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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

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Title :  Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review
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Comments Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

lewisyates_ 1021
It’s actually sick. And the graphics in remastered are brilliant aswell
Comment from : lewisyates_ 1021

NormMacdonald Clips
Love how all the comments are "We need this remastered". Ask and you shall receive!!
Comment from : NormMacdonald Clips

Leeboi89 Last Real Playa Alive
not a bad looking game 🤔
Comment from : Leeboi89 Last Real Playa Alive

Eli Smith
DON'T! cross the streams on ign plz
Comment from : Eli Smith

When you find out you're in the IGN review (thumbnail)
Comment from : IVV

Aidan H.
One complaint from me, why is the single player content so minimal? One campaign and a few side things to distract you, that’s it no side quests, hidden upgrades, etc. What if it had an open world and sometimes you get a call, so you take the ecto-1b to get there bust the ghosts?
Comment from : Aidan H.

Remaster is out!
Comment from : haloawesomedude117

James Matthewson
Switch Verson coming in October 2019!!
Comment from : James Matthewson

Jon-Michael Lastimosa
I'm here because of the remaster!
Comment from : Jon-Michael Lastimosa

Thomas Greve
So its 2019......Here comes The Remastered Game
Comment from : Thomas Greve

Is this the one that backward compatible on the xbox one?
Comment from : bigmanolo26

Simon Trainbrainz
Hey it’s better than Ghostbusters 2016’s video game.
Comment from : Simon Trainbrainz

Amir Mahmood
Em here after seeing the remastered trailer 🙈
Comment from : Amir Mahmood

Ghostbusters remaster is in the call people
Comment from : Trashman

Can’t wait to play through this again on my Ps4
Comment from : Adam

EPIC Gamer
Booiiiss, the remastered is here!!
Comment from : EPIC Gamer

Derrick Haggard
Who's back at this review because of the upcoming remaster.
Comment from : Derrick Haggard

The Blade Runner
Who is here because we are getting a remaster?
Comment from : The Blade Runner

My favourite weapon was the purple laser one.
Comment from : enzmondo

I liked that it had a choice of being male or female.
Comment from : enzmondo

Maaz Anis
Who came here after watching the trailer of ghostbusters remastered version on PS4???
Comment from : Maaz Anis

Comment from : TommyTaino

Who came back to relive the review in waiting for the remaster?
Comment from : TheNaim116

Bruce K
Who’s here for the remaster?!
Comment from : Bruce K

The Hound
Who is here because of the remaster announcement?
Comment from : The Hound

Cdot DaGreat
It’s getting remastered
Comment from : Cdot DaGreat

Harry Finkenstien
Who's here after the remastered trailer?
Comment from : Harry Finkenstien

Lourembam Siddhartha
People be saying we need a remastered version of this.

We do now 😊

Comment from : Lourembam Siddhartha

Who’s here after the remaster announcement?
Comment from : MorganaDays

Greg Miller
Comment from : luqmanr

Ghost busters is my child hood
Comment from : deggey

Just got this game on my xbox one.
I always wanted to play this as a kid but I for some reason never bought it..

Comment from : WorldsWorstBoy

Imagine if this got remastered
Comment from : Melton

Martin Lawless
Why wouldn’t some remember the dancing toaster
Comment from : Martin Lawless

pbandjrocket rocket games
Anyone in 2019?
Comment from : pbandjrocket rocket games

This one of the greatest video games ever made.
Comment from : Oreo-Wizard

Paul Bell
did yous know that the Xbox 360 version isn't region locked
Comment from : Paul Bell

They should make another one! This game would be so cool with a modern look
Comment from : JohnnyQuest12

Zuma The Pup
You never talked about now the cool cgi cutscenes with the ecto's lights are different from when its in game (like when you can walk up to it in a mission)
Comment from : Zuma The Pup

Phantom Limb
As close as we ever got to a real Ghostbusters 3.
Comment from : Phantom Limb

it is a great game I loved it I just wish the come out with a new one id called ghostbusters 2 the new ghostbusters extreme. id love to see a new ghostbusters game with more characters as rookie ghostbusters. also online play would be awesome. but more than that an open world feel to it, where it would be like Spider-Man you can follow the missions or go off and fight other ghosts terrorizing new York and by new York I mean the whole city not just Manhattan. and not one type of ghost but different levels. also be nice if in a new ghostbusters game the incorporated part of the cartoon ghostbusters stories like the ghost trains episode that was awesome. 8.0 is ok its was an awesome game yet it lacked many features I would like in a new one like being able to drive the ecto 1 and actually putting a trap into the containment system. but that's just my take still love the guys, it was a dream come true.
Comment from : Da BIGOMN

Your Wingman
Excuse me, let me go to Gamestop
Comment from : Your Wingman

Dead Meme
I remember watching the movies when I was young and I would also dress up as a ghostbuster around Halloween when I was also young. Im starting to play this game again...so much nostalgia!
Comment from : Dead Meme

Gladiator Spear
I want to play this on ps4...pleasee
Comment from : Gladiator Spear

lmao i played the hell outta this game when it came out
Comment from : SitDownBeMumbo

This game isnt given enough attention, and deserves a remaster.
Comment from : frivvle_my_nivvle

Michael Pegasiou
Playing this in 4k on my pc and damn it looks really with HDR etc,the only ghostbusters worth mentioning.
Comment from : Michael Pegasiou

Christopher Rivet
ps4 remaster!!!!
Comment from : Christopher Rivet

Anyone else here cause its on Xbox One right now?
Comment from : Renegado140

Joseph Ocasio
$4 on Xbox One
Comment from : Joseph Ocasio

Manuel Barreto
7 years holy crap
Comment from : Manuel Barreto

This game is great I still play it.
Comment from : TooKool4Skool98

Jurassic Productions
Back when IGN wasn't a meme...ah the good times...
Comment from : Jurassic Productions

Russell Brown
It's now backwards compatible on Xbox One.
Comment from : Russell Brown

km spdu
I love Ghostbusters
Comment from : km spdu

Ryan Mc Neil
This game made Ghostbusters great again.
Comment from : Ryan Mc Neil

Steven Mathews
Why didn't they just make an animated movie?
Comment from : Steven Mathews

Christhopher Cruzflores
The game as for Atari
Comment from : Christhopher Cruzflores

Roberto Giammattei
Ghostbusters 2016 has shat all over this gem
Comment from : Roberto Giammattei

Samath Lokuge
Sony removed this game from steam so the Ghostbusters 2016 game would sell. Thanks a lot!
Comment from : Samath Lokuge

Big Goofy
The games acts like the third movie because look at the return of stay puff ghosbusters 3
Comment from : Big Goofy

"Great game, minor issues- 8/10" XD Typical IGN
Comment from : PowerfulPorpoise

Mike Hawk
are there other pc ghostbuster games or any other platform. i decided to try their games instead of watching the shitty movie that now came out.
Comment from : Mike Hawk

Cyber Scoundrel
man, Greg Miller is an unbelievably awful reviewer. Every time i've heard him speak about games he sounds like he has no idea what he's talking about.
Comment from : Cyber Scoundrel

TFDP117 ✔️
Here is the 3rd movie people.
Comment from : TFDP117 ✔️

Holmes Huddle
This was THE Best Ghostbusters game ever ! It needs to be remastered .
Comment from : Holmes Huddle

Chance Snyder
Start a petition bring ghostbusters game to ps4 Xbox one bring it
Comment from : Chance Snyder

First game I ever beat
Comment from : neevs

Black Tee Boots Only
this is ghostbusters 3
Comment from : Black Tee Boots Only

s p e a k s l o w e r
Comment from : Boston2George

Rampage Phoenix
They need to bring this back for PS4 as an HD remaster; Whos with me?
Comment from : Rampage Phoenix

Love this game!Coming soon on the channel!
Comment from : HeavilyGamer

Alexander de Montfort
This guy is gonna be devastated when he watches the 2016 film
Comment from : Alexander de Montfort

Emmett Brown
on amazon its80 bucks
Comment from : Emmett Brown

Spike 92.3FM
my friend jony hates this game :(

i cant see why

Comment from : Spike 92.3FM

Papa Steen
Comment from : Papa Steen

This was a great game, played it on ps2 in the old days yeahhh good times
Comment from : Boi

Olle Lundkvist
I got this when I was 7 on my ps3
Comment from : Olle Lundkvist

David James
Talk to fast
Comment from : David James

Binh TC Nguyen
this may be the best video game based on a movie of all time.
Comment from : Binh TC Nguyen

please sequel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : GameStellar

Shaheer Chowdhury
man feel like buying this game now after renting it. Reason why is I just pre-ordered the perfect crossover comic of New York's Four Greatest Heroes from both worlds! The Ghost-Busters/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Comment from : Shaheer Chowdhury

Gabriel Garcia
to be honest this the story in this game actually feels more like 3 Ghostbuster film but in Game mode. so I  disagree  with Reboot but I'll wait for confirm news about if they make new film. 
Comment from : Gabriel Garcia

Captain Cartman
Yep $1.99 on a Steam sale... huge Ghostbusters fan. Totally forgot about this one. Instant buy.
Comment from : Captain Cartman

James Cage
only thing it needs is a highlight task button, sometimes no human would figure out what your suppossed to do to progress the game, it really breaks the expereince when u tried everything known to man n have to go online
Comment from : James Cage

Who ya gonna call?
Comment from : LJ64

modern times
I prefer the in-game cutscenes because in the pre-rendered stuff the video compression really stands out, and the audio is horribly compressed too. Not sure why they did that, especially for the PC release.
Comment from : modern times

Lee Smoove
Hey, if anyone would like to co-op on XBOX 360, please send me a friend request. My gamertag is: Earl Mc2k 713
I really want to beat this game.

Comment from : Lee Smoove

Cody Adams
are the online servers down?
Comment from : Cody Adams

Harek Hoadley
Is this open world?
Comment from : Harek Hoadley

Bondfall 007
Ok when the game first came out, I played it on the wii with a friends copy. But the xbox version looks cooler. Which one should I get?
Comment from : Bondfall 007

matan barash
lego ghosbusters pls
Comment from : matan barash

Rip Egon.
Comment from : IMaximusDMI

Djordje Velenderic
Wow Greg, you arent biased at all !
Comment from : Djordje Velenderic

Andreas Kolb
Come on dudes to be honest this Game called Ghostbuster so i dont nedd a Review that critized the voiceacting which is awesom! I am a kid from the 80s and thats a reason enough for me to get it and play it!!
Comment from : Andreas Kolb

is it me or does it feel like they talk about the games like there advertising it 
Comment from : Foxconnie

if this was on occult rift
it would be amazing

Comment from : Arryn

is youtube working for anyone today?
Comment from : FreshTillDeath56

I did and why do people keep on posting on my old comments?
Comment from : StacheMan

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