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How to: Optimize Intel HD Graphics for GAMING & PERFORMANCE (2020)

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Information How to: Optimize Intel HD Graphics for GAMING & PERFORMANCE (2020)

Title :  How to: Optimize Intel HD Graphics for GAMING & PERFORMANCE (2020)
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Frames How to: Optimize Intel HD Graphics for GAMING & PERFORMANCE (2020)

Description How to: Optimize Intel HD Graphics for GAMING & PERFORMANCE (2020)

Comments How to: Optimize Intel HD Graphics for GAMING & PERFORMANCE (2020)

Basic PCTuner
Thanks for watching, subscribe and stay tuned with us.
Comment from : Basic PCTuner

Ronaldo Whytehead
Can all these settings work for my intel (r) pentinum(r) CPU 5405u @ 2.30 GHz, Intel uhd 610 graphics
Comment from : Ronaldo Whytehead

the Diamond Ship
shit i only have intel graphics UHD 505

will this work?

Comment from : the Diamond Ship

Greysen Proulx
For disable dynamic stick it says the boot configureation data store could not be opened access denied.
Comment from : Greysen Proulx

after optimization guide my pc started to crash
Comment from : RustBoy

Ha, He Has An Nvidia Card 2:59
Comment from : Kevin

Can I try this on windows 7? Or just for windows 10?
Comment from : MF AW

Fabian Alfaro
I want to play gta v or fortnite if i use this it works, i have intel hd graphics core i3 380m and 4gb of ram
Comment from : Fabian Alfaro

I am not able to install intel driver snd support assistant error code 0x70080005
Comment from : CHOUGULE

Wesley Leeroy
do we have to keep ISLC on in the background when we're playing games?
Comment from : Wesley Leeroy

Should I start this applications every time I reboot
Comment from : RerarinZero

Haven’t seen any comments about this. If I have a 64bit system don’t I pick the 64bit key inside the GMM folder?
Comment from : Im_S4M

med khalil
intelR pentium cpu 2127u @1.90ghz 1.90ghz
INTEL hd graphics how to play better games help

Comment from : med khalil

John Christian Ralex Pascua
hi bro. what should i put on ILSC
the list size is atleast ____MB
Free memory is lower than ___MB
i have 4gb ram
thanks bro!

Comment from : John Christian Ralex Pascua

Thank you so much been trying to do this for about a week ur vid is the only one that has helped. Subbed❤️❤️
Comment from : KTX

HELP! Tried increasing my vram and after restarting it still remains the same.
Comment from : Amz

Marc Proaño
Thanks :D
Comment from : Marc Proaño

Toto Limia
It does not appear the option "Power" on System... Help pls
Comment from : Toto Limia

Khemic elims
What do I put if I have 12gb of ram
Comment from : Khemic elims

Bro i dont have power in this intel commmand
Comment from : akaAztecsツ

I really appreciate the fast replies on the comments, it almost feels like they take it for granted.

Also I haven't tried this yet but I already have a feeling it'll work

Have a great day and stay safe :)

Comment from : DangerouslyPredictable

Loctis Caelum
how do i change back the cmd (dynamictick)?
Comment from : Loctis Caelum

Ban Lucis
How do I revert the cmd?
Comment from : Ban Lucis

This videos would do better if people talk
Comment from : S Z

Rebotxd [GD]
5:05 Is 32 bits or 64? I am 64
Comment from : Rebotxd [GD]

Rebotxd [GD]
Yeah i need this cause i am playing with 3 fps Valorant :/
Comment from : Rebotxd [GD]

1:00 I don't have the Power option, can i fix it?
Comment from : Ghedo

Does this work on Intel hd graphics 500 with Intel Celeron N3350 and 4gb ram?
Comment from : Tposeking

This is work on Intel integrated graphics.. Intel uhd 620 please help me
Comment from : MANOJ KUMAR A C

Owen Sontchi
how do I download mem reduct??? at 3:53
Comment from : Owen Sontchi

Owen Sontchi
i have a question, can i skip the control panel part at 3:10 because I don't have a high-end pc
Comment from : Owen Sontchi

Anesu T Makaza
hey I my dedicated memory does not increase even when I add it what should I do
Comment from : Anesu T Makaza

NoT Op
Bro nothing will happen right if I disable hpet no
Comment from : NoT Op

Hush Mo
when you went to go check to see if your were up to date on ur drivers, i went to check mine and i updated mine and it said i wasnt vaild, someone please help
Comment from : Hush Mo

Wasiman Clips
Does it work on a intel itel uhd processor
Comment from : Wasiman Clips

My dell inspiron 5667 have hd 620 graphics but he freeze in fortnite on low and 3d resoliution 35 can help?
Comment from : lt_kebabine

Trap king's
2:31 Impossible d’ouvrir le magasin des données de configuration de démarrage.
Accès refusé.

Comment from : Trap king's

Trap king's
2:31 Impossible d’ouvrir le magasin des données de configuration de démarrage.
Accès refusé.

Comment from : Trap king's

dwayne sewell
It won’t let me change the resolution
Comment from : dwayne sewell

Xeverade Game trailers
Access denied

Comment from : Xeverade Game trailers

Xeverade Game trailers
Cmd giving me problem
Comment from : Xeverade Game trailers

Z0L1 Z0L1
2:15 is not here for me
Comment from : Z0L1 Z0L1

i think it does not work for 4th gen intel core
Comment from : KeBeCuBe

Abishak Prabu
in Quick CPU, Can can we give core parking index, turbo boost, frequency scaling index 100 in ON BATTERY mode
Comment from : Abishak Prabu

Eldin Sunil
i have 6 gb ram what to type
Comment from : Eldin Sunil

Shahzad Yasin
when i try to do the power options it shows me unable to create a new power scheme what do i do
Comment from : Shahzad Yasin

Ratno Michael
Could you please give me a link to the wallpaper? I really liked it. It would be greatly appreciated.
Comment from : Ratno Michael

Ashak Odree
I have no graphics card.. Can i do this??
Comment from : Ashak Odree

Mohamed Animations
please fast reply
What if i have 6 gb? 5:18

Comment from : Mohamed Animations

Melon Master10
What if my RAM is 12gb?
Comment from : Melon Master10

Is this only work for intel?
Comment from : ELVAR

Comment from : Dy11o

This reduced my ping on fortnite from 25-40 to 5-15
Comment from : Sleapy

Comment from : R2N04

Николай Колпакиди
You The Best Bro)
Comment from : Николай Колпакиди

Cristian Alberto
please help
Comment from : Cristian Alberto

Cristian Alberto
i cant set bcdedit i dont know what to do
Comment from : Cristian Alberto

I have intel hd graphics 4600 always screen freezing when i play heavy games, and it restarts itself
Comment from : SevenUpcooler

Stop reading Comments
what if you have 12 gb of ram?
Comment from : Stop reading Comments

can you tell me how to make custom stretch res on the intel graphics command centre because it dont let me i want to make a 768x768 res.
Comment from : Shahid_HD

KiiTE Nightcore
seo#4948 please add me. I need help
Comment from : KiiTE Nightcore

warrior gaming
pz make a video to reduce lag and increase fps in fortnite on gt710 .... love your work
Comment from : warrior gaming

Also why didn't you set the islc to .5, and is it better than timer resolution. Sorry I'm hitting you with these questions.
Comment from : Lawson

Yo i wanna try the regedit but i heard that can really make it worse.
Comment from : Lawson

I don't know a better god then you💙
Comment from : Polariis

thank you
Comment from : Piotrex

Ok everything already :(
Comment from : Isaac_11.k

Ayub Abdulkadir
Can you help fox lag in fortnite
Comment from : Ayub Abdulkadir

Ayub Abdulkadir
Nice content
Comment from : Ayub Abdulkadir

Nice content✌️
Comment from : BrutaLAssassiN

Awesome bro🔥
Comment from : V I M A L

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