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6 Ways to Boost Gaming Performance on the Intel HD 3000

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Information 6 Ways to Boost Gaming Performance on the Intel HD 3000

Title :  6 Ways to Boost Gaming Performance on the Intel HD 3000
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Frames 6 Ways to Boost Gaming Performance on the Intel HD 3000

Description 6 Ways to Boost Gaming Performance on the Intel HD 3000

Comments 6 Ways to Boost Gaming Performance on the Intel HD 3000

When i do this can i play gta 5 on medium graphics?
Comment from : Luka

I just seen that you have to pay for that akamai app that you was talking to about, or is there somewhere to get it for free?
Comment from : Curtoo

Kerem DIE
Is game booster really boost mine craft? And i have intel hd graphics 4000
Comment from : Kerem DIE

Ashmit Bhardwaj
Bro there is no problem in your speaking
Comment from : Ashmit Bhardwaj

Iobit Game Booster hahahaha
Comment from : [s̲̅σ̲̅f̲̅т̲̅є̲̅d̲̅i̲̅c̲̅α̲̅s̲̅]

Which two ways work the best together?
Comment from : DominatorofGAMING

Raunaq Singh
Samsung rv520 .any
i3 2310m. Games
6 gb ram. For
Intel HD 3000. This thing

Comment from : Raunaq Singh

gamePlays TuBE
i play minecraft with 390 fps xd
Comment from : gamePlays TuBE

mourad belk
is iti possible for intel HD 520 ?
Comment from : mourad belk

2 Noobforthis
My intel hd graphics has 1.3gb of vram for some reason 😅😅😅
Comment from : 2 Noobforthis

Hamzah Haroon
i have intel r core tm i3 how to increase fps?
Comment from : Hamzah Haroon

Hi before i watch youre vedoe i feel a difference on my laptop i suggest this also (ThrottleStop) this is my Labtop HP 620

Lage was fix it Thank you so much .

HP 620 (old Laptop)
2 gb Ram
Processor Type : Intel Core 2 Duo
ghraphic : Mobile Intel GMA 4500 HD

Comment from : STORM TEAM

Fardeen Khan
Really Helped !

Comment from : Fardeen Khan

good you said it could make the pc hotter if change or run at 100% all the time.
Comment from : EastAngliaUK

lol vietnamese in power opition
Comment from : GÀ PUBG TV

quoc thanh Tran
why is there a vietnamese setting???
Comment from : quoc thanh Tran

Angry Hungry Hungarian Hanging on a Hanger
Stop saying umm bro. Im trying to help you. :)
Comment from : Angry Hungry Hungarian Hanging on a Hanger

fox gamer
Gooood thx ❤❤
Comment from : fox gamer

This is work?
Comment from : ZidanFauZi

yeah he has a lisp
Comment from : BeBastion

Dare Devil
My Guide for FPS:
1) Go to properties of My Computer/This Pc>Advanced Settings>Performance Tab>Settings>Adjust for best performance.
2) Type run in search bar>Type "msconfig" in Run and search it up. Now go to Boot and then to advanced options>check number of processors and change it to maximum no. you have.
3) Right click on battery icon and click/select Windows Mobility Center then choose high performance under battery status.
4) type run and search for the following:
a) temp
and delete everything possible, they are temporary files and wont damage your data.
5)right click desktop and select graphic properties. I have Intel so, select Advanced Mode.Go to 3D and slide the bar/glider to performance.Check enable Application Optimal Mode.Now go to power and select maximum performance, on top right corner choose on battery and do same [also change glider to quality on On Battery setting].

Comment from : Dare Devil

Zrosxi Tru Varagost
My GTX just died. Now I have to deal with this .. xD
Comment from : Zrosxi Tru Varagost

I have a question for you I know this video is old but I can play mine craft with 40fps on first gen core i7 processor with intel hd graphics how come you are 3 generationa ahead of me and can run it so badly?.
Comment from : pavy415

Carl Jonson
reset ur pc and done???/!!!!!!
Comment from : Carl Jonson

Justin Andrae Gamas
It's laggy because you are recording
Comment from : Justin Andrae Gamas

Kế hoạch năng lượng chế độ gaming :v
Comment from : Ramen

I can play Dirt 4 / Dirt 3 with this?
I7 2600k 3.70 GHz
ssd 111 GB
Hard disk 399 GB
Hard disk 531 GB
Windows 10 Home activated
Sorry for my bad engish.. Im from Romania

Comment from : Mihhy

Kushal Baidhya
Thanks a lot. It worked for me too. Left a like and subs for you
Comment from : Kushal Baidhya

Minecraft Crawford
intel hd graphics 400?
Comment from : Minecraft Crawford

BySk -
sank you man thsss iss amazins
Comment from : BySk -

ZertoX Maroc
wich gaming you have only minecraft x) in my old pc i can run it 60 fps
Comment from : ZertoX Maroc

BlueNexus PH
wtf??? why do we have the same CPU and RAM? just WTF
Comment from : BlueNexus PH

Delan Charlemagne
intro to fucking loud
Comment from : Delan Charlemagne

Ridwan Siam Gaming
I am using an extentend gtx 1080ti (which I got in a giveaway) in my laptop
Comment from : Ridwan Siam Gaming

Comment from : LegiXt

sound camp af lol
Comment from : JRDN

what is vertex processing
Comment from : sindjo

Ankit Anand
Ac4 run just fine
Comment from : Ankit Anand

What the song call love that music in the end

Links are no longer active
Comment from : Nathance

Brian Canales
My hd graphics 3000 run Minecraft on 60fps ._.
Comment from : Brian Canales

nice vid dude u need much more subs :)
Comment from : GamingAssured

Intro that lasts for 10 seconds. This is from 2012 alright.
Comment from : Funyarinpa

Meat Balls
I watch this everytime i can't sleep :D
Comment from : Meat Balls

Khang Nguyen
Yo i got the same specs :D
Comment from : Khang Nguyen

Cordian Kulpa
at 9:53
wth my pc has more ghz from 2007
not ram tho ;p
getting a new pc
2.50+ GHZ-idk how much Ghz its going to have more then 2.50
maybe a intel HD 3000 idk

Comment from : Cordian Kulpa

Mavis Winchester Andres
i checked my system and find out that my drivers and directx is blank is that normal
Comment from : Mavis Winchester Andres

The Loli Police
off topic but how the hell did you get windows aero transparency on windows 7 on intel graphics? when i had windows 7 it said it wasnt supported.
Comment from : The Loli Police

my Intel HD 4600 i can run black ops 3 and bf4 and fifa 17
Comment from : MQ9

Ashley Cooper
i jus realised my pc was runnin lyk shit coz i had not installed the driver for my graphics card lol!!! how stupid am i!!
Comment from : Ashley Cooper

Thy Observationist
holy shit youre all so stupid lmfao
Comment from : Thy Observationist

Harsh Patial
My laptop is a wonder the trash lags while playing POP 2008 but runs AC3 and COD MW3 like a beast on medium settings. Again .... stuck with Intel HD graphics 3000.
Comment from : Harsh Patial

Aditya Mahato
please give me the download link of your Intel HD graphics 3000. because my Intel HD 3000 is dx 10.1 supported,not dx 11.please...
Comment from : Aditya Mahato

paras singh
It really works. AC3 game running better now. Thanks bro...👍
Comment from : paras singh

Deep Rest
what elth you can theee hahahhaah love u bro
Comment from : Deep Rest

selcuk ertug
+MegaVoltaic my multiplier goes to 24 should i keep at 21 or go up 24 which is the max it can reach at mine?
Comment from : selcuk ertug

Thanks alot it improved my dota 2 fps alot!
Comment from : MK__LLEN

איתי לוין
TuneUp is a trojan
Comment from : איתי לוין

FPraw Praw
goodluck with your burning laptop on that settings.
Comment from : FPraw Praw

Antonio Stojkovic
in 3d option on graphics properties if you set it on performance its very smooth but the graphics while play games is ugly but if you set it on half not on quality or performance its have the default graphics but more smooth than quality i needed to fix this 5 months finaly i found the best solution for smooth gaming on high settings i play far cry 2 and 3 on max settings without laggs or fps drops or similar performance problems :)
Comment from : Antonio Stojkovic

No 1. Buy a new gpu cause you will not have a good experience gaming with that shit
Comment from : Shosin笑

loser. trying to game on a IGP. what a joke. noob lol
Comment from : punker4Real

Utsav Vashisht
wat shitty computer u hav dat cant run even minecraft
Comment from : Utsav Vashisht

Thank you for this vid, it helped me enjoy The Witcher problem-free on an HD3000,
Comment from : pancon5

Beastlike 69
if i increase perfomance to max,do i increase life of cpu or decrease? :/
Comment from : Beastlike 69

Adam Ingar
Thank You So Much Bro. You Helped Me SO! Much! Thanks You (I Was KINDA Scared of using throttlestop so i ignored but did everything else. If I Had A Bank And you Had A Paypal Link I Would Really Donate So You Could Upgrade PC's
Comment from : Adam Ingar

went from constant 7 fps to constant 7 fps. I didn't use throttlestop cos of the comments but I did everything else u did...
Comment from : Akio-kun

Restitution S
Just a warning this increases the heat of you pc/laptop a lot!
Comment from : Restitution S

Juan Felipe
Besides gaming, it improve my pc overall performance. Thank you
Comment from : Juan Felipe

Mrsavage Taco
i thought quality was for gaming??
Comment from : Mrsavage Taco

is that vietnamese ? kế hoạch năng lượng chế độ gaming ?
Comment from : Chillism.

Black Hound
dude i got a problem. I am playin COD AW on intel hd 530,. There is no lag at all, but stuttering n screen tearing is immense, makin it unplayable. Many players played AW on 530 with easy. Any solution?
Comment from : Black Hound

Sauer Voussoir
Is there a new way this video is made in 2012
Comment from : Sauer Voussoir

Khurshed Fitter
do i need to keep throttlestop running while playing games?
Comment from : Khurshed Fitter

dont download that shit throttlestop its will gives a serious computer issues
Comment from : universweet

Zandra Elizabella Lucienne Royale
My GMA3600 Runs minecraft at 10-30-210 fps xD, depends on the biomes
Comment from : Zandra Elizabella Lucienne Royale

awesome, made a huge difference to my fps, thanks!
Comment from : Tracey_Spencer

My driver is Intel HD 3000 (Omega 5.0) What is that Omega???? ITS SO DIFFERENT FROM OTHER VIDEO I SEARCH THEY DONT HAVE OMEGA 5.0?

Comment from : Wafaduck

Elyas omarkhel
windows 10 please
Comment from : Elyas omarkhel

lol throttle stop huh?
it won't get hotter??? ouch man. lol wonder how many people listened bro...
you should run a temp checker...lololol

Comment from : ShockTroop

Intel HD.I was there.i was...alive.
Comment from : Chimnitor

Camille Royer
Thanks, now my hp packardbell intel i1 runs about 600 fps
Comment from : Camille Royer

Adam Skoglund
I am so happy! Somehow I managed to go from Very low with around 120 fps to Very high with 60 constant fps. (League of Legends)
HUGE thank you!

Comment from : Adam Skoglund

Carrick McHwain
I know this video is 2 yrs old and I hope you've learned a few things since then. If your cores are running at 78-80 degree at idle, you're frying your system or at the very least reducing its lifespan.

If you are already running "high performance" on the power plan, using Throttlestop is completely unnecessary. In fact, what you're doing is dangerously wrong in some parts b/c you're overclocking what appears to be already a hot cpu. Other things in there are completely nullified. For example, if you noticed setting the multiplier to 21 doesn't really do anything since it was already max out originally, hence why you have a 2.1gHz, 21x100mHz.

Only time Throttlestop is needed for Intel HD is when you have programs that is both CPU/GPU intensive and there is a power throttle between the CPU/GPU and the system would reduce the GPU dropping the effective turbo frequency down from 1100+ to 350mHz. This can be changed in the TPL - Intel Power Balance, to make the GPU higher priority since it takes very little to maintain 2.1gHz than it does keeping your GPU up. So ironically, "maximizing" your CPU at times may reduce your Intel GPU.

Anyhow, if you really want a boost in your Intel HD, google - "unparking CPU," this will give your Intel HD a 30-40% boost without overclocking, overheating, etc... But it generally works best with i5 or higher. Not sure i3 will have that much boost.

Comment from : Carrick McHwain

Cloud ffvii PKP
Great video man, much appreciated!
Comment from : Cloud ffvii PKP

kelvin santiago
Nevermind. What I'm trying to do is play Sonic Generations but it lags up a storm. Do you know how to fix that. My graphics card is an i3-380M
Comment from : kelvin santiago

kelvin santiago
The link for Throttlestop doesn't work.
Comment from : kelvin santiago

can i do dat throttle thing in a laptop ?
Comment from : Jeremyhn

Louis Gee BanDG
best how to boost tutorial ever
Comment from : Louis Gee BanDG

Prince Vegeta
ihts jhust chomplety Abhysmalll
Comment from : Prince Vegeta

Hello I'm having problems in minecraft 1.5.2, It shows Bad Video Card Drivers.
My Specs:
8GB Rams
Intel i7-2670QM CPU ~2.2GHz
Intel HD 3000 graphics 1632mb approx memory

Things I have tried to fix it:
-Device manager > Update
-Run on Compatibility mode
-Replace opengl32.dll in system32 folder
-Put options.txt advancedGl;false
-Uninstall > Install Graphics Card
-Download Graphic Driver updates in official Intel site.
There is this fix in Display > Advanced Options but I don't have troubleshoot options there.

Please help me I don't know any other fixes for this. Everything in Google just shows the same

Comment from : Enzo

Prince Vegeta
Great vid, and no im not going to download your mixtape...
Comment from : Prince Vegeta

Mystic Melo
Where do I get updates for Intel HD Graphics 3000 on Windows 10?
Comment from : Mystic Melo

elementricks india
thanks man, my performance just got a massive update. and that throttle thing is just great
Comment from : elementricks india

after two years i see myself coming back to this video
Comment from : MR.SirDaniel

Thanks for everything, my Darkscape is now playing way better!
Comment from : jhayzz21

John Smith
It says my cpu is 79 degrees C, 170 degrees F, is that bad?
Comment from : John Smith

so let me get this straight..do you uninstall both akamai programs or just one?
Comment from : Aerial_Draco

you just gained 1+ sub pal love ya
Comment from : Polar

Antonio Becker
i won nearly 20 FPS on games! Damn that throttlestop is awesome nice vídeo well explained and not so complicated,keep it up man.
Comment from : Antonio Becker

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