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Integrated Intel HD Graphics Vs $40 Budget Graphics Card | Is It Worth It?

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Information Integrated Intel HD Graphics Vs $40 Budget Graphics Card | Is It Worth It?

Title :  Integrated Intel HD Graphics Vs $40 Budget Graphics Card | Is It Worth It?
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Frames Integrated Intel HD Graphics Vs $40 Budget Graphics Card | Is It Worth It?

Description Integrated Intel HD Graphics Vs $40 Budget Graphics Card | Is It Worth It?

Comments Integrated Intel HD Graphics Vs $40 Budget Graphics Card | Is It Worth It?

Nut Screw Gamer
Intel gamers: Ironic
Comment from : Nut Screw Gamer

Intel hd 2000 gang here
Comment from : Snworb

Black Assassin
I have intel hd graphics 620 with 8gb integrated vram and i can run most of the games at good fps
Comment from : Black Assassin

hamdadou cherif mourad
police: Walking on the moon !
Comment from : hamdadou cherif mourad

William Wynn
I bought the GT630 New. The guy at the store told me that it would improve the graphics and I could even play games. Well the graphics were about the same and I still could not play games.
Comment from : William Wynn

Its a small diference, but it maters
Comment from : Vasssi

3:4 average silver3-gold1 gameplay in 2020 😂😂😂
Comment from : Zsolt0IQ

eric lee
whats the intro BGM?
Comment from : eric lee

Gaming York
My laptop with HD 2000 cant even play gta 3 at 60 FPS XD :.(
Comment from : Gaming York

Nikita Zaycev
How about Intel HD 4600 tho? Cuz that is the one that comes with the 4th gen i3's - i7's. Which is 2x faster on average than the "HD Graphics" that comes with the G3258
Comment from : Nikita Zaycev

Lone_Babe Forest
when u force to play in intel HD anything is playable.
Comment from : Lone_Babe Forest

tbh id be happy with these specs:
GT 710 (2 VRAM)
i3 CPU 2.80Ghz

cuz i play csgo alot and i play stretched anyways so id get at least 60fps cuz right now i play on a potato and i get 25 fps

Comment from : sadd666

Julian Mackay
i play gta v at 25-30 fps on 1080p. 720p takes me up to 40-45 fps.
low-med settings

Comment from : Julian Mackay

Vedu T
this guy does'nt really know what does playable means
Comment from : Vedu T

Holy crap I completely forgot this used to be your intro
Comment from : Boktorinator

2:25 I spent about 2500 hours in that game with that setup right there...
Comment from : TheCRTProductions

Kaizer Seloterio
wow 2016 aahahaha
Comment from : Kaizer Seloterio

When you watch RandomGaming*HD*
in 144p

Comment from : Lagoz

D7am Lord
Guys i hav big Question, if i buy a graphic card for my AMD pc, do still i got benefit from my viga graph in APU, or not? Just viga will hold only Geforce work? If yes both work how to benchmark that
Comment from : D7am Lord

McMasterPro Genius
Comment from : McMasterPro Genius

Still better than my 1gb GT 120
Comment from : Gold

not your business
every graphic card is better than intel hd graphics
Comment from : not your business

Savam Stiliui
how can you run fallout 4 on intel hd, for me it didn't render textures and i got black screen
Comment from : Savam Stiliui

Echo Benchmarks & Tech
I had an i5-2500k with a mobo that allows igpu overclockong and I got the hd 3000 stable to 1950 mhz. Rocket league ran 40-50 fps on 1080p
Comment from : Echo Benchmarks & Tech

You cant even call the gt 710 a graphics card it's just a dumb card used to video output that's it
Comment from : fisheyebrick

Nvidia will always beat intel
Comment from : Ocleg

Sneaksie Taffer
Integrated graphics is the wave of the future, not expensive graphics cards that become obsolete within WEEKS if not months. SSD, CPU and memory speeds are increasing at an exponential rate so there will be no need for a separate graphics processor. In the early days of computing it was due to the slow speeds of those components that made separate graphics cards necessary.
Comment from : Sneaksie Taffer

jason campbell
I'm not going to even watch this, yes the 710 brings a little (and I mean a little) benefit. The Pentium G3258 graphics are closer to something like a GT610.
Comment from : jason campbell

I bought a used GT 730 2GB for $40 shipped. Is it a decent upgrade from onboard Intel HD 2000 graphics?
Comment from : talldude123

I miss the intro.
Comment from : thedungeondelver

You wish there was in this time and athlon 200ge because it can beat them all for 50$ and you don't have to consider buying a CPU or GPU beside it
Comment from : fisheyebrick

Sarcasm 4 Life
Integrated AMD Radeon? Its not that of a big potato
Comment from : Sarcasm 4 Life

Musheer Alam
I'm from 2099 My room heater runs crysis 10 at 16k ultra graphics and extreme 1000 FPS it is a shit... : (
Comment from : Musheer Alam

Nikola Georgiev
Paying what 40$ for 10fps and 70$ new, you guys need to rethink life
Comment from : Nikola Georgiev

Can Intel hd graphics run games/videos at 1080p ? Or the max quality is 720 ?
Comment from : LINXITIE

raghu raamm
This is not real how can I run medium spec fortnite better than csgo GT 710 feeling great 🤣
Comment from : raghu raamm

Comment from : RainbowFoxSilo

Edi Ajdarov
Comment from : Edi Ajdarov

your on crack omfg

Alejandro Gallardo
have to disagrre, test it with newer integrated intel hd processor like from the 6gen forward, they improved enough and have a very acceptable performance , of course to have an integrated u can forget of things like playing games on ultra and 4k and shit like that, they r not for that gaming, even though its amazing how the integrated gpu department have improved in the last years of course more amd thats miles and miles away from intel, i guess thats why they hired raja koduri
Comment from : Alejandro Gallardo

Enfant Terrible
For 40 bucks you can get a used HD7870/770
Comment from : Enfant Terrible

overclock the gpu and get 30%better performance seriously this gpu can be overclocked atlot without facing any issues and best thing after overclocking also it never goes upto75degree
Comment from : Blacky

This guy has so many bad PCs he could sell them and get a god setup
Comment from : SoszTehYoutuber2

does the Pentium G3258 has the same igpu as Celeron G1820?
Comment from : Coulson_CC

Reynaldo Quispe Misaico
I want see fps
Comment from : Reynaldo Quispe Misaico

dragon ytube
i got a gigabyte windforce gtx 750 ti and i play on csgo 1080p highest settings with 200+ fps lol...
Comment from : dragon ytube

Ratan Bharadwaj
My onboard chip was an old intel GMA with core 2 duo e8400
I couldn't even play nfs mw 2005 at 640*480 on lowest setting
Now i bought the gt 710 and i can run any game upto 2013 and some newer games like pinball fx3 , Dovetail train simulator 2016(TS2016).
well, it was a great upgrade from a garbage gma to a decent gaming machine

Comment from : Ratan Bharadwaj

Gt520m was a disaster dude. Intel hd 4000 was such big difference
Comment from : Lodewijk

AO bro
me gt 7100 intel pentium
Comment from : AO bro

Soviet Reunion
It's worth noting that different integrated graphics are often vastly different in performance. For starters, the medium tier graphics on i3s and i5s are more than twice as powerful as the low tier ones on Pentiums and Celerons of the same generation. Also, there's about a 50% increase in performance between generations, but this seems to have decreased after Haswell. Overall, an HD 4400 or 4600 (or a mid tier from later generations, or any high tier one) is quite suitable for gaming on a budget. It will playably run tons of games with supposedly higher minimum requirements. So you may be better off getting a used office PC with a powerful i5 and decent integrated graphics than buying a discrete card for a weak PC. Used high-power cards seem like an especially dodgy investment, given that they're probably the most failure-prone PC component and a used one would likely be near the end of its lifetime.
Comment from : Soviet Reunion

Shift from Intel HD graphics(1st gen) no dx 11 support to GTX 1060 is simply night and day difference
Comment from : KSMFG

A passive cooled GPU can beat a fan cooled CPU that's haves an ass graphics but still the 710 is a crappy GPU you can get better for the same price if you look the used market
Comment from : fisheyebrick

Jared Vise
i don't understand why people call 30fps "unplayable". just because it isn't optimal, doesn't mean you can't have a good time playing the game.
Comment from : Jared Vise

Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
Just me or these Nvidia gpus you see now look like something made for a small tower chassis rather than a medium tower chassis you used to see a lot of?
Comment from : Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

Pierre Lourens
don't know how u got fallout 4 to run on that lol. but fallout 3 will run very well. but u need to download the intel HD graphics fix
for fallout 3

Comment from : Pierre Lourens

Paul Dodd
i got r7 240 2 gig card , love it cos it plays the new wow expansion on lvl 7 ... that only 3 down from ultra , on my monitors top res too, yeah i only get 35 fps but its great and only 23 quid from cex
Comment from : Paul Dodd

Kobe Sibley
All those games seemed playable except on the Intel HD graphics
Comment from : Kobe Sibley

I remember when you used to have the pentium and 750ti. Good times
Comment from : 『Blank』

Jeremy Oliver
I got a 710 for $20 at microcenter. It runs battlefield 4 with an i5 4570. EZ
Comment from : Jeremy Oliver

Dos Doktor
RandomGamingInHD YOU HAVE NO SOUND!!!!!!! RePost before too many people skip the video...
Comment from : Dos Doktor

Rupesh Arabekar
Can it Play Amazon Prime Videos Hotstar youtube at 1080p smoothly?
Comment from : Rupesh Arabekar

siddhant koirala
If a game runs, does it use both intregrated graphics and dedicated graphics plz explain
Comment from : siddhant koirala

Riccardo Rivi
we have a thomas' friend on the right
Comment from : Riccardo Rivi

Damn intel. Very crispy
Comment from : Cazza

The GT 710 also come with 1 or 2 gig GDDR 5 ....
Comment from : SLENDERMAN

Orion Star
wow gt 710 is absolutely abysmal
Comment from : Orion Star

Adolf Stalin
I have a overclocked gt 710 2gb
Comment from : Adolf Stalin

so I just bought a 720...don't know why. it was $9. Figured I'd find some use for it
Comment from : Manny

LoL Fr3nkl1
Can someone recomend me what gpu to buy with 40$ for gaming
Comment from : LoL Fr3nkl1

Caleb Harwell
The title is very misleading. This is a quite old Pentium processor barely able to even boot windows in a reasonable amount of time.
Comment from : Caleb Harwell

Well if you gave 64 mb video card then the upgrade is really good
Comment from : OGVilzu

M Zaid
Great video very helpful i always love your videos , one more thing cool t-shirt man where you buy that ?
Comment from : M Zaid

Hauptmann Burner
2:05 I didn't know we were playing fallout 4 on xbox one.
Comment from : Hauptmann Burner

Kye Justice
Gt 710 is still better because you can overclock it and get 15-20 fps more
Comment from : Kye Justice

I have a serious question I’m buying a prebuilt desktop with an i5 3470 with Intel 4400 graphics if I buy an evga card with 2-4 Gb of ddr3 ram will that be better than stock 4400 integrated or no

I only wanna play Minecraft and fall out 3 and fortnite a little not too much fortnite tho sense I’m mainly on Xbox

Comment from : J2XG

Try the gt 705 pls
Comment from : Cacheira14

I think it's clear that you cant hear a thing that don't make noises
Comment from : smu

Adil Ishtiaq
I got used GT 620 for $18
Comment from : Adil Ishtiaq

Sammy Mem'Star
I would've mentioned you can overclock the processor, but you already seam to have done that. I mean. You could've used an amd build. It probably would've been cheaper and you could've gotten a chip with 8 cores instead of 2 with an extra 500mhz-1000mhzO/C. You would need a different board, but you could perhaps get something for $150. You really don't even need to save that much. I think even with a new board it would still cost the same. I don't know how an educated consumer can buy an intel cpu and not feel guilty.
Comment from : Sammy Mem'Star

Happy Sisters
Intel blurry
Comment from : Happy Sisters

Achal Gupta
u brit?
Comment from : Achal Gupta

Hayden Verge
I have it in my pc with a core i5 2400 and It's good and games won't even run wituout my gt710
Comment from : Hayden Verge

Straw Bandit
In my optiplex 760 the integrated graphics only has 64 mb of vram so It was a good choice to buy a cheap upgrade until I have enough to get a better card.
Comment from : Straw Bandit

Serj Star
depending on wich intel hd graphics u got plus u can use a program to allocate more video ram on intel igpu then wait just a tiny bit and buy something for twice the price and u will be trippling the fps
Comment from : Serj Star

Serj Star
wait till u get a better card
Comment from : Serj Star

Vincent Laurensius
It's a good upgrade for your old computer like mine. My computer's Q35 Integrated GPU is shit.
Comment from : Vincent Laurensius

Click Gming
Intel hd 2500 or gt 710??
Comment from : Click Gming

Marley Hobbs
currently using a laptop with integrated graphics but now I'm buying a pc with a i3 and a rx 560
Comment from : Marley Hobbs

Rhys Bartram
The gt710 runs csgo good enough to enjoy ngl
Comment from : Rhys Bartram

Their graphics are quite the same but gt 710 has a good FPS more than the intel HD
Comment from : TMGHD272ツ

How do you used integrated graphics? I have a i5 8600k and want to use the uhd 630?
Comment from : GavSTAR

CheeseBurger Jesus
"I wouldn't call anything you saw playable, and I'm sure you wouldn't either.". Uhh... The only thing I saw unplayable was Fallout 4 on Intel HD...
Comment from : CheeseBurger Jesus

Comment from : XZ_BaconMan

Super tight budget or super micro budget instead of super budget, not making it sound like you're rich.
Comment from : WellBeSerious12

Luciano Becchero
saludos desde argentina.
Comment from : Luciano Becchero

gaibi gangmei
My igp hd7650d (a8 5500)is faster than both
Comment from : gaibi gangmei

2:34 killed by a bot..LMAO
Comment from : NoCopyrightDubsteps

JR William
You can play fallout 4 with integrated graphic?
Comment from : JR William

Like Clockwork64
You want a discreet GPU that comes with lots of memory bandwidth (not memory) and fast graphics memory (either GDDR3-GDDR5). The additional speed and bandwidth play a huge role in the power of the GPU. The PS4 APU is still a monster specifically because of memory bandwidth.
Comment from : Like Clockwork64

Yahya Safoury
Mate where are you from in the UK?
Comment from : Yahya Safoury

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