auto focus?
Comment from : Del Rei Rock

Alexander Hamilton
My latest project was shot on this, for a 48 hour film competition.
If you want to see it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TYwZgD_1Gg

Comment from : Alexander Hamilton

Marc Diprose
With BRAW working in Premiere Pro now, way more attractive
Comment from : Marc Diprose

Color Blind Subscriber Conflict : WHAT ??!! what do you mean by "Red Shirt" at 7:01 . You have problems man, that shirt is Green as the Grass ...... LOL
Comment from : supernova031404

whats your use Camera for this video ? 😋😳🤔
Comment from : ehsanr21

Charly Maldonado
Could you show some footage with the 24mm rokinon?
Comment from : Charly Maldonado

I own a collection of Samyang Cine EF lenses and just sold my GH5.
Now i'm very divided between BMPCC4k+Metabones and the Lumix S1.
Im finding that it's basically; stabilization vs IQ.

How well do you think the S1's IQ compares to the BMPCC4k??

Comment from : Lundbrock

Alex Petrov
Can you please explain one thing to me: when you shoot RAW at 800 ISO, then bring the footage to DVR and change the ISO there to 400 - will it be the same as if you shot at 400 ISO in the first place? As I understood the ISO is more like metadata in RAW and until you're in the range of the first or second native ISO it doesn't really matter at which ISO you shoot, you can always change it post, or can't you?
Comment from : Alex Petrov

Brad Kelly
You can also use zcam, it is cheap 4k as well.
Comment from : Brad Kelly

Simien Hill
Why do you think it’s hard to make YouTube videos with this cam?
Comment from : Simien Hill

Alim Rahardian
bruh you need to get your model 'upgraded' more often lol
Comment from : Alim Rahardian

Phil RIta
Very informative - thank you!
Comment from : Phil RIta

Riccardo Valente
What monitor did you use?
Comment from : Riccardo Valente

Pha!ry Dust
I'm planning to purchase this camera for short videos and video clips made, what type of recorder and lighting would you recommend? I'd really appreciate the help
Comment from : Pha!ry Dust

Music Gear Network
I have been thinking about getting this camera for shooting events like NAMM. Audio is important to me as well and use all external Rode gear. I think the light weight in my case, would be a blessing instead of carrying around a heavy rig for 3-4 days and walking miles with it. Great review as always. Been a long time supporter of your content.
Comment from : Music Gear Network

Can I use this to shoot a clear videos on some electronic items in the motherboard ? How clear is it ? What lens do you suggest ?
Comment from : Alzaabialzaabi

Рафаэль Хабибуллин
Better say, it`s insane how many additional garbage you must hang on it to start normal workflow. Finally it`s only one insane - color, but we are not all netflix shooters ))))
Comment from : Рафаэль Хабибуллин

Allen Williams
You gotta be kidding me?! No auto focus, no stabilization, no eyepiece for shooting outside - crap! Check out the Panasonic S1H.
Yes S1H has horrendous auto-focus, but it beats the BlackMagic in every other way. We're gonna wait and see Sony's response to the
Blackmagic camera and then we'll decide.

Comment from : Allen Williams

Δασ Αcid
Is that Stavros Halkias from CumTown?
Comment from : Δασ Αcid

eduardo cardona
Did you think this laptop can handle black magic raw with the pocket 4k Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 15.6" Full HD 144Hz 3ms IPS Display, Intel i7-9750H, GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 16GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD
Comment from : eduardo cardona

Adam Meek
if he sez ay and not 'a' as 'ago' I'm turning.
Comment from : Adam Meek

Rafa Gil de la Calleja
What editing program do you use ?
Comment from : Rafa Gil de la Calleja

Eddie Felan
What lens did you have on the black magic?
Comment from : Eddie Felan

Ms K
which camera you shooting for this video?
Comment from : Ms K

Grant Young
Why do you feel this isn't able to be used you YouTube as a solo user? Just curious!
Comment from : Grant Young

Tarzan TheApeMan
Name of the song at 4:00?
Comment from : Tarzan TheApeMan

trav land
I initially thought this sounded great as I want to invest some money into a camera that is a bit more professional but also affordable as a hobby camera. Previously, I just borrowed whatever a friend had.

I want to do a lot of shots where it will just be me.... no cameraman/woman or extra helping hand.... The lack of autofocus worries me. Can anyone give me some feedback on this? Is this camera and setup feasible for someone working alone and filming themselves?

I would be doing some vlogging but more so a lot of green screen work and some outside stuff.

(EDIT) Watch the end of the video idiot... ya I just watched the end of the video and you pretty much say... not good for making youtube videos alone so..... What setup as an alternative would you recommend? I imagine you have a video for this already? If so a link would be helpful but I will also poke around. Cheers!

Comment from : trav land

dimitri teravanessian
You mention that it keeps color consistent until the last stop of ISO, but you didn't show footage to backup the claim. I'm not saying you are a liar, but it would have been nice ;)
Comment from : dimitri teravanessian

Randy Power
This camera? Or C100?
Comment from : Randy Power

Rick Cata
Does the black magic come with that lens?
Comment from : Rick Cata

Demo Entertainment
what lens is he using at 3:44??
Comment from : Demo Entertainment

Ville Flykt
Wise man. Gonna buy whole tutorial...
Comment from : Ville Flykt

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