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What Graphics Card to Buy - Early 2020

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Information What Graphics Card to Buy - Early 2020

Title :  What Graphics Card to Buy - Early 2020
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Comments What Graphics Card to Buy - Early 2020

5:05 Save your penis 😂
Comment from : Motiman

David Gerritsen
Hi Linus,
when is the new "what graphics card to buy" video planned?
love you work, keep it up!! :)

Comment from : David Gerritsen

chaminda godakanda
Why spend all this money on a GPU when you can get an Ouya am i right or am i right
Comment from : chaminda godakanda

Putting sponsor content before real content will get you a downvote every time.
Comment from : J F

The 5700 and 5700xt are better on paper, until you look at reviews and realize 20% of people are getting cards that black screen and crash even after updated drivers. Not to mention that they run at blistering hot temps, so they won't last as long as nvidea.
Comment from : J Q

Linus: smacks $600+ gpu
Comment from : Soggi_Pancakes

Adam Playz
Can anyone tell me a good graphics card between 200 and 300 USD please 😭. I’ve been looking for one for ever...
Comment from : Adam Playz

Does brand matter?
Comment from : Jakethasnake52

No ads please.
Comment from : Jakethasnake52

Jamie Evans
what about a 1070ti ??
Comment from : Jamie Evans

Rice Nugget
i am getting serious frame rate drops. I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 and an AMD Ryzen 5 which one should i upgrade? or any other solutions to fix my frame rate?
Comment from : Rice Nugget

Martin Dinahet
Linus just wants us to waste our money on graphics cards
Comment from : Martin Dinahet

Itay Bernstein
So this is how I got a brand new MSI RTX 2080 Ti for 350$.

I bought a used MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio for 350$ with a help from my dad (he paid 250$). It all went great, until we tested some games. We ran GTA and I noticed extreme fps drops (went from 140 fps to 10 fps for a millisecond) but I didn’t really care about it. I ignored it. Next thing my game crashes and I see green circles, triangles and more things on my screen. I called my dad take a look at it (He has a lot of experience with pc stuff). He told me to just restart the pc. I did. I was calm and was waiting for the pc to reboot but it didn’t. Like Windows didn’t start. I was still very calm since I was sure we could fix this and I was optimistic. I tried to fix the pc for 2 freaking days and nights. I was determined that I could fix this. I ended up completely resetting my pc and still unable to fix the graphics card. I contacted the seller who was really nice and kind. He helped me get a refund for it.. Eventually I got a brand new RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio for free since the normal 2080 wasn’t in stock. This means that I paid 350$ for a freaking 2080 Ti. Amazing. This all happened a week ago btw.

Comment from : Itay Bernstein

Immortal Fruit
jus buy a 1660 TI an a 3700x CPU an a compatible motherboard you'll be fine u can run

GTA V, Modern Warfare, Fortnite, PUBG basically everything

Comment from : Immortal Fruit

Is it too much to ask for a third serious player in the cpu/gpu field? The world is an enormous place! Why are there so many car companies and so few chip companies? Younger industry I guess, though not so young that 2 companies should be the natural stasis.
Comment from : aaronsdavis

hey guys im trying to upgade my laptop can someone please donate Dm on discord Syphie#9620
Comment from : Syphie

Wilklein Millien
I no longer trust this man after I was played for a fool on another one of his channels.
Top 10 Anime Betrayals.
It still hurts man
Why man WHYYY
Innocently wanted faster internet for free
why u gotta play me for a fool like that ;(

Comment from : Wilklein Millien

What's a good mid budget card to get some Ray tracing?
Would the 1660 be a good upgrade for a GDDR5 board, or do I need A 2060?

Comment from : Mobbs

avery baxter
I’m stumped I’m looking at getting a pc and I don’t know what GPU to get the 2070 super or the 5700xt i want ray tracing but if I get the 5700xt then the rest of my pc parts can be upgraded substantially
Comment from : avery baxter

Duke Harris
someone explain to me how i can get a 2080 super for cheaper than a 2080.....
Comment from : Duke Harris

N0pe g
Who else is exited for the next gen GPU. RTX 3000's
Comment from : N0pe g

N0pe g
I got the GTX 1080 Ti 2 weeks after it came out and that's 4 years ago
Comment from : N0pe g

Stanlee Mwai
Gtx 1080ti still the king
Comment from : Stanlee Mwai

nvidia: upgrade your gpu
970: Hahahahhaahhahaha

Comment from : Almeida

Hey this mans a Fellow Canadian and he's giving me American prices :P
Comment from : Regulator

Leopard Heck
me over here with my Geforce GT 730: ...
800 dollar pc in 2018 btw, screw you cyberpower

Comment from : Leopard Heck

Wyatt Driscoll
linus's sponsor transitions are smoother than my flirting attempts
Comment from : Wyatt Driscoll

That one Kid
i bought a 1660ti in no nut november was that a good choice?
r5 2600x
16gb 3000mhz ram

Comment from : That one Kid

James Segers
Why did you have to ask for twists and turns in 2020!
Comment from : James Segers

NoT Andrew
i like how in the thumbnail there is a RTX Titan
Comment from : NoT Andrew

If you want a performance boost have your girl friend(significant other) blow on the
card...if that doesn't work, direct her to blow something else and you wont
care about the performance of the card...just the performance of the
blow ;) the choice is pretty clear...

Comment from : Chaotic-Step

I’m gay
Comment from : areufkingkiddingme

Jazmi Hamizan
planned cpu upgrade: Ryzen 3 3300x + motherboard: around $250
planned gpu upgrade (dying from godforsaken 1050ti here): RTX 2070 / GTX 1080 Ti : $400-$500

current budget: $40

Comment from : Jazmi Hamizan

Roshan Ekka
I'll consider rtx 2060 super
Comment from : Roshan Ekka

Simon Christian
The 5700 XT or the 2070 super seems to be the sweet spot right now for higher-end performance. I think I will spend the extra $100-$130 for the 2070 super and get the 15-20% performance increase.
Comment from : Simon Christian

I Bought a Radeon XFX RX 480 For $250 Now they went up to $420 and $199 Refurbished Someone tell me what is up with the prices of these Gpus
Comment from : FireAntzBlazing

Oliver Crookshank
Is the gtx 1650 super AMD compatable
Comment from : Oliver Crookshank

Clive Ellis
Comment from : Clive Ellis

michael freeman
Hey, I am trying to decide which graphics card to buy in order to fully take advantage of the valve index without going a penny over. This video is helpful, but I am still wondering what the difference is between an MSI branded card vs an evea vs an asus. Why do they have different brands but are called the same graphics card? Like this if you are wondering the same and hopefully I can get some straight answers!
Comment from : michael freeman

Hi @Linus Tech Tips,
I have i5 3450, Dell 2216H - Full HD monitor and MSI GTX 460 1GB DDR5.

GPU upgrade options:

Sapphire pulse RX 580 4GB : 156$

MSI Radeon Armor OC RX 580 4GB: 171$

MSI Radeon Armor OC RX 570 8GB: 190$

MSI Radeon Armor OC RX 580 8GB: 195$

MSI Radeon Armor RX 580 8GB : 198$

Which one should I choose or any other GPU options are also welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Comment from : aNjEeTs

august vctjuh
People! You should consider power consumption, or performance / power consumption, too. For me, power usage is over double the cost of my GTX 970 after using it for 7 years.
Comment from : august vctjuh

iRes TV
Talk about twists and turns
Comment from : iRes TV

Can somebody please help me. I don't have any graphics card in my PC and I don't have enough money to buy one but I just want to play games from itch.io
Comment from : DARK EXPLORER

Adam Rutger
I want to know. What would you say is better. A dual rtx 2080 ti or a single rtx titan. You can get both for about the same price and I want to know which would be better.
Comment from : Adam Rutger

Gt120 still works great no need to upgrade!! Radon ATI HD5870 also works great no need to upgrade!!
Comment from : joebonsaipoland

Krazy Not Ken
I still use GTX 960
Comment from : Krazy Not Ken

"twists and turns"
Comment from : G1NG33R

Timothy Waldin
gtx 710 gang
Comment from : Timothy Waldin

Mister Immortal
GTX 1060 is still the best investment I've ever made for my PC.
Comment from : Mister Immortal

Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
The Radeon VII is stupid for gaming, but it might make sense (if you can find one) if you're buying for GPU computing. Similarly, the dual 2070 Super cards should thoroughly kick the ass of a 2080 Ti in that application, and you're still got decent gaming performance even if you can only use one card for that.
Comment from : Shirley Márquez Dúlcey

nazim wani
Which is the best graphic card for ddr3 nowadays ?
Comment from : nazim wani

2060 super 8GB, yes or no.
Comment from : lightmybeer

Looking to buy a 2070 super I got 580$ which one is the best brand?
Comment from : xXOverLordXx

Azriel imran
I'm not Christian but do u guys get money or gifts on Christmas?
Comment from : Azriel imran

I have also made a video on this topc you can watch youtu.be/VoIQ8IusMI8
Comment from : INFINITY GAMER

Pamela Williamson
what monitor would work with the 2060?
Comment from : Pamela Williamson

Matthew Jackson
I watch a Linus vid and The first ad is with Linus lol
Comment from : Matthew Jackson

Hayabusa TK
I need a build that can handle gaming and GoPro footage/editing, 1080 Superview @60fps. GoPro site says the 1650 which my desktop prebuilt runs, should be good but for some reason, playback footage is stil just as unstable as my previous PC which was old as a mouldy carrot and slow as fcuk lol
Comment from : Hayabusa TK

Gamer DJ_Xd123
What should i buy in 2020 rtx 2060 or 1080 ti i found a 1080 ti for 250€ someone pls tell me

Comment from : Gamer DJ_Xd123

Sion Marak
Titan: what's that thing called money? Is that a joke I'm too rich to understand?
Comment from : Sion Marak

Lucky Games
are these prices cad?
Comment from : Lucky Games

So was an overclocked 8gb rtx 2060 super ASUS Strix for $450 worth it? Or could I have got more value elsewhere?
Comment from : Doik

I got a 1080 ti for $500
Comment from : Hyrulechase

7:01 Linus, we didn’t want these kinds of twists and turns for 2020
Comment from : Whom

I need help with my lockdown setup, is the GTX 1050 TI a good option to play games such as R6 and games around that level?? If not, is there any you guys really cxomend?
Comment from : Coffin

nan nan
What's wrong with the Radeon VII?
Comment from : nan nan

Could using a crap gpu in my second PCIe slot break anything
Comment from : Rayquantum

Obama's body guard
Rx 5600 is now the best for the 300-200 dollar range
Comment from : Obama's body guard

LD dark.
is 1650 good for 144hz 1080p gaming?
Comment from : LD dark.

Márk Lábodi
Wow thats so helpful! These cards are awesome!
Comment from : Márk Lábodi

Daffa Barin
cries in 1050
Comment from : Daffa Barin

Scott Roberts
Twist and turns...ya 2020's got that covered!
Comment from : Scott Roberts

"AfTeR yOu BlOw"
Comment from : CELESTIYAL

Leonardo Rivera-Garcia
I only know you from the mf honey ads
Comment from : Leonardo Rivera-Garcia

Got da 2080s founders
Comment from : Linger

first vid i can use 1440 2160 p
Comment from : Hi_im_katt

My build was a ryzen 5 2600 with an RX 5700 and 16 gigs of ddr4 3200
On an asrock b450m pro4 with Rosewill 550w and total cost was 710 usd

Comment from : CecilDaBomb1117

Thaha P.a
AMD RX 5600XT is not even in the list.... why...?
Comment from : Thaha P.a

TMA Censaye
I’m new to building a pc and have a question:

Why are there so many graphics cards with “RTX 2060” but look different and have different names?

Comment from : TMA Censaye

5700 with flashed bios is the best bang for your buck hands down.
Comment from : Switch72nd

im just a casual gamer, and what a jungle, to find a new graphics card, IT`S a jungle
by the way enjoy your videos

Comment from : DIRKSLAYER

hm, I should have waited one year for a 5700 or 5700 xt, still happy with my vega 64... undervolt to lower the power hunger level a little and you are good to go. Most games at wqhd run fine for me, aroudn the 6o fps margin although Metro for example had massive drops in some areas, so I turned down graphics. still beautiful to look at even with non-ultra settings. I guess for CP2077 I will switch from wqhd to fullhd on my 27 inch monitor to set the graphics a little higher. Still means no RTX but I can live with that. means maybe upgrade in 1-2 years, if not later. good for now for my gaming purposes.
Comment from : Luemm3l

Guys can you help me plz i dont know what to buy a RTX 2060 or a 5700 XT
Comment from : nothelpful

Peter Crawford
I'm building a new tower, and my question is this:

EVGA RTX 2070s vs Nvidia RTX 2070s, is there really much of a difference?
There's a huge price gap between the 2 cards for me here in Canada... EVGA at 769 CAD vs Nvidia at 1099...

Should I just go with a different RTX card altogether? I'm having a hard time finding any useful information on this. Im wondering if I should maybe go with a 2060s at this point. I'm very lost so any help would be appreciated!

Comment from : Peter Crawford

Evan Reid
7:01 Linus screwed us over
Comment from : Evan Reid

Fidel Guevara
Kinda annoying how a Canadian based company uses American prices for everything. How about you make Canadian specific builds?
Comment from : Fidel Guevara

I use premiere pro and other encoding software. I've been eye-balling the 2070 super, but it's not on premiere pro's reccommended gpu list. Any chance you know it's better to just get the normal 2070 for the software?
Comment from : jaicha88

Mike Xenos
Comment from : Mike Xenos

im broke asf watching this with a 660
Comment from : Dylon

BunnyWolfe 26
Hey Linus uh could you um maybe um just possibly just give me a free RTX titan. 😁
Comment from : BunnyWolfe 26

Quintus Grobler
2070 Super it is!
Comment from : Quintus Grobler

I have an amd rx 580 gpu currently, Any recommendations?
Comment from : imRamel

3:54 - It totally is a no-contest decision, since 5700 XT is cheaper than a 2060 Super in my town. Except I'm also considering holding out for the next generation. Ahh, decisions - decisions...
Comment from : InfiniteDarkMass

Emanuel Almonte
Can the Radeon Rx5700 work on a micro atx.. could it have any issue from overheating ? Is their a way to not let it overheat.
Comment from : Emanuel Almonte

AMD yes!
Comment from : 魏甚么

Play BC
Linus I’m wondering if you’re interested to work on a 2008 office computer and see if you can make a sleeper pc out of it it has the first intel core I-7 and 6gb of ram
Comment from : Play BC

Jamie McConnell
Is the the GTX 1660 super really worth £50 pounds more than the RX 5500 XT 8gb? because that's how the prices are now
Comment from : Jamie McConnell

James Mason
In my opinion the best graphic card you can buy is the rtx 2070 super, I have this Asus rog strix version:


and it's awesome. It's a high cost / high value component you can use to game in 4k at everything without the too inflated price of the 2080 and 2080 ti.

Comment from : James Mason

thomas reddick
linus-dont expect to find any cards less than 100 dollars next sentence stay tuned to watch all the crappy cards we buy from wish.... yuck...
Comment from : thomas reddick

2070 vs 2080 Ti. 2080 Ti wins, 2x more CUDA cores, and 11GB GDDR6. Now we can play those demanding simulation games like Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo and Transport Fever 2, in 4k. Yes the price hurts, but it's a good investment and sometimes you have to invest.
Comment from : ALxdCr4ftPlays

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