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The State of Entropia Universe in 2019(Will Entropia Survive?)

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Information The State of Entropia Universe in 2019(Will Entropia Survive?)

Title :  The State of Entropia Universe in 2019(Will Entropia Survive?)
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Frames The State of Entropia Universe in 2019(Will Entropia Survive?)

Description The State of Entropia Universe in 2019(Will Entropia Survive?)

Comments The State of Entropia Universe in 2019(Will Entropia Survive?)

Or maybe one year, if there's a depression! XD ...... =(
Comment from : aitrus21

it is casino. some form of gambling is as old as prostitution, it will survive and do fine.
Comment from : moofymoo

Like most people, most only invest when things are popular and at the peak... Most do not invest when things are slow or risky, yet lose out on max growth potential ;)
Comment from : itsShowtime007

If the devs are still working on the game and on the verge of releasing new content, then yeah it will survive. If nothing changes, it will be a slow death. I just started and love the systems in game. I wish I knew about this game years ago!
Comment from : itsShowtime007

Alema iz Harema
I start playing this game in 2006 and it was great game where you could earn nice amount of money but I stop playing it in 2015 cause it takes more then it gives. As a professional miner I can't hit proper hof if I don't deposit large amount of money and that money goes fast. MindArk cares more for profit now and less for players. I wish we could go back in time and play Project Entropia as it was 2006-2008
Comment from : Alema iz Harema

artis ambus
best game for people who can't have social life though
Comment from : artis ambus

Anton Dotti Eklund
They need story, and depth. Something coherent and ongoing, like a live narrative. Anything to make it feel less like a huge virtual casino. Hire even just one good full-time story writer? Bango. There is so much potential with the whole robot war thing, invasions etc. What if you could pick a side, become a robot or a human? Each with their own base/origin in different parts of the universe. When I started, I really appreciated all the mystery around Zychion Citadel.. but at the end of the day it all just felt like a half-assed shell of what could've been. It's a shame, really. I fell in love with this game as a kid back in 2004, and have been returning to it out of pure nostalgia, but those visits get old fast when all you (if you're hunting) do is going around clicking animal-shaped slot machines.
Comment from : Anton Dotti Eklund

Shady Shades
Lol I am surprised this game is even still standing... Time to cash out bro. It would be cool if some devs wanted to come up with a more modernized version of this game though.
Comment from : Shady Shades

I just came here to laugh at your title. This game has been around since I was in middle school. It's like Second Life, they will always be around.
Comment from : HurricaneStarang

Yippee ki yay
i used to pirate in pvp space in this game many many years ago... me and my crew shot down blow up Neverdie's mother ship more than once lol!!
Comment from : Yippee ki yay

Cloak N Daggerish
I think the problem with the moon deeds is that it is a new planet with out a established player use. Where as aud and caly and crystal palace have been around for awhile before they made the deeds. So the pay outs should be alot more stable. I think lol
Comment from : Cloak N Daggerish

Well here's my opinion having played multiple times since 2004-2005... The game simply has gotten more expensive for the regular players and has not evolved enough in terms of gameplay. As others have said, the actual gameplay is mostly a grind which ends up in losses most of the time. Mining is basically a slot machine. Hunting is basically auto shoot and wait with maybe some healing in between. If the game was as fun to play as, say, borderlands or something like it, I wouldn't mind losing some $ even for the fun of it. Right now the fundamental fun of the game is gambling and hitting "globals" and I'd rather play a real slot machine in Las Vegas than doing that. At least the drinks are on the house.
Comment from : c0m4ndo45

the compet deeds were just a cover if they would have indeed failed with the compet game then they would have the money from players who bought the compet deeds.. just like arkadia moon they make players pay for it and if it wouldnt get profit the ones who lose would be players who invested most in arkadia moon
Comment from : RopeAGame

Typo in title
Comment from : ALetdown

Event Official
Cereal Overdrive how can I earn PED???
Comment from : Event Official

Event Official
I wouldn't know this if it wasn't for the 10 most expensive virtual items ever sold


Comment from : Event Official

John Mulder
this game should be banned, its a casino scam. i can know. go cycle 1000 euros a day, you will notice. im glad i got out when i felt fked on the high conjucture so i coudl still sell it all and recoup hehe.

project entropia, always loss no matter how long you will wait, its liek a casino, you need to get out on the good moment, well thats the meaning of gambling.

stop promoting this shit covered up casino.

Comment from : John Mulder

Anthony Lowney
50 ped mining run ? Entropia will only survive on players doing 500 ped mining runs.
Comment from : Anthony Lowney

S Mode
I haven't been in game in about 3 years. Feeling the itch lately.
Comment from : S Mode

Ahhhh I played this like 15 years ago, I remember sweating for a couple weeks before I "borrowed" my moms credit card to buy like 20ped or something so I could buy a gun. I remember back then it was pretty simple, only 1 world. I had a mentor who helped me a bit (cause of my female character) xD good times exploring the world an dreaming about owning one of those houses

Edit: was fun until my mom saw her credit card bill and grounded me an deleted the game lol

Comment from : W P

I wouldn't have even heard of entropia if it wasn't for a friend telling me
Comment from : MightyZaxor

Javisman Terminator
I like Entropia but I think it is extremely complex and deep.
Comment from : Javisman Terminator

chad burvill
hey how do u get your lott to just tab up instead of the loot box ?
Comment from : chad burvill

Ronny Sundin
Hey buddy arieswar here, played a looong time but quit about a year ago after the loot changes ect.. shrapnel and loot changes killed the game, we had the explosive bp update that milked the market no one where buying lyst when u could easily go to the tt and get some nanos..

I was a miner, i actully did ok for a few years but now higly skilled going unamped and trying to even go even is impossible.. the claims are smaller i dont see average and large as much unless i slap a 150ped amp on and even then il loose.. wierdly enough after the shrapnel change i started loosing around 15% after loot 2.0 i lost around 40% and this is when i sayd im done.. unless we see more transperency or more promise on changes in crafting in trade its a dead horse

Comment from : Ronny Sundin

Hi, I completely agree with you on the deeds. I did not purchase any for the moon. I did complete the missions there, and I like the “Stargate” like TPs. But it did not take long to get kind of bored with it. That, and the fact that pirates started making it difficult to go between there an Ark.

I do not think that mmorgs are dying per say, but I do believe that they, along with gamer culture in general, are changing. Many gamers coming from the FPS genre have grown up with an almost “instant gratification” outlook towards skilling up, which makes games requiring a substantial investment of time less attractive. For instance, many mmorgs out there have a fairly similar xp system. Some dedicated grinding and dailies, and one can skill up in a fairly decent amount of time. Entropia is not this kind. If one wants to go completely non-depo and gather and sell sweat as their primary source of income, than you are looking at the possibility of spending literally years developing your character. To add injury, newer players expect to earn ranks like “Newbie”, “Inept”, “Poor”, “Weak”, and “Mediocre”, for a long time, lol. It is not until level 10, “Qualified”, that you get something non-insulting. And again, this could take quite a while if you are strictly a non-depo’er.

To expand on the changing culture: Most of the members of my SOC are older players, say 50+. Most are ubers who have been in the game since launch, and most also only play Entropia. Now take my generation, the Gen-Xers. Many of us play several games. For example, currently I am playing Entropia, Elder Scrolls Online, Endless Space 2, The Division 2, and am still trying to get through Witcher 3, which I keep restarting. I also occasionally still play Star Trek Online and Fallen Earth. (Btw, I just watched your vid on Star Citizen and think that I will playing this soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I only include this list because now we come to millennials and post-millennials, of which my son is one. The number of games he and his friends have going on at any one time is mind-blowing. In an hour, they will have played through ten different events; some of them will be playing different games, but still be online together, swapping back and forth. I have no idea how they even keep up with what is going on.

So, I am not sure what the “fix” is, if there is one. I suppose this is part of the evolution of the mmorgs and why it is typical to see new players who come in for a month or so, then are never seen again. Once they have wasted their ammo at Camp Phoenix and realize that it cost real money and a lot of time to achieve anything, they cannot exit quickly enough.

Comment from : Grady

More people streaming/video making content and also marketing would help the game
Comment from : Leo

Hi, I haven't finished viewing the video (I am at 11:29 where you talk about the dropping payouts from Calypso).
I am writing down the payments since 30.10.2017 (as the max you can see back is one year).
Just year ago, there was peak in the payments, but the more-than-year overall is closer to the current payments.
I'll try to upload screenshot of the graph and put the link below this comment. (Not sure if youtube allows external links)

Comment from : FaustRoland

Dark Bacon
Love the game but I do agree with you about the player base, MA really need to start pushing the game more.
Comment from : Dark Bacon

I've quitted this game like 3 months ago. I had it for like 1+ year on my HDD, but only logged like 10 times. I've invested like 5 Euros until everybody said not to put one more cent into this game again. Everytime i logged in it was kinda entertaining for let's say the first 30 minutes. The more i've played, the more bored i got. That's why i only logged in like once a month. 3 of my friends started playing too, they had the same experience, stating it's not a good game for new players to start. I think new players, especially millenials, are not interested in playing a game like this. Times have changed, tastes have changed. And as it is with every online game: the older it gets, the lesser people are playing it. Look at AoC, Rift, Aion, Wildstar (offline), WoW and so on.
Comment from : Knochenbrigade

It's not like MA doesn't try their best to maintain the game but the game just lacks info in every way possible and thats hurting the stay of new players as well as how peoples money is spent on the game imo...
Comment from : KingKian

I think, most new players get in, realize the grind is REAL, and stop playing. I stuck through it and got to level 30 in a hunting skill to get Serendipity. After that I still play and still Depo. I even hit a big claim the other day. This is a fun game, but I don't expect to get rich out of it. A lot of new players think that and when they realize that it won't happen fast, they quit.
Comment from : Phenikus

I think it would be worth adding Crystal Palace shares to this argument now. It's a much better situation than the moon deeds.
Comment from : Bayrock

The fact that most of the 15 year FEN anniversary items were majority (L) items, why grind for rent a gun that you can't even repair?
Comment from : Unholy_Holywarrior

I already quit that game, loose of time and money, no worth at all, i put like $90 and slowly i loose all, there's no way to play that without put in money and loose all, i have no problem with the real cash system, the problem is loose $10+ hunting, mining, etc. in less than a hour, is no sence all that loose in intangible stuff.

Just to tell you that craft has the possibility of losing everything (which is what happens 98% of the time), when the logic is that if you craft something with all the materials you must build the item and sell it to another player, and with that you can buy to another player (flow of money) and MA and investors win for the transaction taxes (is what need to happen when we are talking about virtual items that cost more that things IRL ), instead that, wich is the logic how this game need to work, MA rob you all slowly like a casino.

I gift my interceptor full TT, kinet lacer, etc. all items to a friend i meet there, he play in sweat, hours wasted for 1k worth for 1 ped, that's a loot of time of your life doing a bored stuff for $0.1 cents, and he loose all 4 days sweat as soon as he go hunting.

We keep playing league of legends every now and then, but i'm thinking to join star citizen, i'll see your videos about it and decide.

Comment from : AndiCat

Yes. They need some marketing to bring some new players in.
Comment from : Ronus420

I haven't been playing much after a all time hit in mining. A lot of old miners have quit and haven't come back since the change to the loot system 2.0 and sharpnel. Also explosives bp ruined materials and ores and sellers. Everyone is gambling on explosives and taking all the fun out of the game. Oh..look another ATH in explosives yippee!! I'd rather go play NMS and not pay a dime for ships, space, and exploration. Eu just recently changed gameplay to reflect nms gameplay...
Comment from : M B

Edgars Ivanovs
i think moon deeds are not paying so well because the moons by itselft is not fixed teher are a lot of programming still to do and i think later will be ok when it will work normal :)
Comment from : Edgars Ivanovs

Sayed Manzoor
interesting i like this video
Comment from : Sayed Manzoor

I've just recently started playing and the game is super cool to me! I have a blast just going around killing Carabok on Arkadia Shrug
Comment from : bmurph101

Vex Vortex
All I know is I hope it lasts long enough to for me to withdraw lol.
Comment from : Vex Vortex

kostas papachristos
Why continue make video man?wasted time really like your videos but you need be more direct
Comment from : kostas papachristos

kostas papachristos
Entropia is doomed 6 years here just pay nothing more no rpg no story nothing changes are just give more money quicker.dont fall in trap
Comment from : kostas papachristos

Very interesting video! U know a lot about Entropia's history.
Comment from : J

paul sefton
lol don't MA change there managers more than they change there socks?
Comment from : paul sefton

paul sefton
when game first came out some people thought it would not last 5 years not even close to what it has, but i think to survive they have to improve there players survivability and not just last 1-2 weeks then never come back.
Comment from : paul sefton

erik arvidsson
The problem with EU is that the gameplay is very outdated and generic. When entropia came out the MMOs where hot because it was the new thing but most MMOs were lazy and copied all the ideas from other games. Suddenly there were tons of games that were basicaly the same game with some minor differences.

When I started playing EU for a few weeks ago, it felt like one of those old MMOs that failed because they were boring and too similar to games ive already played. I think the only reason EU havent died yet is that too many people have invested too much time and money on it, and a very small amount of people dumps tons of money on it. I heard people saying they spent over one thousand dollars per month since the start, of course those people are not going to leave game willingly. But for a newbie like me I find it hard to justify playing a game that is outdated, buggy and grindy when it also requires money spent to do any progress at all. There are better games out there for free (truly free, no1 likes to sweat for a year just to get ammo to do the q to kill 5000 creatures with only auto attacks) and even the good old world of warcraft is probably a cheaper option if you want to play a lot. Sure you could invest in the game by buying deeds, but that requires money and to be honest I think its better to invest money in stocks right now, you can easily get around the same profit with way less risk.

The game needs to be way more noobfriendly by giving meaningful ways for new players to play without depositing, perhaps through new quests and new professions. I was stunned over how few quests there were that wasnt kill 50 mob X, then 100, then 500, then 1000, then 5000 etc. Even with suggested changes I think people wont play it for fun (since the combat is anything but fun) but to try to make money and when they realize its going to take forever to make money they will leave. And if EU wants to change the combat completely its going to change the whole algorytm and economy which is basicaly the same as doing a new game.

If I was in charge of Mindarc I would let EU stay as long as it makes money and then pull the plugg, I would use the money to make a MMO similar to EU but with fun combat and PvP. I would make it free but with money you can get cool pets, vehicles, houses, lands, etc. The hunting and mining should not cost real money but instead give you rare stuff or crafting material for rare items that some rich players might want to buy for real money. Rich players should also be able to buy skillups for real money etc. If they do it like that, i will play it and even if i dont buy anything i might get more people playing it who thinks its worth spending a few bucks on game items. The key for MMOs or all multiplayer games for that matter is that it should be free without any gameplay advantage for paying, but with a lot of skins and shit that some of the players buy. I think most of the gaming industry have learned that by now, and thats why we rarely see new MMOs trying to follow WoWs footsteps of a monthly fee. If they want to take a monthly fee like WoW they better be as good as WoW, which is not going to happen without a gigantic budget.

Comment from : erik arvidsson

I should've stoped when they inserted Explosives. That moove has showned that for mandark is all about the benjamins:)
Comment from : menemsisis

I have no clue about deeds, but i dont trust them. As for the game....it had a weird way to take back your globals...in time. I mine and hunt 37 mining 44 hunt. I kept the data of every hunt and mining runs and wrote down earnings and wins. I am -48%. I dont deposit anymore and stop playing. Now i waiting for my cash to enter the paypal. So far it's been 5 weeks. This is something i dont like. If i need cash for an emergency it takes to much time. I dont trust the game anymore.
Comment from : menemsisis

Good Times with Minecraft
Great presentation of your thoughts on this matter, Cereal, as usual! My take on this whole issue is, having started three times over since 2004ish, EU fills a niche and has a very dedicated and mature (compared to other MMOs) playerbase. Not a big one, but a persistent one. Surely, the number of players declined over the years dramatically, but I also think that the recent changes and plans of MA bring a lot of new players in which stay longer as just a few years ago. EU is certainly different from your off-the-shelf MMO, in the sense that real money is involved, and that it is therefore tied to the real world and subject to the economic fluctuations of the latter. Less and less people have spare money to spend on EU, certainly not over here in Europe. I could write a book about rising taxes and living costs, and stagnating salaries. This has a direct impact on the economy in EU, as EU, let's face it, is likely the most expensive MMO there is on the market. But with that being said, RL changes and bad economies recover. EU, in my opinion, will survive, thanks to the dedicated 1% which keep us 99% afloat for their own sinister endgame and egocentric reasons LOL The only way EU could disappear is if MA goes back to making bad and expensive decisions. However, it seems that there is some fresh wind in MA's HQ, and the many green dots I see all over Caly since some time now are a direct indication of better times ahead.

Hehehe, with that being said, I must share with you that today, out of the blue and for the first time EVER, I looted a mid-level UL gun with a decent MU. Way to go, MA! That makes EU worth playing! Not sure though why I was the lucky one in this shared robot event at Fort Lahar ... I was certainly doing only a tiny fraction of damage. But then, EU walks in mysterious ways, which is the reason it can never die LOL

Anyway, thanks again for the video! Looking forward to a team hunt with you one day, most certainly :D

Comment from : Good Times with Minecraft

Retek the Druid
Today, in 11 hours it has been already sold 250.000 $ of Crystal Palace space station shares O.O
Comment from : Retek the Druid

Lol this game has been dead for over 15 years. I miss it deeply..but come on man..its dead
Comment from : Tomax

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