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openGL support for Intel HD Graphics 3000 under Windows 10 (legacy igpu ogl fix win10)

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Information openGL support for Intel HD Graphics 3000 under Windows 10 (legacy igpu ogl fix win10)

Title :  openGL support for Intel HD Graphics 3000 under Windows 10 (legacy igpu ogl fix win10)
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Frames openGL support for Intel HD Graphics 3000 under Windows 10 (legacy igpu ogl fix win10)

Description openGL support for Intel HD Graphics 3000 under Windows 10 (legacy igpu ogl fix win10)

Comments openGL support for Intel HD Graphics 3000 under Windows 10 (legacy igpu ogl fix win10)

This video is an old copy of pal1000.github.io/shared/tutorials/legacy-igpu-ogl-fix-win10.mov. It was posted here with permission. Unfortunately it contains a mistake around 12:00 mark, I accidentally left FILE_VERSION matching information attribute checked so the fix would stop working if you update or downgrade the program you fixed, if you follow it too accurately as Stefano did on Intel Graphics community forum: communities.intel.com/thread/123618?start=14&tstart=0

I fixed my original copy from pal1000.github.io/shared/tutorials/legacy-igpu-ogl-fix-win10.mov after noticing this issue.

In addition, I started a Github repository that collects fixes for this problem: github.com/pal1000/save-legacy-intel-opengl
I 'd like to see the fix for Photoshop mentioned here since I don't have it in the Github repository. Luis Henrique, you can open an issue on Github and have it discussed there.

Comment from : loiipi

your so slow you dumb piece of shit
Comment from : Looney

Emmaplayz Cookie
Sorry im a kid and im not messing with pc stuff
Comment from : Emmaplayz Cookie

Leroy Bagwell
Thanks so much - worked for Sketchup :)
Comment from : Leroy Bagwell

Muhammad Asad khan
i have intel hd graphics 3000 and i need opengl 3.3 can i get 3.3 through this procedure?
Comment from : Muhammad Asad khan

nick n
What if I have windows 7? I have Intel HD Graphics 3000 and core i5-2540M CPU, I need it to work for Citra (a nintendo 3ds emulator).
Comment from : nick n

Robert Tanasi
Wait, it's a sandy bridge system with intel hd 3000? How'd that happen lmao
Comment from : Robert Tanasi

Help!! I cant open compatibility administrator settings!! It just doesnt show up. I run it as administrator and nothing happens!
Comment from : AN MOOS

Thank you!!!!
Comment from : Samuel

I havent Win81versiyon live. I used android emulator, ı dont start anyone application for open gl.
Comment from : Tumosan

Lantern Jaw
Seems to be working for lots of people, so that's good. However, I can't get past Compatibility Administrator being 32 bit, whilst my Java and PC are 64. ...I've looked for a fix, but got really confused by it. Argh, so close.
Comment from : Lantern Jaw

Marc-André Bélisle
Good tutorial but I wish you could talk faster, click faster and type faster. It should be a 3 minutes video.
Comment from : Marc-André Bélisle

Jonathan C
would just buying a new graphics card work
Comment from : Jonathan C

Leonardo dos Santos
it helped a LOT, thank you, i did this because of minecraft, i did with javaw.exe
Comment from : Leonardo dos Santos

How do I know where I have OpenGL already on my intel he 3000 pls reply
Comment from : Lqgistics

Raúl Alejandro Pérez
What Photoshop components need to be adjusted for the rotation tool to work?

¿Qué componentes de Photoshop hay que ajustar para que funcione la herramienta de rotación?


Comment from : Raúl Alejandro Pérez

Kevin Rickey
Sorry my good man, but your English accent is too annoying for me to listen to you longer than 5 minutes, nevermind, I'll get the info elsewhere
Comment from : Kevin Rickey

Ahmed Farouk
Is this solution will resolve (zoom in adobe Photoshop cc 2018) on windows 10 (1903) 64 bit ?
My Laptop hp EliteBook 8460p
Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

Comment from : Ahmed Farouk

Jesus Rivino
Hi! Can I use this technic for Core i5 2450M CPU with Intel HD Graphics 3000, OpenGL 3.1 64bit and use 3D in Adobe CS6, CC2014 and CC 2019? Especially in After Effects 3D Element plug-in? When I had WIN 7, I'm pretty sure that 3D Graphic worked in Photophop and After Effects, but with WIN 10 doesn't work for almost anything in 3D builders programs.
Comment from : Jesus Rivino

High Feanor
wow i tried many things and done this without any hope but that works lol. thank you so much. that's great solution
Comment from : High Feanor

Владислав Никитин
Thank! You saved me a lot of time. Write the number of your webmoney wallet and I am ready to send you $ 1 :)
Comment from : Владислав Никитин

Nick Bretz
Worked like a charm on an older dell laptop with the Intel HD3000. Needed to get X-Plane 11 to run. Thanks!
Comment from : Nick Bretz

Paul Coronel
thanks man it really helps a lot! now i can play minecraft
Comment from : Paul Coronel

Sat. Animus
Wooow.. genial, gracias!! . No se ingles, pero sólo seguí tus pasos usando a Javaw.exe y funcionó perfectamente!!!... Muchas gracias. :D
Comment from : Sat. Animus

i follow each step you put in, a little bit difficult to do with the voice volume, it's a little low and far away to understand even with headphones but i did it, and i even unchecked the FILE_VERSION that you leave checked there, still didn't work for starsector, nor wakfu, nor starbound, all opengl stuff... and i hope it dosen't break shit now... still thanks for your tutorial
Comment from : 01010000011000010110110001100001

바비 ボビー
thank you a lot , because it worked with no problem at all. Wish you from the bottom of my heart a lot of success in any aspect of your life.
Comment from : 바비 ボビー

man thank you so much!! i can finally play minecraft after so looong, you are my hero.
Comment from : HoodieArth

Jorge Tomás
Comment from : Jorge Tomás

adolfo rafael bustamante esponda
gracias enserio
Comment from : adolfo rafael bustamante esponda

Colossus: A Petulant Bulgarian Gender-Fluid Weirdo With a Sinus Infection and a Crappy Underwater Microphone Forbin Project.
Comment from : Trev0r98

TutosEduard Eduard
Fixing java is the same process as fixing minecraft
Comment from : TutosEduard Eduard

TutosEduard Eduard
my question this will work to be able to play games and use programs
Comment from : TutosEduard Eduard

i singed in just to tell you thank you and like and sub ♥
Comment from : Flay

Sunny Verma
dude, you are life saver thanx a lot bruh.
Comment from : Sunny Verma

The Rebellious Gamer.
I love u man thank u soo much ur a lifesaver
Comment from : The Rebellious Gamer.

Isdaa Mancho
The Keyboard D;
Comment from : Isdaa Mancho

yuvan dass
Thanks man soooooo much,life saver
worked with photochop cc 2018 rotate canvas tool

Comment from : yuvan dass

game black
I can't download Windows compatibility shims technical documentation
Comment from : game black

Anthony Saunders
What would be the module name for Intel HD 3000? Or is the one you used sort of a cover all situation?

EDIT: went ahead and searched for it on my pc, you used the one I have, so it's all good.

Comment from : Anthony Saunders

Alex Martin
How did you find the module name that you needed?
Comment from : Alex Martin

Chris Martinez
how did you install the intel hd graphics 3000 drivers in windows 10, I have an intel core i5 2410m 2nd generation I can not install the intel hd graphics 3000 drivers, the screen goes black when I install the drivers
Comment from : Chris Martinez

tks man you are an hero!
Comment from : F F

Dhian Fahrezi
Comment from : Dhian Fahrezi

Isaac Becker
Thanks so much!!!!!
Comment from : Isaac Becker

this WOULD be helpful, but i cant understand a word youa are saying, dude, you dont talk loud enough or clear enough
Comment from : HyperPengu

Ryan Cristiano
That thing broke my graphic card (update: it didn't broke my graphic card, it was my pc motherboard that was faulty)
Comment from : Ryan Cristiano

Loco Gomes
Comment from : Loco Gomes

Lil King
i luv the way he mentions the name java
Comment from : Lil King

Suranjan Das
thanks. worked like a charm
Comment from : Suranjan Das

Rafael Muller
THANK YOU! It worked just fine for Photoshop CC 2018!!
Comment from : Rafael Muller

recREATE tying


Comment from : recREATE tying

O'Neil Effedua
Your God Sent, thanks man !!!
Comment from : O'Neil Effedua

Павел Скрылев
Thanks a lot! You are really cool guy! Your video has helped me to run VCV Rack on old Samsung laptop. Thanx again!
Comment from : Павел Скрылев

Marko Zutic
i need to run dolphin emulator on windows 10 and hd 3000 gpu, under gpu options there is OPEN GL but i cant sellect my gpu so i cant run it in this mode. i tryed fix from your video but it still does not show up in options. is there any other fix?
Comment from : Marko Zutic

Thank you so much, life saver!
For reassurance for people trying to fix Minecraft, do javaw.exe, not java.exe.

Comment from : itsDorian

Tien Dat Nguyen
Does it work with other program, such as Nullpomino? And should I use this method with Intel HD Graphics 3000?
Comment from : Tien Dat Nguyen

d Calado
Thank you so much! Works for me with Minecraft (use javaw.exe).
Comment from : d Calado

juan pablo gonzalez
you have the same pc
Comment from : juan pablo gonzalez

Ender Dragon
чє блять
Comment from : Ender Dragon

wahyu teguh arifianto
thank you so much, i have problem with fusion 9 after upgrading win10 from win 7. now its working perfectly. thank you.
Comment from : wahyu teguh arifianto

Yanfeng Lee
How to make Virtualbox 3D works. I added all the files VBox***.exe but it still not works.
Comment from : Yanfeng Lee

Can intel hd graphic 3000 have opengl more than 3.3??
Comment from : cyruz

Abdure Graphics &Design
Does It Work With Intel Graphics 5000
Comment from : Abdure Graphics &Design

Marcin I
Will it enable OpenCL on Intel HD 520?
Comment from : Marcin I

Veracitys FromscrathproductionZ
what about windows 7, still geting error :((
Comment from : Veracitys FromscrathproductionZ

Solved and fix it into photoshop cc 2018. thanks to you for this information. photoshop cc 2018 3d option now properly working. it's worked (OpenGL 3.1 (Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 with 129 ext)
Comment from : JR JAHID

Excellent fix!
Comment from : onmas59

cobby Andoh
Please how do I get Windows compatibility adk for 64bits PCs
Comment from : cobby Andoh

Paula Andrea Zapata
Foro/Forum link

Comment from : Paula Andrea Zapata

Juan José Chamorro Busto
Great Fix, My Problem was with Minecraft, i have to do the same steps but for javaw.exe instead of java.exe. Thx for Sharing this.
Comment from : Juan José Chamorro Busto

Daniel Baldi
Great fix! In my case it was the ig4icd32.dll. Although in the beginning I applied it to the java.exe, I found that I had to apply it directly to my bundled .exe (which then executes the JVM).
Comment from : Daniel Baldi

luis Felipe Martinez Castaño
quien tiene el de 64 bits win 10 me lo comparte
Comment from : luis Felipe Martinez Castaño

Per Henrik Stolte
Thank you so much!!
Comment from : Per Henrik Stolte

Thanks a lot!!! This solved problem with using OpenGL mode in ArchiCad 21. Thank you!!
Comment from : meton00

Great fix - worked for my HD 2000 GPU just fine. Thanks very much!
Comment from : avwwva

Meunier noé
You're a genuis ! thanks a lot
Comment from : Meunier noé

Bob Mars
it wooooorks!!!!
Comment from : Bob Mars

fataa naufal
Hi! great video you have here, I have IntelHD 3000 and working fine with 3.1 OpenGL now (thanks to you ((: )
but the program I'm going to run needs 3.3 openGL. I know for Intel HD 3000, the best openGL available for windows is 3.1.
but, maybe, have you read/heard ways to "hack" this problem??

Comment from : fataa naufal

Henderson Lgp
Goodnight! What video driver did you download that was compatible with your windows 10 and your hd 3000 graphics card? or what program did you use to download it?
Comment from : Henderson Lgp

shefo stamoksa
No way! it worked!! thx alot for ur work u r amazing keep it up! :D
Comment from : shefo stamoksa

Luis Henrique
Guy, you are the best! Thank you!
Comment from : Luis Henrique

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