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TINY Cinematic BEAST Of A Camera? Under $500

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Information TINY Cinematic BEAST Of A Camera? Under $500

Title :  TINY Cinematic BEAST Of A Camera? Under $500
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Frames TINY Cinematic BEAST Of A Camera? Under $500

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Comments TINY Cinematic BEAST Of A Camera? Under $500

Matti Haapoja
Who wants to see more budget camera reviews????
Comment from : Matti Haapoja

Nikolai Chtcherbine
Still looking for EOS M with raw video, M10 was just a downgrade
Comment from : Nikolai Chtcherbine

Wessam Hamadneh
Honestly that video is freaking amazing... dude it looks better than any 80D, 5D or 6D.. but Im sure its the man behind the tool but ya its highly capable. I got an M50
Comment from : Wessam Hamadneh

Raegan Scarlett
You're raving about this camera and so many other people rave about cameras but none of them have headphone jacks! What's up with that??
Comment from : Raegan Scarlett

Mambripapua Biak
Thank you for your nice video info
Comment from : Mambripapua Biak

Lebo Pelo
Yo bro, how is the manual focus pulling on this camera, with the original lense?
Comment from : Lebo Pelo

Breston Davids
Now I gotta save up
Comment from : Breston Davids

Breston Davids
You're so unnecessarily honest like sometimes we really don't need the honesty lol... don't be scared of criticism there's always going to judgmental idiot that act Asif judging is their job... anyway this is about the review
Comment from : Breston Davids

Bima Vlogs
I've been using that camera for a year now and it really works well
Comment from : Bima Vlogs

Mr.Brown Plumbing
Dude anyone that speaks about not being paid by a company...cannon. That many times. Is clearly lieing about thousands of free products and ad checks. Come on bro that's behavioral annalyis 101.
Comment from : Mr.Brown Plumbing

Gabriel Lapointe
nice video as always! what picture profile did you use? thanks!!
Comment from : Gabriel Lapointe

Buisang Ndlozi
This is not a good camera even for under $500
Comment from : Buisang Ndlozi

Finally gets to it around 2:53
Comment from : BeeDeeF49

Ali K
What do u think about the eos m3
Comment from : Ali K

Please, make a video of cheap cameras for video :)
Comment from : TechMobilePT

Dzimka Bujiashvili
Get EOS M and download ML. Done. I have a budget of 500 $ and I do both videos and photos and I'll buy used Canon 5d Classic and EOS M + ML. My setup's pretty much done. I'll get or two good EF lenses, put an adapter on EOS M, get a steadicam or a gimbal + decent cheap mic. That's my cheap rig.
Comment from : Dzimka Bujiashvili

Wild Open
eos m mount not ef-s
Comment from : Wild Open

jumbo shrimp
Dude. Shut up about Canon.
Comment from : jumbo shrimp

Patrick Buisa
$500 is just too much for me. I'm poor
Comment from : Patrick Buisa

Rocky Capulso
I've been using this camera for a few months now. It's really good for beginners like me.
Comment from : Rocky Capulso

nothing nathing
I bought a canon 80d with canon 50 mm stm and 3 batteries for 525 dollars I think that's good value bargain for budget filmmaking.
Comment from : nothing nathing

Excellent review.
Comment from : funkyredhead1

Danny Jones
i thought this guy was in sweden or somewhere, ive just realised hes talking about canada. surely that stupid accent is not canadian?
Comment from : Danny Jones

David Viner
Thou protest too much...
Comment from : David Viner

mazen ezou
2:45 almost every new phone does better than this footages
Comment from : mazen ezou

Paddle and Hook
Thanks for this review. Even though its nearly a year later, it served me well. I need something small and serviceable to take in my boat with me, other than a GoPro, for shooting discussion/education segments and B roll, as well as something with a microphone input. This seems like it will do the trick, and, at the current price tag, I won't feel AS upset if I manage to get it wet or damaged somehow. Thanks again Matti!
Comment from : Paddle and Hook

Advent Leymann
Fujifilm xa20?
Comment from : Advent Leymann

isuk withnames
I can't decide on if I want to get this or the Sony a6000.
Comment from : isuk withnames

hey everyone
how about the canon m100 !!!!
Comment from : hey everyone

1080/30? LOL, nope. Hard pass.
Comment from : Sean_B

I think its great you are disclosing the fact that you are not on Canon’s payroll. Actually, if you were getting dough from Canon for your work, I’d say that its fine. More power to you. But just don’t lie. Many “paid” reviewers don’t give “reviews” but rather “sale pitches” and borderline lie about how great the product was. Then I think that is bad because it is basically fraud. Fake reviews deceives and misleads the viewers who are under the impression that it was an honest and unbiased review. Cheers.
Comment from : davidogan

steven Bowden sterayb
You can put magic lantern on it and it's a good budget camera if you do that
Comment from : steven Bowden sterayb

Undead Popov
Canon M6 m2 please 😂😍
Comment from : Undead Popov

What Are You On About
What if you are 35 and watching a video from 2 years ago? Hahaha
Comment from : What Are You On About

Akanbi Lincoln
How does it compare to Sony a6000?
Comment from : Akanbi Lincoln


Hot Sauce
Anything can produce cinematic video if you know how to edit your video.
Comment from : Hot Sauce

7:43 "If I have to fight with the camera to get what I want, then it's not the camera for me"...
... Matti dropping some nuggets of universal wisdom - true to virtually any situation in life. One more reason to love this channel.

Comment from : MexicanosDelMundo

Ben Clegg
I have this camera, it's definitely worth getting some adapters and some cheap vintage lenses,look for m42 and m39 lenses and adapters especially
Comment from : Ben Clegg

Jaime Ortiz
Have you tested the M50?
Comment from : Jaime Ortiz

Alistair Beckett
I’m just starting out vlogging and went for a Canon G7X mk3 compact. It’s a cracking stills camera and takes great video, has the flippy up screen and a mic input. I considered the Osmo Pocket (not great for vlogging and didn’t want the bag of expensive necessary accessories) and Canon M50 (i already have a Nikon Pro SLR for stills and didn’t want a second interchangeable lens outfit). I concluded that the G7X iii is a great travel companion for stills (when I couldn’t bring my SLR) and video, especially with a Rode VideoMicro mic.
Comment from : Alistair Beckett

Mind Vomit by Gabe
I must see camera comparisons different. When comparing the M10 to the 6D2, I liked the M10 better, colors looked warmer. I notice that in a lot of videos the good camera always looks more white and hazy. Why is that? And why does everyone claim it looks better? It seems the warmer colored video looks better. I must be missing something.
Comment from : Mind Vomit by Gabe

Offic. DZanjo
In a world with the M50 this has no point.
Comment from : Offic. DZanjo

Iam Poram
Better go for sony 6400 or 6600 instead 👌🏼
Comment from : Iam Poram

Jack Evans Vlogs
i got my first cam at the start of the year, a canon 200D/SL2
Comment from : Jack Evans Vlogs

Dudu Films
Sana all maraming camera🤣😥
Comment from : Dudu Films

Lawrence Williams
My first was the Canon 7D. Had it for 5 years. Then I bought my first full frame 2 months ago which is the Sony A7II. It has its drawbacks but its been good to me and I am now getting more work with it. I am saving up for the A7III
Comment from : Lawrence Williams

Derek Taylor
My first camera was the Osmo Zenmuse x3 😂
Comment from : Derek Taylor

The Tony Cam
I make cinematic short hiking videos on my channel using the humble Canon m100 with just he Kit lens and a tripod and it's holding up just fine. Actually, more than fine, for the price point it is

Comment from : The Tony Cam

I’ve never seen your channel. Awesome content. Even if you don’t get paid by them. The long explanation made it seem like you might. Great video though!!
Comment from : Busta

lil trn
"budget camera when you're starting with filmmaking"

"for me it was a 60d"

Comment from : lil trn

Jeff Chagrin
Great review Matti -- great delivery!
Comment from : Jeff Chagrin

Mindful Babe
“It’s only zero now, not that bad” 😂
Comment from : Mindful Babe

I don't really need it but damn it's a cute little camera. I'd love to just have it sitting on my shelf heh
Comment from : Shadda

Don't you feel the loss of a hot shoe ? You can't mount a rf trigger to fire off camera flash or use a ttl flash on the camera itself? Also how good is its battery?
Comment from : jungleowlet

Plastic or metal? Nice video.
Comment from : Onecent

rajat himalaya
looks like peter mikinon😂😀😀😁
Comment from : rajat himalaya

Madkingpro TV
do DMC lumix gx85
Comment from : Madkingpro TV

To Kate Tu Ζur
2.22 track title please🙏
Comment from : To Kate Tu Ζur

I feel like the rx100 is rly the best option for starting filmmakers (no matter the smaller sensor). Especially the mark iv which comes at a similar price. Interchangeable lenses make sense only when the mount is universal in my opinion like Sony’s e-mount for instance. Good little camera tho.
Comment from : PrivateAccess

Sumit Steve
this camera (canon m10) cost $850 on amazon india. but canon m100 cost $500 on amazon india.
Comment from : Sumit Steve

ninja n
looks like im gonna be spending money agian..
Comment from : ninja n

But it does shoot 1080p at 60fps. What's the deal bro?
Comment from : jeffmcc93

i dont see anything cinematic here... are you trollling us?
Comment from : Evangelion

Hello I have a question- can you suggest a great camera for low light filming both pictures and video under five hundred dollars thank you please email me at ellementalhealing@yahoo.com thank u Christopher.
Comment from : AlienUSGovermentUFO

aul paul
Good job
Vare good

Comment from : aul paul

William Wu - Music
by the way, there is another camera thats half the price, its the eos m100
Comment from : William Wu - Music

William Wu - Music
Im 13, and i got the 5d mark iv and sony a6000. My first camera was actually a used 600d
Comment from : William Wu - Music

Ryan Dimal
You’re young...my first camera was 10D. But that was literally a month before the 20D came out...
Comment from : Ryan Dimal

Lino Khim Medrina
What picture profile did you use?
Comment from : Lino Khim Medrina

Jake Alexander Bryant
Didn't MagicLantern unlock some of the Canon M series cameras for some cool features ?
Comment from : Jake Alexander Bryant

I think SL2 / 200d is the better option ... FAR BETTER
Comment from : AniThing

He could record with a potato and make it look good
Comment from : BentPropFPV

nube negra
Totally paid
Comment from : nube negra

Jesse Fremont
Please do the canon T5i!!!
Comment from : Jesse Fremont

Jesse Fremont
Wow! Great video again! 0:35 soo true. I’m 14 and with all my tips I made a few bucks and just by photography and real estate my collection looks like this:
Canon T5i
DJI Spark
Dji Osmo Gimbal
Go pro
It’s pretty fun at the age of 14 have a kind of job like this! Not my quote but if you put your mind to it really anything you think of can be somewhat possible if not completely possible!!!

Comment from : Jesse Fremont

Igor Zawadzki
I'm 11 and I saved up for the Canon M50 and I think it's a great investment.
Comment from : Igor Zawadzki

Maik Rainer Flaming
Please try the BMPCC 4K! Even if you dont like 4/3 sensor. Its a monster!!
Comment from : Maik Rainer Flaming

can you make a budget with a D3100 or D5500 how can you help me to upgrade the camera pls

Wacky Crafts
@2:22 I was like WOW!!!
Comment from : Wacky Crafts

Isn't the M3 better than the M10 and around the same price? It has a mic input too.
Comment from : BadEmpanada

Mike Tomczyk
Matti, you are reviewing a budget camera but your sample footage is smooth, please share if you were handheld or using some of your professional gear to smooth out the tracking motion, ie. where the camera was moving with the subject. Please fill me in, thanks.
Comment from : Mike Tomczyk

Аммос Фёдорович
It's minus 35 in Russia
Comment from : Аммос Фёдорович

The Begg Family Antics
So it won't replace my Panasonic G80 DSLR or LX15 compact. Still a fun way to get into Canon
Comment from : The Begg Family Antics

Charles Ed
Is it worth upgrade from 1500D (T7 rebel) ? That's APS-C, 24.2 MP.
Comment from : Charles Ed

Beautiful family!!!
Comment from : LES CHRISTIANI

I don’t think you are getting paid. I think you are living at Canon on the weekends and they feed you!

It produces AN image. Work in post gives it a quasi 'cinematic' look
Comment from : newsvideoguy

Sim R
i just use my phone lol.......
Comment from : Sim R

Thanks for sharing the information.
Comment from : Juz-Inspiration

Iona Anderson
I believe I seen your wife on TV is she an Actress?
Comment from : Iona Anderson

Coalition Gaming
in 2016 when i was looking for a new camera for my channel (and for myself, always wanted a good camera), i was between this EOS M10 and a few other EOS M models (not all of em were available in the US)...then i got turned onto the Pansonic G7 and i never looked back. Nowadays when i look around and see the EOS M50 and the SL2, i just wish those were around in 2016. Come on, Canon.
Comment from : Coalition Gaming

Nathan Weisser
I've been shooting it for a couple years now, and it's not even close. The Canon name isn't worth enough to make this camera in any way better than the g7, or the g85.

Comment from : Nathan Weisser

I just picked up a brand new Lumix G7K for $500 with a SD card, Rode Micro Mic and Focus Weatherproof box AND a used BMPCC for $375. I'm really excited about this. Could you do a video on BUDGET$100-$300 MFT Lenses and maybe Cinelenses under $500 that I could use a speedbooster with for my BMPCC
Comment from : BamaBoynCali

Sir jukoro
canon 100d o sl1 in 2019 for filmmaking? H E L P
Comment from : Sir jukoro

Andrew's Photography
If that isn't a cutie of a baby I don't know what is. What a cutie! Thanks for the video.
Comment from : Andrew's Photography

U mean ef-m mount right.
Comment from : ChromePhoenixQ

Will Roy Media
I'm still using the canon 60d but I'm saving up for the fujifilm xt3
Comment from : Will Roy Media

Harry Lehnhart
I believe you brother
I only use Sony though...only because I started with it and I love it

Comment from : Harry Lehnhart

Paul lebbon
I bought the 6D2 after you said it was really good, don't worry I don't regret it and like it a lot. I don't know if you have tried it, but Canon M6 is a great little camera, it has the flip up screen, mic input and has a higher pixel count than the M10, oh and it has Dual Pixel AF!
Comment from : Paul lebbon

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