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Pacific Rim: The Video Game Walkthrough - Striker Eureka Gameplay (DLC)

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Information Pacific Rim: The Video Game Walkthrough - Striker Eureka Gameplay (DLC)

Title :  Pacific Rim: The Video Game Walkthrough - Striker Eureka Gameplay (DLC)
Lasting :   10.14
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Views :   1.267.723
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Frames Pacific Rim: The Video Game Walkthrough - Striker Eureka Gameplay (DLC)

Description Pacific Rim: The Video Game Walkthrough - Striker Eureka Gameplay (DLC)

Comments Pacific Rim: The Video Game Walkthrough - Striker Eureka Gameplay (DLC)

Mona Lisa on Weed
you know what would be really cool? Having this game but in a VR version that requires two players.
Comment from : Mona Lisa on Weed

bonhomme olivier
Encore une video
Comment from : bonhomme olivier

ahmad fatoni
How come I don't have that pacific rim game in my ps3,😥
Comment from : ahmad fatoni

Hernán Ferreras
Raiju the fast Kaiju
Comment from : Hernán Ferreras

Maricruz Villafan
Soi tú. Fan
Comment from : Maricruz Villafan

Does anyone know how to get this game in 2020?

CCC Kei Shun Special School
Giant Robot vs mutant crocodile 0:16
Comment from : CCC Kei Shun Special School

Rebeca Lopez Mendez
Comment from : Rebeca Lopez Mendez

vergie balaibo
You are terrable at striker
Comment from : vergie balaibo

Preston Campagna
Does anyone know if Im able to still get this game?
Comment from : Preston Campagna

Himiko Otono
Dude, Striker Eureka doesn’t even have a plasma cannon..
Comment from : Himiko Otono

Luis Ramirez cruz
donde lo consigo
Comment from : Luis Ramirez cruz

Cano Kurdi
How did u get them
Comment from : Cano Kurdi

fortnite is cool
Poor sponge bob under the pineapple under the sea:D
Comment from : fortnite is cool

Alice Santos
How a mk 5 jaeger be beaten by a mk 1 jaeger?????????
Comment from : Alice Santos

Arcelia Hernandez
My favorite jeager is grips danger
Comment from : Arcelia Hernandez

Josias Silva
O mejor Jaeger es Gypsy avenger
Comment from : Josias Silva

Ronaldino Caramantin
para q tipo de consola es ese juegaso?
Comment from : Ronaldino Caramantin

Daris Gluhavicanin
They should make pacific rim uprising the video game for ps4
Comment from : Daris Gluhavicanin

What is this game on? Ps4?
Comment from : AtomicKaiju

Adam Freeberg
Where can I buy This? I just found out about this
Comment from : Adam Freeberg

harfirie abu bakar
wow 😀😀
Comment from : harfirie abu bakar

Tobias Riolfogamerzombi
Striker es mejor
Comment from : Tobias Riolfogamerzombi

Brawl 645
Hope they make another pacific rim game
Comment from : Brawl 645

that random boy
Comment from : that random boy

Pauline Nguyen
Jaegers I want to be in the game:
Romeo Blue,Tacit Ronin,Horizon Brave,Brawler Yukon,Mirida Mile,Vulcan Spectre,Echo Saber,Solar Prompt and Diablio Intercept

Comment from : Pauline Nguyen

Comment from : 이찬희

Raging Cats
Do you unlock more jaegers and Kaiju after completing a certain level? Or do you have to buy them
Comment from : Raging Cats

Tobias Riolfogamerzombi
Striker es mejor
Comment from : Tobias Riolfogamerzombi

Fusion Cap
i don't remember striker has plasma cannon like gipsy does. -_-
Comment from : Fusion Cap

Dark souls ☠️
Comment from : Dark souls ☠️

Dark souls ☠️
Please make a video how to buy pacific rim
Comment from : Dark souls ☠️

Emanuel Rivera
Como se co siguen esos robots
Comment from : Emanuel Rivera

Ubiratan bezerra dos santos
muto legal
Comment from : Ubiratan bezerra dos santos

Dimlight Shadow 505
Comment from : Dimlight Shadow 505

Vishal Kumar
Send the game my watsapp no. 7206535169
Comment from : Vishal Kumar

let me love you yarra
Comment from : let me love you yarra

Efren Tubig
Awesome game but I cannot
Comment from : Efren Tubig


pacific rim fan
hey anonymousaffection how do you buy this game on xbox 360 how help me please
Comment from : pacific rim fan

Dark souls ☠️
My bro how did buy this game
Comment from : Dark souls ☠️

Arif Danial
My favorite Jaeger was Striker Eureka like if your do so ; )
Comment from : Arif Danial

Krusher YT
No deja comprar los packetes de expansión :'(
Alguna ayudita?????????

Comment from : Krusher YT

Tanadon Metajone
Comment from : Tanadon Metajone

Coyote tango is badass
Comment from : Zafreeze

Titanes Del pacifico
Plis is urgently
Comment from : Titanes Del pacifico

Titanes Del pacifico
I need help plis, i dont find the game, plis if you can help me duit plis, thanks
Comment from : Titanes Del pacifico

Lon Nguyen
Comment from : Lon Nguyen

Haikal Craft
so good setriker
Comment from : Haikal Craft

Bogal ТВ
Raiju No durak
Comment from : Bogal ТВ

Mr. Mirage
this is alot like realsteel it has copied some moves from the game
Comment from : Mr. Mirage

I want to get Striker but they discontinued the game and now I can't download anything :(
Comment from : StopCallinHere

min yuliani
Comment from : min yuliani

Lei Mulipola
i got this gamr
Comment from : Lei Mulipola

Ok Ok
is it true they took it out of the Xbox system
Comment from : Ok Ok

yaser yaser


Comment from : yaser yaser

X Vaclty
World war 1
Comment from : X Vaclty

Matheus Henrique
Você quis dizer: alguém sabe de um link para baixar a dlc offline
Anyone know of a link to download the dlc offline?

Comment from : Matheus Henrique

why dont you use the guns of stricker eureka
Comment from : OOFJaeden

Cayde- 6
Its a good low budget game
Comment from : Cayde- 6

can u upload the pc game for me on youtube...for mega link
Comment from : AUBREY EUROPE


Comment from : 짱보로스

wait,for all characters,i need a dlc??
Comment from : GMG64

Fátima Patricia de Oliveira

Comment from : Fátima Patricia de Oliveira

Yer boy Owen
owd you get Strike eureka More Powerrfull mine is Much Weaker Can you Handicap?
Comment from : Yer boy Owen

Fran Gorno
5:09 LOL the power of the in-movement-invulnerability glitch!!
Comment from : Fran Gorno

Juan Sanchez
Ha ha striker eureka lost to coyote tango that's what it get stupid jeager

Comment from : Juan Sanchez

Sherron Smith

Comment from : Sherron Smith

those missiles are slow as fuck!
Comment from : SpawnGaming

Arnold Kwok
Are those AKM missiles always 1 hit kill?
Comment from : Arnold Kwok

Shannon Taylor
Cherno alpha is the strongest hands down
Comment from : Shannon Taylor

Nazran Asyraaf
Great movie mediocre game
Comment from : Nazran Asyraaf

Oh dude i love striker eureka; glad u choose him.
Comment from : GamePrey&PredatorRoman26

Aidan Ames
Those mortar cannons pack a punch, don't they? Those missiles were fatal attack, too.
Comment from : Aidan Ames

Gipsy Danger
Can yopu please tell me how do I get this AWESOME looking game I have the android version and it is complete poop
Comment from : Gipsy Danger

marcus porter
Out of all the Jaegers, which one is the most powerful, in your opinion?
Comment from : marcus porter

PR fight game ? thats sux
Comment from : dan3377able

when i get the game i would defenitely buy strikter eureka because hes fast and coyote tango because i never saw him in the movies
Comment from : Hemmie18

Oliver McDonough
O.K., so the MK 5 Striker Eureka losses to the MK 1 Coyote Tango............just no.
Comment from : Oliver McDonough

why didn't u use the fatal move 1st round with coyote tango u could have beaten him in 2 rounds not 3.
Comment from : Fern0

what DLC  is worth geting?
Comment from : OmegaKingHyperionPX9

Raphical the Raph
Slat tern is a Cat 5 (Category 5)
Comment from : Raphical the Raph

James Lines
Fucking console shite. Looks cheap sounds cheap. Why bother to make this game ? What's the point ?
Comment from : James Lines

David vs Goliath
Comment from : jajaja2386

Is this game good
Comment from : justisperez

Austin Gould
They need a tacit ronin dlc I think that would be pretty cool. Tacit's left bumber attack would be him charging into a kaiju or jaeger with his 2 swords, I dont really know how they would make a fatal attack be if this dlc was realeased. But either a tacit ronin, romeo blue or horizon brave wouod be nice.
Comment from : Austin Gould

Striker Eureka, the only Jaeger actually having the balls to do the job of saving the universe... No really, look closer. Yup that's a 3 floor dick there. Try to beat that.
Comment from : Sidewayz

Derek Park
Jaeger vs. Jaeger?
Comment from : Derek Park

I just knew Coyote would win
Comment from : Hub

Shivesh Lochunah
Gipsy Danger vs Striker Eureka
Comment from : Shivesh Lochunah

Ryan Tan
How to get
Comment from : Ryan Tan

hey guys is pacific rim can also be at ps4

pat 2903
where's the download?
Comment from : pat 2903

Kanapol Glinpu
coyote tango beating striker eureka wouldn't have been possible in the movie
Comment from : Kanapol Glinpu

Steven Adventures
Лох ты не достоен Страйкера Еврику!!!!!
Comment from : Steven Adventures

Weren't the DLC Characters suppose to be free for PS3? Because of the delayed Release? I bought the Game, but the DLCs aren't included and still cost 4 - 5 Euro per Character. Thats a real rip off.
Comment from : MrRockingRambo

How do you get striker eureka
Comment from : Ben

Tom Magennis
man this is a disgrace to he awesome movie it's based on
Comment from : Tom Magennis

Joshua Lasher
Gipsy Danger vs. Trespasser
Comment from : Joshua Lasher

Bob Smith
*Cough* Coyote Tango *Cough*
Comment from : Bob Smith

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