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What's the Best Cheap Video Camera? (Under $250)

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Information What's the Best Cheap Video Camera? (Under $250)

Title :  What's the Best Cheap Video Camera? (Under $250)
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Frames What's the Best Cheap Video Camera? (Under $250)

Description What's the Best Cheap Video Camera? (Under $250)

Comments What's the Best Cheap Video Camera? (Under $250)

Juan Kenesu
can i have your Sony Camera or one of your older camera
Comment from : Juan Kenesu

I like this vid
Comment from : J Z

The beginning of this was good. Absolutely great video idea.
Comment from : J Z

Chance Productions
For a super budget camera, a used Powershot (or similar line of products) can be awesome. I bought a used Powershot 110HS that came with an underwater case. It shoots 1080p at 24, perfect!
Comment from : Chance Productions

i found decent stuff and plan to spend 250 dollars on a ENTIRE studio setup
Comment from : PG MV

Darnos Motor
Youtuber recommended,nice video guys
Comment from : Darnos Motor

Stanley Booth
1:24 💕
👇 👇 👇💞

Comment from : Stanley Booth

Dow Kinners
Can someone in the know let me know how the Canon 5D Mark 3 is for shooting films? Ofcourse i know its a great camera and i love it for still photography but what's the general concensus for shooting film on it? Is there a better more moving image specific camera in a similar price range to my 5D?

Comment from : Dow Kinners

sergio cubero
Hello, maybe you can help me a little bit, i am looking for video camera to record my son soccer games, but what worry me is the zoon, is there one in particular that you can recommend me?
Comment from : sergio cubero

I learned allot man thank you. Do u have a link to the cell phone mic
Comment from : Mischief_Syndicate

Michael Pulido
Comment from : Michael Pulido

Vleporama vinyl car decals and 3d prints
i love my sony wx350 but is time to get go pro 7
Comment from : Vleporama vinyl car decals and 3d prints

you kinda looks like Dybala
Comment from : mrsnoo86

Adeeb Md
when having a crappy camera i guess we can really take away with bad composiotioning
Comment from : Adeeb Md

😭😭😭 👍(JVC ???)👍
Comment from : Diwan112

Dan Favata
my apple 6 splus is terrible for moving video on my motorcycle...its too damn shakey
Comment from : Dan Favata

Daniel Alvarez
3:16 made me dizzy
Comment from : Daniel Alvarez

Charlie Simmons
Hey everyone. I'm looking to buy my first video camera. My purpose is to film footwork drills and football workouts as well as routing running. My price range is $300 or less, any suggestions?
Comment from : Charlie Simmons

absolutely love your conclusion. Rings true on so many aspects.
Comment from : q4short

Yo cute
Comment from : Potat2pie

Robby Bryan Matias
Tus videos son realmente buenos
Comment from : Robby Bryan Matias

Meta Logist
This helped a lot man, thank you so much for the input.. I was wondering what to use for my next project and I think I will stick with my iphone 6s + and maybe get some lenses and a gimble :) <3
Comment from : Meta Logist

Ianbest Smith
Oh Bryce Walker is reviewing cameras geez
Comment from : Ianbest Smith

Vivitar maybe good as makeup mirror
Comment from : enjoiRIDEph

If you're willing to have a bit of an affair and go with an unknown brand, occasionally the gamble may pay off. But that's just what it is; a gamble. With a big brand, you pay for consistency - you know exactly what you're paying for. Quality control on a cheap camera is lackluster to say the least, so some may be really good for their price, but others of the same model may be worse than even a dashcam.
Comment from : Snaily

Great tech vid man!
Comment from : C R

Joon kinloch
In your opinion, is the Canon T5 I relevant now to record quality videos for YouTube channel?
Comment from : Joon kinloch

Supreme Tez VLOGS
I think this video was great 😅🔥🔥 and informative but for $250 you can buy used nex 7 24.2 megapixels aps sensor mirrorless camera... which is not only the best video camera under $250 but also the best camera for video under $800 only out done by the newer a600 series
Comment from : Supreme Tez VLOGS

Arnold Windsor
Cheap camera are not good
Comment from : Arnold Windsor

What camera is he using to film the video? 😭
Comment from : Spade314

Mr. LAD - Detailing Tricks N’ Tips
I use a samsung galaxy jv3 for my channel... is it bad? Yes!!! But I'm still getting subs, views, and experience. If people love you it's not because of your camera, it's because of you! Great vid 😁
Comment from : Mr. LAD - Detailing Tricks N’ Tips

You live in Harry Potter's old house??
Comment from : flamengishta

Anyone 2019?
Comment from : DPXDragon

Wizard Wes
Cool video
Comment from : Wizard Wes

Linda Easley
It's been my experience that any video camera cheaper than $150 is a piece of crap . I can't afford those pricey cameras so I would look for something between $150 and $250
Comment from : Linda Easley

potato Aim
Im watchng on a 100 dolla cromebook
Comment from : potato Aim

That part he says this video was not sponsored... ok guy


What the hell is up with this guys choppy ass sentences? Haha “hey guys.............. welcome back............ today where .......... going........... to look.......... at........ you know the rest but FR FR wtf lolol

Eric Freeman 26
wise words thanks
Comment from : Eric Freeman 26

Comment from : Human

Can you review this camera please : www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Sensor-Touch-Screen-WiFi-4K-HD-16X-IFR-DV-Camera-With-Mic-Wide-Lens-SET/223382770971?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Df4757297f2c54dd4b26b3de0baa84fd9%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D192729289734%26itm%3D223382770971&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A4fc2227f-336f-11e9-8ce1-74dbd180b11f%7Cparentrq%3A0056bd0b1690a9c145a0b686ffe51c81%7Ciid%3A1
Comment from : Janah

Scarboro Sasquatch Station
Bunk title dude unless you actually purchase 3 new video cameras , otherwise the $ 600 dollar cell phone when new is not @250 LIMIT new or used !!!
Comment from : Scarboro Sasquatch Station

Matt Rogers
It looked like your battery test only had 'on time' as opposed to 'record time' being judged.

If I'm wrong I'm sure that someone will correct me, but I thought recording used considerably more battery.

Comment from : Matt Rogers

Retro Slothz
Comment from : Retro Slothz

The most funny thing is people come here to find a good camrea. But really the videos about useing what you have to make a story its true though.
Comment from : Bevin

Im the 1,000th comment
Comment from : Bevin

Because I'm watching YouTube it means I already have a smart phone? Do most people watch on their phone? I had no idea of this, I watch on my computer.
Comment from : Matt

Pixel Wolf
Why do u think 250 is cheap
Comment from : Pixel Wolf

I’m which
Comment from : MrTacoPug

Gilbert Troutt
You have been very helpful. Thanks
Comment from : Gilbert Troutt

Sometimes I use my iphone for my channel but for my 2 sec vids I use my other android phone cuz my iphone shatterd and barly works
Comment from : unnamedyoutuber

This was really well made
Comment from : Catster

eloni puppy
U look so tired sleep for better contact
Comment from : eloni puppy

Frosh TV
0:22-0:26 me going shopping in a nutshell
Comment from : Frosh TV

jhgjhgj hgjhgdj
awesome Comparision
Comment from : jhgjhgj hgjhgdj

Ali Rafiei
The Samsung killed it!

But why wouldn't you just use your DSLR to film, instead of a cheap camcorder? (Most cheap camcorders look very mediocre and low quality, no matter how much they claim to be "HD")

Comment from : Ali Rafiei

Hatem elsadany
What's name sony camera? Please
Comment from : Hatem elsadany

Comment from : Teawa

Anzay Warid
Excuse me, you are making a video for the best video camera that is also cheap, and you do it by making a video which a shaking camera????? Could you not put your camera on a tripod, or hold it steady in your hands so we don't get a headache?
Comment from : Anzay Warid

Andy G. Hypolite
my brother love the review... i would go for the Smart phone though!
Comment from : Andy G. Hypolite

Saumyadip Biswas
Which camera did you use to shoot this one?
Comment from : Saumyadip Biswas

Excellent Engineering
The Samsung will use more power if it is recording 4k as this is more processor intensive
Comment from : Excellent Engineering

Val Martin - Real True Education
Is there any camera that can be paused while recording?
Comment from : Val Martin - Real True Education

Frat Grandpa
simple and straight to the point! love it
Comment from : Frat Grandpa

Deniz Kendirci
in 2018; a log profile video shooter smartphone (like lg v30) could be nice choice, i think.
Comment from : Deniz Kendirci

Bart K
my iPhone with big thumbs takes better videos that this shit
Comment from : Bart K

Connor Nyhan
Weirdly enough I liked the JVC the most throughout. The lack of detail gives it a sort of nice style. Although the in mike on it is bad.
Comment from : Connor Nyhan

June Steinhoff
I watched your videos for 3 years now
Comment from : June Steinhoff

June Steinhoff
Can I please have the Sony camera because I do locked but my YouTube channel Jason Lingrenif you want to go check it out and I use my phone for my videos when I really need a camera so maybe you can give me that sell me one if you can address is 1145 St Louis Street
Comment from : June Steinhoff

350$ Panasonic HC-v180 With 500x zoom
Comment from : HazzaFilmz

My friend has the canon vixia
Comment from : domiioum

Noel Friedrich
Canon 5D with kit lens for 120 bucks if you look for good deals
Comment from : Noel Friedrich

Mike Naughton
This was great. You explain well. Fun to watch. Thanks!
Comment from : Mike Naughton

Weeaboo trash
I actually like the JVC video a lot.
Comment from : Weeaboo trash

And to think... all this time I shot videos on the Nintendo 3DS... wow.

But now I have the Sony A5000, so my videos are much crisper than before. Only problem now is to actually upload them...

Comment from : FireNinja606

Brian Bassett
"What's the Best Cheap Video Camera? (Under $250)" out of two random cheap POSs that I can waste money on for the video and two POSs that I already own and know are crap. Why not just do a vid on ingrown pubic hair? I am sure you can find a few. What a dick.
Comment from : Brian Bassett

Josh Smith
You do know Sony owns JVC right. So they're basically the same thing.
Comment from : Josh Smith

Franc Dors Moo
Nice ending.. great video.. piano needs tuning : )
Comment from : Franc Dors Moo

The Missing Link's Younger Brother
I think the phone had the best of everything overall?
Comment from : The Missing Link's Younger Brother

Henny K
Wat cheap camera best for sound quality
Comment from : Henny K

I love you DSLR, but I'm pissed you consider under 250 cheap. (Excluding add-ons of course)
Comment from : MaskedMarioGuy

Just Chilling
Great now make cheap cameras
Comment from : Just Chilling

Jason S2parda
3:30 how were you spinning? 🤔😲
Comment from : Jason S2parda

You forgot to test the zoom function, in that feature the JVC definitely would have won.
Comment from : LUIS GAMA

couldnt you have fix that light like covering it with an umbrella or something??? 2:13
Comment from : Rom3

Dave McKay
any of them. if its below a thousand dollars it teally dont matter.
Comment from : Dave McKay

You could actually get some really cool shots with that Vivitar and use that corruption or whatever it is to your advantage. If your story is set in say a technology-filled wasteland that is constantly under surveillance we could capture a character running and being tracked by a ghetto camera such as the Vivitar. Just one idea. lol.
Comment from : Escapos

Ivan Guerra
Why you speak with an english accent if you are italian ?
Comment from : Ivan Guerra

Christopher Shivers
“I want to focus on the story” ?Thats the directors job the DP job is to focus on the lights and camera, if you just care about the story be a director
Comment from : Christopher Shivers

Kadde026 Rågångsvägen sörby big boysen
What model on the jvc is it? Does it ave time stamp
Comment from : Kadde026 Rågångsvägen sörby big boysen

Kadde026 Rågångsvägen sörby big boysen
Can i get you vivitar handycam please? I pay for shipping
Comment from : Kadde026 Rågångsvägen sörby big boysen

David The Good
You do the best analyses. Great video.
Comment from : David The Good

Marc B.
Panasonic and JVC models from the early 2000's were pretty good, and the Panasonic GH2 in the mirror-less format.
Comment from : Marc B.

HitItWithHemi VEVO
You are sponsored you lier
Comment from : HitItWithHemi VEVO

Giorgio Garofalo
And italian subtitle? None??
Comment from : Giorgio Garofalo

your skills are so amazing, you made a tech video very interesting to watch, subbed!
Comment from : rose

Esdras Cazarez
Your so cringe 🤢
Comment from : Esdras Cazarez

ben maguire
Hello Simon just stumbled across your channel .. some good tips .. thanks
Comment from : ben maguire

Rodolfo Hernández
Canon t3i or can6 t6?
Comment from : Rodolfo Hernández

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