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Priest BlackPill
bro,1 dollar on my country its equal to 6 time our money,here if you find a minimum wage job you make 0.786 dollars per hour,like,just think about it,its better to work in a videogame than work in real life on brazil.Sad reallity.
Comment from : Priest BlackPill

John Renardo
So the answer is no
Comment from : John Renardo

Dimitris Kontoleon
So you need to smash your nervus from just win a gun... And even if you win the gun and some ammo is still a lot of work from make some profit.

And even if you make some profit you need 1000 ped from exchange to real money
So need at best 350 hours in to the game to do this idiot move from gane 100 usd.
Maybe is more challenge from me to put 50 usd start trading and hope to go 100 usd. (need to know a lot on ecomonics to have a change)

Comment from : Dimitris Kontoleon

wasn das für ne krächzstimme^^
Comment from : Waipi

Comment from : Billy

Mustafa Mohamed
some people play games for just have fun time

other guys playing games for collect sweat and suffering

Comment from : Mustafa Mohamed

Free to login.
Comment from : TheOneTrue_Mantra

u can gather sweat, bottle it up and sell it lol whuuuut? ok
Comment from : sTuu

Connor lee
hahaha that fucking voice
Comment from : Connor lee

tldr: no. p2w is the core mechanic of the game... ok
Comment from : jklw10

You sound like you're from 2008 on this xD
Comment from : LaoJK

T. S.
Wtf is this game, lately i see more advertisement for it so i wanted to see some gameplay, but from what i see this must be the worst game ever...Looks like they even made the grinding as boring as possible just standing there and holding a weird weapon toward a mobs face for half a day.
Comment from : T. S.

"I just got 4 sweat, it's pretty cool"
No it fucking isn't, sweat is disgusting, why would collecting bottles of it be cool.
2 HOURS FOR A GUN AND SOME AMMO ISN'T TOO BAD? Look sometimes it's ok to write a script and just plan out what you're going to say. ESPECIALLY in this case.

Comment from : Dede

Came here from Mr.Slav
Comment from : TheUndeadBG

So this is the game you can make money playing huh? I'm gonna try this bitch out
Comment from : Fleivor

Samuel RF
at high lvl is hunting profitable? like not a job profitable but you can advance your character profitable?
Comment from : Samuel RF

zul jin
Comment from : zul jin

ABigLetdown Always
I started making Entropia Universe videos today, you are my inspiration :) .Ill probably upload every day. Btw Cereal wanna do a colab vid?
Comment from : ABigLetdown Always

Thank you bro I am broke and getting another job again soon so this will help me get some more ammo lol. I freaked out when I saw it was only worth 0.00 PED So it really worth 0.0001 or something right lol anyways thumbs up and subbing to you man thanks for the tip!
Comment from : Looktothestars

well you basically said that its an MMORPG... you need to pay a monthly fee to be able to play it well. some games do say they are free2play like bdo (after you buy it ones). but every idiot knows that you need to pay monthly about 10-20$ to be able to even compete with noobs. dont even dream of beeing in top 10 000 players... runescape has a free2play mode. this is about 0.1% of runescape. something like a little (very little) demo. but if you pay monthly 10$ (there are ingame ways you can do to pay about 5$ monthly) you can play the real game. there are ways to play without paying money but thats very hard for normal player. only very good ones can do that... but if you pay then its much much more fun. per unfortunately in rs there are ways to pay even more to become a better char. you can even get maxxed out in every skill in a day if you pay enough money. no one does this but imagine in 10 years some one who payed 20$ extra a month will be much much more advanced then you. this will make about 3000$ + monthly fee of 10$. and you if you dont pay a cent extra then you wont get any way near him. it takes about 12000-15000$ to get maxxed in a day or 2... to be honest its worth it if you pay money to max out some grindy and shitty skills for a couple thousend $. i know from my friend. he loves to pay money for extra stuff. game gold, buffs, or even people who lvl for him his char for real money. yeah there are serious website who do that for you. me on the other hand didnt pay any more then 5-10$ a month for the last 2 years. he is already maxxed out in every skill and has the best gear and a couple billion gold. i have only mid gear and am maxxed in a few skills. my gold is only 300million.... thats the difference. i think other mmo are also like that...
Comment from : ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

Sebastian Pini
You sound like Steve-O lol. 😃
Comment from : Sebastian Pini

LIMP stick
this game looks like ass
Comment from : LIMP stick

J Patch
Sounds like torture, especially games where you have to grind. I loved this video tho very interesting even though I don't play the game. :DDDDDD
Comment from : J Patch

Woah do you reply to all comments OP?
Comment from : Diogo

I was totally sold until 4:03... which I knew was coming.... but I was hopeful. Like... I will TOTALLY go grind the worst content in the game for 2 hours to get a gun and some bullets to then grind some more shit tier, but slightly better content, to then naturally progress to the next stage.... etc etc etc. But if at any point in that I wind up back on the first step again.... fuck you no way I don't know or care enough about your universe to ever put myself through that let alone PAY to experience it. Not in 2019. Not in a "f2p" game. I'll stick to PoE, Warframe, DOTA, TF2, hell... EVEN runescape has more rewarding f2p content! Lol
And of course MA doesn't care at all if I don't come play for free... but, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Path of Exile. And thousands across other "f2p" games BECAUSE they were just so rewarding to play. And eventually you are hooked so why not spend some money? But to spend money to get through the gate... nah I'll play something else.

Comment from : DreamWalker

shenaniganz krew 22
Is this your real voice? Sick video
Comment from : shenaniganz krew 22

This is not Free To Play... it is Free To Login
Comment from : EvoPortal

I feel that if someone actually enjoys playing this game, it could be a nice bonus if they can make some money on the side from it, but other than that the time > money ratio really doesn't seem worth it if all someone'd do it for is to make money. Maybe when someone's unemployed or disabled so they can't work and have ample time then I can see it being possibly worth it, but for people who have a well paying full-time job like me it seems like an extremely terrible way to make use of your rare free time, haha.
Comment from : Chocobro

Papillon Effect
It's a scam? Makes sense why I found out about it on an ad on snopes.
Comment from : Papillon Effect

i wouldn't mind playing it free even if it takes me long but farming is boring , work is boring and should not be considered gameplay

for that reason i dislike this so called game

Comment from : kayumust

Kittie Sims Gamer
Sounds like the early days of Lineage II where you had to do a lot of grinding
Comment from : Kittie Sims Gamer

Darth Negative Hunter
you know what's even worse? you need these stuff to have ammo to play.
what's worse than that? you can't get to making that with started gear. meaning you are expected to pay something to get there.

Comment from : Darth Negative Hunter

Dimitris Kontoleon
Is at least value to money game? If I spent 100 usd I can gain more(quite soon) if I am careful?
Comment from : Dimitris Kontoleon

Mystfunkydie noob
Davy jones
Comment from : Mystfunkydie noob

40c an hour more than you make playing COD, WoW or Ark
Comment from : Harr32xis

Joker is that you?!
Comment from : Ashbury

Андрей Иванов
Hey people! Check another Real Cash Economy MMORPG

Planet of Luck
Create your account now and receive 100,000 Coins=$1 in Planet Of Luck

Comment from : Андрей Иванов

You suck! Maaaaaaan
Comment from : HashtagMattt

Thanks for the commentary, helped
Comment from : keksMLG

I played back a year before the British rock-star bought the space station lol I burned out after a 12 hour hunting stint, after all the globals I still did not make a profit so shortly after I quit, I realized the game is a casino and the house always wins. My main, wich once was clad in a full set old school Gould or a Salamander when hunting, now stands in the lobby of the space station, sad and naked :)
Comment from : HeavyDemir

T Hunter
They should pay people to play this trash, not the other way around.
Comment from : T Hunter

“while it is free, time isn’t free.” That hit me hard.. Great vid tho
Comment from : wonton

slasher 342
clears throat
Comment from : slasher 342

Alex Miles
this game look pathetic
Comment from : Alex Miles

Free to play this game is like being in a slave simulator.
Comment from : Breno

luiz carlos do nascimento junior
Comment from : luiz carlos do nascimento junior

Everton Oliveira
Felipe Neto hehe
Comment from : Everton Oliveira

Joao Henrique
Felipe Neto (second largest YouTuber) said that a company bought a planet for 6 million
Comment from : Joao Henrique

Margaret Siçveira
Como joga
Comment from : Margaret Siçveira

Washington Pires
Que lixo, como uma empresa paga uma fortuna por esse lixo de jogo, sem emoção.
Comment from : Washington Pires

Mateus Araujo
Vim pelo Felipe Neto
Comment from : Mateus Araujo

Geison Villa

Comment from : Geison Villa

Nikola Lazic
Man...change your voice pls....
Comment from : Nikola Lazic

Anyone came here from "top 10 most expensive virtual items"?
Comment from : xXGrEyZXx

Not Interested
This pain simulator actually hurt me. I will never be the same again.
Comment from : Not Interested

thank you for being one of the few that give a true perspective. you didn't spew 'you can make real money from playing.'

question - is there any locked content while being a free player?

Comment from : manz

I played about 10 years ago and it took over my life, I loved it but my mates left and eventually I lost interest and chipped out. Land grab was awesome with ck shadows, I left work at 5pm and went online as soon as i got home then we battled for land along side our parent soc until 5am. I have never had a game that was so addictive since then.
Comment from : Kev5565

Ken Tore Foss
This video is so wrong. I have playd the game from 2005 to now. You do quest and mission. new players get items from them... you dont go the way this video show =) if you do not want to pay anything. do mission, get items for it... and keep play at this low lvl or route. Or you can pay little... like you maybe would do on a steam early accses or to play wow in 4 weeks... but rememeber... you can win money in this game!!

Dont think you will win! you want!!! but you can if your lucky !

Comment from : Ken Tore Foss

Konrad Knox
A reminder of better days.
Comment from : Konrad Knox

Konrad Knox

I played back when it was good, before MindArk only wanted deposits.

Comment from : Konrad Knox

raife tritt
1k sweat is 1ped. 1.5ped if you get a good buyer
Comment from : raife tritt

chris weird
I have no idea why im being skeptical about trying this game, I can just play it for free and if i really enjoy myself i wouldn't mind putting money into it. See you in the universe soon!
Comment from : chris weird

Bada Bass
I thought I was listening to Josh peck
Comment from : Bada Bass

It's a casino with the option to buy parts of it directly from the devs, nothing more.
Comment from : Aenygma

What's the minimum you can deposit?
Comment from : SparkMaster

Min wage from a video game... I mean ok it should be reward enough to play in a unique universe and if i get 40 cents for playing a game thats fun id be happy.
Comment from : MRPetSupplies

Michael Chilton
wow I started the video hating his voice I left loving it wtf
Comment from : Michael Chilton

Lets buy that neverdie club
Comment from : AltairSomeGuy

Yazgar Otis
They do have some missions now that make it fun for newcomers and if you are crafty you can get a long way with what you get. But you are right, it is a hard slog if you want to do anything without depositing.
Comment from : Yazgar Otis

x x
Oh and i travled to all plants too, for free. I consinder myself lucky heh. I also been on the mothership Kronan, working on my repair skill and i even got to use the turret and kill some ailen npcs heh
Comment from : x x

x x
I used to play this back then. I worked my way up with sweating. Bought full skeleton (m) outfit and mask, as well the santa outfit etc. Heck even got a global from mining. Never paid for peds either.
Comment from : x x

Justin Cable
ty good coverage w/o being lengthy
Comment from : Justin Cable

Paganbloodlet985 Odin
Biggest scam money grab game i have ever seen it must die
Comment from : Paganbloodlet985 Odin

paul sefton
Compared to most free to play games EU is very limited in what you can do in game, and with sweat at an ATL it will never recover to the good old days, but it is considered a free to play game as you can download it and explore/sweat/ look for fruit and stones on ground, but that is all the free stuff, except if you like like standing around and acting as a seller or town crier typing in chat for other sellers. In other games you get a lot more to do and tend to have way more fun.
Comment from : paul sefton

Do people play this game only to make money?
Comment from : FunkyEspelhoCat

Patriotic Hooligan
I bought 1000 ped and played on it 4 years...now my account is flat broke......yawn....
Comment from : Patriotic Hooligan

sambo bymambo
oil rig ashi still drops 40p/hour 1pick of crude oil is around 3+/-ped if you go alone you will die and leave this place but if you go in 5 ppl(even total nobs/newbs) that got sleipnir u re the winner and ppl stop shooting you coz dying is free and shooting cost money
GO as 5 die/fly back die fly back die till they stop shooting you and lets you pick oil

a small taste how oil rig look for solo nub player
if u go solo you will get killed and oil rig still pays decay for shooting ammo
but if u go in party of 5 no chance for hunter coz its too much decay used and they will stop shooting, thats how to win at pvp with uber players there(read is as noob powa!)

Comment from : sambo bymambo

U betrayed fortnite lol
Comment from : Candeyy

When you hunt you get better guns which are more effective etc. The biggest thing is to get constant income from Estates AUDs and CLDs that can provide with "Free Skills".
Comment from : KSPREE90

James - DecentralisedTech
Yo, when is the subscriber hunt?
Comment from : James - DecentralisedTech

Don Adam
When I started in 2003 I got 43 ped for 26 bottles of sweat during bidding wars in port atlantis:) Now I do it to work on my defensive skills.
Comment from : Don Adam

Bahb Silunt
Fruit Walking mixes exploring (slowly) with resource finding. Also, BIG Industries still pays 2.5/k for sweat if the avatar is below Agility 42 and they go to the daily event at OLA42. So, you can make a whopping USD $0.25 per 3-4 hours off that. It's still better than the USD $0.14 the market is sitting at for the same amount of time.
Comment from : Bahb Silunt

Shunkiro & Viscero93
There are other options to get ped, like entropia partners but it wont get you loads of ped either.... They would help to just recoup a small loss in ped
Comment from : Shunkiro & Viscero93

Wyatt Bunnell
Can I play to night with you since Sunday doesn't work for me?
Comment from : Wyatt Bunnell

Great job Cereal, this is the information new players need to decide whether or not they really want to play.
Comment from : Bayrock

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