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Information BEST AFFORDABLE YOUTUBE CAMCORDER!! (Camera, Lens, Microphone)

Title :  BEST AFFORDABLE YOUTUBE CAMCORDER!! (Camera, Lens, Microphone)
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Frames BEST AFFORDABLE YOUTUBE CAMCORDER!! (Camera, Lens, Microphone)

Description BEST AFFORDABLE YOUTUBE CAMCORDER!! (Camera, Lens, Microphone)

Comments BEST AFFORDABLE YOUTUBE CAMCORDER!! (Camera, Lens, Microphone)

TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel
So for some reason, the link for the product is no longer valid. I'm not able to find the product again on Amazon so I linked another camera with literally the same features, just from a different company

Amazon Link (US): amzn.to/2EPh4kx

Comment from : TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel

It sucks, you're better off getting a used Sony CX405 or Canon R800
Comment from : YourTechGuy

terRyan Kim
I don't know about y'all but the video taken with the camcorder is way too shaky when moving around. Seems like it doesn't have any stabilization?
Comment from : terRyan Kim

Kasey Ryan
Pls reply, I’m getting this camera, does this camera connect to Apple iPhones or iPads or just Computers and TV’s?
Comment from : Kasey Ryan

Shantana Redman
What's the name of the app you used to connect the camera on your the computer? Planning on getting one for my YouTube channel in 2020
Comment from : Shantana Redman

Levi YT
can you tell me how much fps have in 1080 p?
Comment from : Levi YT

prince lucky
Please recommend pranks camera for me pls with mic
Comment from : prince lucky

Tim Yang
Your voice sounds weird
Comment from : Tim Yang

Bhaskar Lingam
Link to buy in india ?
Comment from : Bhaskar Lingam

Jack Wheelington
Stop the cap
Comment from : Jack Wheelington

Gaming with Rocco
Does it take like a micro SD card?
Comment from : Gaming with Rocco

Aaron Centeno
The LG works incredible
Comment from : Aaron Centeno

Israel Mora
my friend how did you get rid of the display.... when you recording. I have the same camera and I need your help.
Comment from : Israel Mora

Comment from : UNCLE BOb

Nexium X
I FOUND CHEAP UK ONE www.amazon.co.uk/Camcorder-Aabeloy-Microphone-Rotatable-Batteries/dp/B07T1YJZYS/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=video+camera&qid=1584049858&sr=8-5
Comment from : Nexium X

this man speaks in "uwu" lmao
Comment from : ツFr4iLツ

leilani smith
Can you transfer the video content from the camera to a computer or lap top to fix on final cut pro and edit.
Comment from : leilani smith

Chestercheese 000
Geht das auch auf deutsch?😅
Comment from : Chestercheese 000

Comment from : mohunter68

Yeah it looks like the same POS that I bought from Amazon that doesn't have WIFI so I can upload videos straight from my camera. What a waste of money and I'm sending the piece of crap that I got back to Amazon. How can it be so simple to upload videos to YouTube from my smartphone, but they can't seem to put the same technology in a freaking video camera???
Comment from : mohunter68

Bak Khan
Are you afghan
Comment from : Bak Khan

game movie
paid ads...

Comment from : game movie

Thanks for giving an in-depth review on this camcorder. I think this is a very nice little set up!🙂
Comment from : Gypsyraingoddess

Hanzin Yerpantz
Skip to 3:30 if you’d like to see the unboxing and not hear a bunch of random talking.
Comment from : Hanzin Yerpantz

Ze Rad Gamer
Question can you connect this to a iPad via wifi or something
Comment from : Ze Rad Gamer

The Roots - Product Reviews And Cannabis Culture
Ya totally gave it away when you write “best affordable camcorder” in caps then tell everyone they sent you one for free. Look at others reviews on this camcorder to see the non bribed version of this review. You might save some time and money.
Comment from : The Roots - Product Reviews And Cannabis Culture

Bobby la La
I just bought the camera. But the problem is I don’t know how to transfer the videos that I take on the camera to my computer. Do you know how to?
Comment from : Bobby la La

A.r Naat foundation
what price dear
Comment from : A.r Naat foundation

Infinite Cringe Life
How do you focus the video??? Is it just auto matic?
Comment from : Infinite Cringe Life

Garry Cox
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best camcorder lense scafe.shop/tbcl2019?Pn hope it helps you out too!"
Comment from : Garry Cox

Joe Mckechnie
I recently purchased this item, but the picture is very blurry. I may be doing something wrong, but the owner’s manual, which is written in very poor English, makes no mention of this. Unfortunately, there is literally no way to contact the manufacturer or seller
– no website, no phone number, no e-mail address, etc… Even Amazon says that they don’t have that information and thus they agreed to offer a refund. I “Googled” information this company, and there is nothing at all. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND!!!!

Comment from : Joe Mckechnie

I can’t tell if he has shaky hands if it’s just that bad
Comment from : EnderKing

Hairy Harris
Maybe this one?
Camcorder Digital Video Camera, WiFi Vlog Camera Camcorder with Microphone IR Night Vision Full HD 1080P 30FPS 3’’ LCD Touch Screen Vlogging Camera for YouTube with Remote Control by LINNSE, Item model number L-M3A-FAB

Comment from : Hairy Harris

Ezra Bufford
Please add the full name and model number of this cam in the above caption thx
Comment from : Ezra Bufford

Eleazar Mateo Zuniga 2151
No Optical Image Stabilizer 😱
Comment from : Eleazar Mateo Zuniga 2151

Mobile Games
These cameras are good if ... they are stationary on a tripod and dont move
Comment from : Mobile Games

Super R
Is this the camera you used to record this video?
Comment from : Super R

Writy TV
I love this camcorder. For $ 77 amzn.to/2RbE6vQ I highly recommend it.
Comment from : Writy TV

william francis Collett
I am a fan of this camera. thanks for the comparison. I like the image from the cam better than the phone. 👍🏻🙏🏻
Comment from : william francis Collett

Cool Review! May I know what is the video format? Is it Mp4. Hope you respond. Thanks!
Comment from : FrazzerM

The image quality is worse than those knockoff action cams for less than a hundred dollars. I wouldn’t get this. It has the form factor of camcorder and I think people are enchanted by that. And it definitely doesn’t stack up to an iPhone or any late model smart phone.
Comment from : Johnnie

The Book of JJ
What a great, to-the-point review. Really well presented, man. You helped make my decision. Thanks!
Comment from : The Book of JJ

Greg Penik
Only downfall is stabilization.
Comment from : Greg Penik

Kermit Ly
The outside vlog with the camcorder was extremely shaky so if you do this use a tripod make sure to tell then your using a tripod
Comment from : Kermit Ly

Best Camera WiFi Vlogging Camera For YouTube
here: amzn.to/31I3FqT

Comment from : TV BOX

Pat Brabbs
How would this work for live steaming of a mountain range?
Comment from : Pat Brabbs

Rangel Outdoors
Was there no image stabilization
Comment from : Rangel Outdoors

A. B
Wow so happy with ur expectation...
Comment from : A. B

Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem
Nice review 👍
Comment from : Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem

Treadog T
This one have night vision, looking for a budget ghost hunting recorder.
Comment from : Treadog T

just Bill injundelabrue
Just got mine off Amazon...absolutely satisfied
Comment from : just Bill injundelabrue

Connor Stein
i have never seen such a good deal!!!
Comment from : Connor Stein

Alex Cortés
Did you use a capture device to bring the image into your pc ? or simply connecting via usb makes it detectable with obs? if that is the case then this is a great savings as capture devices are faily expensive and even more expensive is you use multiple cameras. thanks
Comment from : Alex Cortés

Heather Kayeline
I just ordered this camera & am receiving it today! I’m going to finish this video after work! My only problem is learning to edit! I do everything from my phone currently so I’m not sure how I’ll edit now 😫
Comment from : Heather Kayeline

Bad camera guys
Comment from : Zalva

Doc Johnson
Is this also good to film live sport games, or just good for YouTube?
Comment from : Doc Johnson

Does someone know if It can shoot photos WHILE it' s recording a video?
If It can, how can I do it?

Comment from : Z-HERO

KMAN !!!
I think i found my new youtube cam ! Thanks bro
Comment from : KMAN !!!

Lil Yobi
Thx bro I might get this for my birthday I’ve been meaning to find a good camera at a good price
Comment from : Lil Yobi

orochi civic
U sound like a fucking baby
Comment from : orochi civic

Muha Comedy
I want to start my YouTube channel with this Handycam
Comment from : Muha Comedy

what kind of led light was that 8:52
Comment from : Omizzle

Big Renn
We got some great az lighting
Comment from : Big Renn

Rosi Bee
But the link now gives is an awful reveiw 1 star on amazon
Comment from : Rosi Bee

Anime World
Camera se camera ke nazar
Comment from : Anime World

allen luce
Very well presented information.Thank you!
Comment from : allen luce

The Clint Commander
Bro, that camera looks TERRIBLE even for 1080p at 30fps...
Comment from : The Clint Commander

WOW! Looks amazing!
Comment from : MYDUDE345

Joshua the legendary
can you give me the link for the wide angle lens
Comment from : Joshua the legendary

May Pag usapan lang
What is your pc software for that green screen.?
Comment from : May Pag usapan lang

Okay let me start by saying Wow!! I don't know how old this video is but, but.... This is what I needed to see!! OMG, this video have just educated me and gave me hope. All I was thinking was I'm gonna have to kick out too much money for a camera that I could record videos with and then this showed up in my search!! Yay! Thank you for your video it was so informative and showed so much INFORMATION especially for a beginner like me...So I did like and subscribed!! Thank you! No new camera but a camcorder!! BABY!
Comment from : norny1967

Hey if your still replying to the comments, my phone is only 5mp
Front cam and the back one is 8mp this and it's not a old phone it cost $160 and this camera is now $100,I want it for YouTube

Comment from : SwishSplash

C.F. M
How the F^%$ did the audio get better when he took the lens off🤔
Comment from : C.F. M

Knight 11692
One of the worse camcorders that you can buy is right here. The resolution is very bad and the sound is bad as well forget about that light on the front it's crap you can't see anything unless you're literally right in front of the camcorder.
Comment from : Knight 11692

Its Just Craig
Comment from : Its Just Craig

Is it both a camera and a camcorder or just a camcorder?
Comment from : NMB195

The Future
Great vid and great camera!
Comment from : The Future

Jake Gutteridge
Really nice video thank you. Thanks for giving a British Amazon link too 🙏😊
Comment from : Jake Gutteridge

John Roberts
Forget everything YouTube video promoters tell you about waving your hands at the camera. It's a BAD IDEA . This fellow waves his hand around so much that it's hard to watch. This video could be good, but it's distracting. "These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along!" Also, for reviews, we want to see the videos the cameras shot far more than seeing the lens caps and microfiber cloths. Put those up front and leave the lens cap for later. Good review!
Comment from : John Roberts

I got the same camera
Comment from : JayjayqueenEditzz

sayed krasava
Just my iphone cam is better lol
Comment from : sayed krasava

Carin Somers
I only film with my two Sony handy camcorders and my phone and Iike it a lot
Comment from : Carin Somers

Scot Hughes
What a shill!
Comment from : Scot Hughes

Glorbo Jibbins
Don't buy that camera 😂
Comment from : Glorbo Jibbins

what tri pod stands fits with the camera or all tri pod stands for all cameras?
Comment from : Shadow

Oqueli Sammyr
que tipo de programas usas, o cuando conectas la camara te abre el programa amigo, me urge tu respuesta.
Comment from : Oqueli Sammyr

Dean Weathers
I think this cam is perfect for the laptop and even more perfection protection on the wallet
Comment from : Dean Weathers

Sergius K
Who knows what the name of the model in the store Aliexp...?
Comment from : Sergius K

Keep up the good work, I like the presentation and you did well. I'm happy to watch your videos. Thank you.
Comment from : DJ S1 BLAC_PAW1

Mr. MeatPax
its 41$ off right now amzn.to/2UcroLa
Comment from : Mr. MeatPax

these are cheap knockoffs. you can find them on the wish app and aliexpress. dont buy
Comment from : leonardo

100 Thousand Subs Without Any Videos
Hey Guys I did some of my own research myself and I found you guys a link for an even cheaper camera that provides the same amount of things!!!! Camcorder Digital Video Camera, Camcorder with Microphone IR Night Vision Vlogging Camera with Remote Control Full HD 1080P 30FPS 3" LCD Touch Screen www.amazon.com/dp/B07MBQ28D4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_LUxMCb80HYR32
Comment from : 100 Thousand Subs Without Any Videos

Doc's World
Phone is better
Comment from : Doc's World

hey which camera you used to shoot your video

Karyl Kidd
Stoked you did this vid! Helps me a lot!!
Comment from : Karyl Kidd

Luke H.
The camera is better then the LG phone
Comment from : Luke H.

Duke De'Niro Dollas
Can u shoot music videos
Comment from : Duke De'Niro Dollas

Michał Rogalewicz
Mate, keep hands calm - it's distracting. Good video though.
Comment from : Michał Rogalewicz

High Velocity savage
Heres a 30 buck action cam youtu.be/lq894Ilc3d4
Comment from : High Velocity savage

Kevin Lamarr
This came in as a suggested video. I’m just getting started doing tools and repair videos and this would be a great investment to do interviews without a lot of money. I’m just going to make content then upgrade as I get better.
Comment from : Kevin Lamarr

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